Imperial Devices


Name: TM/IF/OTA - Imperial Devices
How to begin: talk to Orn Guincum, Hollin Aubrey or Syro Fulke
Areas: Maelstrom Command/Hall of Flames/Adders' Nest, Gridania, Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak

Last quest: Engineering Victory, Arms Race, The Mail Must Get Through
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: completed Engineering Victory/Arms Race/The Mail Must Get Through
Required items (Limsa): Petition to Stillglade Fane, Sealed urn, Blackened Accumulator
Required items (Gridania): Magitek recording plate
Reward: ?


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See Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak for a guide to the dungeon.


Script (Limsa Lominsa)

Signing Up

Guincum: Hail, fellow rider of the Maelstrom. You arrive at a most opportune time. The Coral Tower has issued orders fro a critical mission requiring a small unit of battle-ready individuals.
However, before I brief you on the operation's particulars, let me provide you with some supplemental information regarding the present state of the thalassocracy's military. As you know, thee Knights of the Barracuda form the most powerful naval force in the realm, with command over both sea and