Impish Impositions


Name: Event - Impish Impositions
How to begin: talk to Mudede, Ursielle or Yvane
Areas: Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: All Saints' Wake 2011
Required items: Pumpkin Cookies
Reward: Pumpkin Head, Unripened Pumpkin Head, White Pumpkin Head, Ripened Pumpkin Head


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The quest is quite simple. You can either start the actual quest first or head out gathering pumpkin cookies first, either way works.

To get pumpkin cookies, you must find imps. They spawn around guilds and shops in each of the three nations, but only during night-time. The imps are disguised as townsfolk, what you're looking for are listed below.

Suspicious Sawbones
Suspicious Sellsword
Suspicious Senior
Suspicious Shopkeep
Suspicious Smallholder
Suspicious Songstress
Suspicious Spouse
Suspicious Strumpet

Once you talk to one they will reveal themselves as an imp and give you a riddle to solve (listed below in the script section). If you answer the riddle right you get cookies, and the imp will drop an additional basket that will give extra cookies. Other players can obtain cookies from the baskets (they will stick around for a while before despawning) so all is not lost even if you don't manage to talk to an imp first.
If you answer the riddle wrong or fail to answer in the time allotted (there is no warning that your time is running out), the imp will despawn without giving cookies. You also can't answer the riddle of an imp another player is talking to.

Once you have cookies, go talk to a quest starter in any city. You can trade your cookies for any of the prizes offered, providing you have enough cookies of course.


Gridanian Woes

Mudede: Pray lend me your ears, adventurer! The citizens of Gridania are in terrible danger, and your help is needed to prevent them from coming to harm!
I know full well that my peculiar attire gives you pause and casts dobut over my credibility, but there is a logical explanation or this. If you'd allow me but a moment to explain the istuation, all will be made crystal clear.
As you may already know, at present the people of Eorzea are observing All Saints' Wake, a tradition that originates from an age-old legend. According to this legend, once a year the Twleve show their favor to the saints - aye, the exalted personages who adorn the guildleves - by inviting them to a magnificent feast in the celestial realm.
A fine gesture, to be sure, save for one small detail: while the saints are gone, the land is bereft of their protection, and we mortals are rendered vulnerable to evil beings that would do us harm.
Fearing for their lives, the people took to hiding themselves away inside their homes from dusk till dawn for the duration of the celestial feast. Over time, this practice took root and eventually flourished into the tradition we call All Saints' Wake. Ah, but little did anyone imagine that this custom would one day endanger the very souls it sought to protect.
In the course of your adventures, mayhap you've come to know that malicious imps were being held in confinement within Spirithold Warden. Aye, well, the sly creatures maanaged to escape from their cells when a crew of credulous prison guards left their stations before the shfit was scheduled to change so as to return home by nightfall!
The imps are at large, and it's only a matter of time before their vile minds drive them to perpetrate vile crimes. The Adventurers' Guild has since been commisioned to prevent that from happening, and so I find myself here, beseeching the aid of valiant adventurers such as yourself.
I now repeat my first words to you, friend. The citizens of Gridania are in terrible danger, and your help is needed to prevent them from coming to harm! Please aid us in apprehending the imps!
(quest accept)
Mudede: Truly? You have my eternal gratitude, adventurer! Thank you!
Now, heed me well, for I shall arm you with the information necessary to neutralize the imps.
Firstly, I must warn you that this will be no ordinary hunt. You see, upon gaining their freedom, the imps sent a letter of challenge addressed to the Adventuers' Guild. And the nature of the challenge? Riddles, of all things!
Can you belive the nerve of those accursed little blighters? Naught would give me more pleasure than to throttle them with my bare hands, and I'm sure you share my sentiments. yet if we are to see them recaptured without risking carnage in Gridania, we have no choice but to abide by their terms.
The rules they have set out are simple: the imps will pose you a riddle, which you must attempt to answer. A correct answer will earn you cookies - yes, you heard correctly - of which a certain amount must be amassed by the end of All Saints' Wake. Should we succeed, the imps will willingly hand themselves over to us. If we fail, however, we must publicly swear not to pursue them.
Know, though, that the imps will not allow themselves to be readily found. They've employed their magicks to conceal their presence among the citizenry, and to compound matters, they appear only between dusk and dawn.
The first order of business will be to seek out the creatures and divest them of their disguise. Of late, sightings have been reproted fo townsfolk behaving erratically in the vicinity of guilds and shops - I daresay those are our targets.
Considering the amount of ground you ust cover, I recommend you enlist the aid of fellow adventurers for the search effort.
Lastly, any cookies you acquire should be brought to me or one of my counterparts in the other city-states. By way of gratitude, we will furnish you with any of a selection of fine prizes in exchange.

Limsan Woes

(Limsa Lominsa)
Ursielle: What're ye starin' at, eh? I'll have ye know this outfit ain't for show. A bunch o' rogue impsv'e broken loose, see, an' we're dressed up like this as part o' the plan t' catch 'em. Ah, the things we do t' make ends meet…
Anyroad, ye've heard of All Saints' Wake, ain't ye? Nay? Well, the saints are the fellas what grace guildleves - an' I'm ruddy certain ye've heard o' them. As for this Wake business, legend has it that for jus' one night each year, Their Eminences are invited t' join the Twelve in their realm on high for a feast o' godly proportions.
Don't sound too bad, does it? Aye, 'cept for the fact that while the saints are off drinkin' 'emselves silly, we mortals are at the mercy o' monsters an' assorted other nasty blighters.
Ah, but folk found a cunnin' way t' cope without divine protection. That is, by scramblin' home afore sunset an' barricadin' 'emselves indoors! In time, this custom - passin' strange though it is - came to be an annual occurrence.
Thing is, observin' this custom's the very thing what caused our owes. Mayhap you've heard tell, but an especially tricksy bunch of imps was bein' held within the Coral Tower's brig, right? Well, on the night of All Saints' Wake, the wardens there took it into their heads to go runnin' off home a bit early, like, afore they could be relieved by souls what weren't so bloody superstitious. Aye, an' no sooner had they done so, than the wily imp bastards broke free!
This is a proper bleedin' catastrophe! If the imps are allowed t' roam unchecked, only the Twelve know what manner o' mischief they'll visit upon hapless townsfolk! In the name o' the Adventures' Guild, they mus' be caught, an' caught quick!
I be ye - nay, demand that ye aid us. Think of it as makin' amends for starin' at me outfit with mirth in yer eyes - an' don't ye go denyin' it, neither!
(quest refuse)
Ursielle: Wh-What? Ye mock me t' me face, then have the gall t' decline an' earnest plea for aid!? Away with ye, ye cold-hearted wretch!
(quest accept)
Ursielle: A jolly good answer, lass! There's a stout heart beatin' beneath that buxom bosom o' yers.
Now then, let me brief ye on the situation as it stands: these imps are as brazen as they are cunnin' - not more'n a few bells after they'd won free, they issued a challenge t' the Adventurers' Guild.
If we best 'em in said challenge, they promise t' turn 'emselves in without a fight. But if we fail, we'd have t' let 'em go. Grrr, jus' recallin' the words makes me bleedin' blood boil!
Hm? What's the challenge, ye ask? That'll be riddles, lass. Aye, blasted riddles. The detestable fiends'll pose a question, an' ye have t' answer. A correct response'll earn ye cookies, an' in order t' win, we need t' gather enough o' the bloody things by the end of All Saints' wake.
Truth is, it irks me t' no end that we're playin' on their terms. I'd sooner show them filthy creatures the color o' me steel, but we can't risk the townsfolk gettin' hurt. An' so it comes down t' godsdamned cookies.
Oh, but afore ye go lookin' for 'em, there's two things ye should know: the imps've a penchant for shiftin' shape. what's more, they only turn up at night.
Now, reports've been pourin' in o' shady types prowlin' about guilds an' shops in Limsa. Me gut tells me those characters'd bear a bit o' scrutiny.
What cookies ye get yer mitts on , ye need t' bring to either meself or one o' me comrades in the other cities. An' t' make it worth yer while, we've prepared a goodly selection of prizes to offer ye in exchange. Good stuff, too.

Ul'dahn Woes

Yvane: Let me guess: you saw my bizarre outfit and felt drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Well, you needn't worry about getting burned, because I don't intend to set you on fire. I will, however, talk your ears off, so do brace yourself. Ahem!
I'm here at the behest o the Adventurers' Guild to recruit able individuals for a mission of the utmost import. A heinous band of imps has escaped from an inescapable cell in the Marasaja Pit, you see, and we need bounty hunters keen of eye and keener still of mind to recapture the lot of them.
No doubt you're wondering how it's possible that these winged fiends were able to break free of an 'inescapable' cell. Well, the opportunistic devils took advantage of All Saints' Wake, the annual tradition that's currently taking place.
In case you're unfamiliar with the tradition, it was born of a legend which tells that the saints of old would ascend to the heavens at the same time each year to joint eh Twelve in a lavish feast.
Sounds marvelous, doesn't it? Aye, but only if you're a saint - we mortals get the short end of the stick. For while the saints are gorging themselves on honey-glazed meats and imbibing countless bladderfuls of deity-worthy wine, the world must go without their divine protection. And what better time for evil spirits to run rampant?
Having no choice but to fend for themselves, ordinary folk took to returning home while it's still light out, and confining themselves indoors with kith and kin till such time as the sun rose again. And so it was with some of the rather more…credulous wardens at the Marasaja Pit. You see, they retired for the day somewhat sooner than they were scheduled to be relieved.
Left utterly unguarded, the imps did what any sensible soul would do - by which I mean, escape. And now they're out there somewhere, waiting to exact revenge upon the mortals that saw fit to imprison them. We must find an recapture the imps before they have the chance to make mischief! And by we, I mean you, adventurer!
(quest accept)
Yvane: Excellent! I had expected no other answer. On behalf of the Adventures' Guild, I offer you my heartfelt thanks!
Now then, pay close attention, for I shall brief you on your mission.
As is commonly known, imps are impudent creatures by nature. Given an imp even a sliver of a chance to show cheek, and it'll cling to it with white-knuckled tenacity. This, my friend, is the very thing that will prove to be their downfall. Allow me to elaborate.
Blessed with the good fortune to escape imprisonment, even a criminal with half the sense the gods gave a flea would know to lie low. Ah,but that would not do for our imps. No, their wanton impudence would let them do naught else but make mock of their former captors.
In our case, the imps sent a missive to the Adventures' Guild challenging us to a contest of wits. They will pose to us riddles, which we must attempt to answer. A correct response will earn us - don't laugh - cookies, and if we can amass a sufficient amount by the end of All Saints' Wake, the vile creatures swear to return to their prison cell of their own volition. If we fail, however, we must promise to pursue them no more.
Hah! The fools have practically given us license to send them back to the Marasaja Pit without breaking a single bead of sweat! We will laugh last, and we will laugh loudest! Aha…hahaha…hahahahahahahahaha!!!
…Ahem. Beg pardons for that outburst. Now, the imps have assumed the form of ordinary citizens, and have been seen in the vicinity of guilds and shops. Being creatures of darkness, however, they have no love for sunlight and so will go into hiding during the day.
Numerous sightings of suspicious individuals have been reported in the city-state of late. These shady characters are the imps in disguise, or my mother's a coblyn. As you'll only have the night to locate our targets, I recommend you conduct the search with the aid of your fellow adventures.
Now, let us speak of the most important thing - aye, cookies. All the cookies that come into your possession should be brought to myself or one of my peers in the other city-states. As these baked treats are central to our success, the Adventures' Guild is prepared to offer you unique prizes in exchange for their delivery.

In Hunt of Imps

(when spawning)
Trickster Imp: Let's assume another mortaling form, shall we? Like so!
Trickster Imp: Life… Dreams… Imps… Where do they come from? And where do they go?
Trickster Imp: Night is come once more, and this is my cue to get busy!
Trickster Imp: An imp, you say? I could've sworn I saw one nearby not a moment ago. Ahe hee hee!

Suspicious (person): Ahee hee hee!
Trickster Imp: Oho! You've done well to see through my disguise, mortaling. I was convinced I'd gotten the glamour just right this time!
I wonder…might your mind be as sharp as your eyes? Riddle me this, and your day will be a touch sweeter for it! Hee hee!
Ahem! Ready or not, here I come!

(each riddle will give three options to choose from for the answer. The correct answer is italicised below)

  • And from ashes of pain and ruin shall rise

An undying Flame to drive dark from men's eyes.
Of where do I speak?
(Ala Mhigo, Brittlebark, Radz-at-Han, Ul'dah)

  • As waters recede, five voices ring out.

A new vision of life from the seed doth sprout.
Of when do I speak?
(Fifth Umbral Era, The Sixth Astral Era, The Sixth Umbral Era, Seventh Astral Era, The Seventh Umbral Era)

  • Fifty score cries yet nary a sound.

A demon awaits but cannot be found.
Of where do I speak?
(Fen-Yll, Gwyr-Aen, Tam-Tara, Toto-Rak)

  • Fire rains from the sky as a proud people fall,

Leaving nary a scream from behind the dark wall.
Of when do I speak?
(5, 15, 10, 12, 100 summers past)

  • From across white waves they defy holy fury,

With sword and shield to serve as their jury.
Of whom do I speak?
(Amalj'aa of Zahar'ak, The Dragons of Dravania, The goblins of…um…everywhere?)

  • From the break of the strait to the stones of the wise,

From the reds oh-so-sour to the oh-so-sweet whites.
Of where do I s peak?
(Bald Knoll, Bearded Rock, Bloodshore, Iron Lake, Skull Valley)

  • Full many men hath it consigned to heaven,

Brandished aloft by the white hand of seven.
Of what do I speak?
(Annihilator, Death Penalty, Gunblade, Gunhalberd)

  • Full rueful of heart, their faces they hide,

Lest the Land should espy the sin held inside.
Of whom do I speak?
(Brass Blades, Gods' Quiver, Scarlet Lancers, Wood Wailers)

  • Hues of madness now cloud his visage,

Once loyal companion, in heaven at large.
Of whom do I speak?
(Dalamud, Keepers of the Moon, Menphina, Moenskaet, Nightwolves)

  • In bellies of iron, quiet suffering breeds,

Blind to all mercy, though they've three eyes to see.
(Garleans, Goblins, Hellsguard, Kobolds)

  • Knowledge is gold and gold is not free,

one must part with his coin to see it increase.
(Mythril Eye)

  • Never so loud is the proud cutters' song

As to down out the whispers of spirits scarred long.
Of where do I speak?
(Lasthold, Longroot, Silent Arbor, Treespeak)

  • One of three and one for all,

With horns to heed the forest's call.
Who am I?
(E-Una-Kotor, Kan-E-Senna, O-App-Pesi, O-Isam-Nene)

  • Riddles of blue doth this lone flower solve,

Atop her bright spire 'midst a wan sea of wolves.
Of whom do I speak?
(Joukil Halfmoor, Kan-E-Senna, Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, Momodi Modi, Y'shtola)

  • A rift in the realm swallows dragons and men,

while metal doth march unto its own end.
Of where do I speak?
(the Bowl of Embers, Craneperch Tower, Dzemael Darkhold, Shposhae, Skyfire Locks)

  • She teaches of that to which Man is a thrall.

She hath one condition and yet none at all.
Of whom do I speak?
(Azeyma, Menphina, Nophica, Nymeia)

  • "Show me my path!" pled the beggard man, crying.

Quoth the Man at the Gates, "Get rich or die trying!"
Of where do I speak?
(Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern, Coffer&Coffin, Horn & Hand)

  • They cast off the shroud, for its dew can perish

The burden of metal and rock they cherish.
Of whom do I speak?
(Coblyns, Crabs, Funguars, Galagos)

(someone is already talking to the imp)
Trickster imp: Whoa, steady on there, mortaling! Can't you see I'm occupied?
What can I say? I'm an imp in demand. Wait your turn, else try your luck with one of my fellows…that is, if you have the eyes to track them down! Ahee hee hee!

(when you take too long to answer)
The tickster imp is nowhere to be seen. It would seem he grew weary of waiting
(you got the riddle wrong)
Trickster Imp: …Is the wrong answer! Boooooo! And that was supposed to be one of the easy ones…
You disappoint me, mortaling, but being the generous soul that I am, I will give you a consolation prize. Take these pumpkin cookies here, and never let it be said that we imps are miserly.
Ta-ta, mortaling. Be seeing you!
(you get the riddle right)
Trickster Imp: …Is the right answer! Someone has a fine head sitting atop his shoulders, doesn't he!?
What's that? You demand extra sweets? Well, well, aren't we bold as brass.
You're my kind of mortaling, mortaling. As a show of my partiality, I will give you nine pumpkin cookies!
Ta-ta, mortaling. Be seeing you!
(The Trickster imp drops a basket of treats and vanishes into thin air.)

(when morning comes)
Suspicious (person): Egads! I've just remembered a prior engagement! I'll be back - I swear on my grandpa's wings!

Exchanging Prizes

Mudede: Welcome back, friend. Were you able to locate any of our vexatious escapees? If you've managed to procure some cookies, I should be very glad to take them off your hands.
(What would you like to do? "Exchange cookies for prizes")
Mudede: Select a prize.
Naught to exchange at the moment? I shall be right here should you have a change of heart.
Mudede: My, my! It's plain you've put an imp in its place! I should be very glad to issue you that which you desire. Keep up the fine form, friend, and the rewards will surely keep on coming.
Mudede: Here is that which you desire. Keep up the fine form, friend, and the rewards ill surely keep on coming.
("Review my objective")
Mudede: Malicious imps have escaped detainment, and are employing their magicks to conceal themselves among the citizens. The winged fiends only appear at night, and are wont to loiter in the vicinity of guilds and shops.
Of late, sightings have been reported of townsfolk behaving erratically in the vicinity of guilds and shops - I daresay those are our targets. Considering the amount of ground you must cover, I recommend you enlist the aid of fellow adventurers for the search effort.
Upon locating an imp, youare to answer the riddle it poses as best you can. Should you succeed in outwitting it, you will be awarded a quantity of cookies, which you must then deliver to myself or one of my counterparts.

(Limsa Lominsa)
Ursielle: How goes the riddlin' effort? Have ye got any cookies for me, now?
Select a prize.
(Choose pumpkin head)
Ursielle: Crikey, ye've managed t' outwit an imp! Ye can jolly well give yerself ten pats on the back for that, lass! Here's the prize we promsied ye. Plenty more where that came from, too, so keep up the good work, eh?
(not enough cookies)
Ursielle: Fraid ye dind't bring enough cookies. Come back again when ye've got a few more, eh?

Yvane: Tell me, have you outwitted any imps? If and when you best one, don't neglect to bring me all the cookies you obtain. Ludicrous though it may seem, these baked treates are crucial to our mission.
(What would you like to do? Exchange cookies for prizes)
Yvane: Select a prize.
So you've successfuly outwitted an imp! Your contribution will go a long way towards sending them back to the Marasaja Pit. Please accept this prize with my thanks. May it serve to brighten your spirits amidst these dark times.
(Review my objective)
Yvane: The imps have asusmed the form of ordinary citizens, and have been seen in the vicinity of guilds and shops. Being creatures of darkness, however, they have no love for sunlight and so will go into hiding during the day. Numerous sightings of suspicious individuals have been reported in the city-state of late. These shady characters are the imps in disguise, or my mother's a coblyn. As you'll only have the night to locate our targets, I recommend you conduct the search with the aid of your fellow adventurers.
Upon tracking down an imp and lifting its disguise, you must answer its riddle. What cookies the encounter yields should be brought to me or one of my peers in the other city-states.

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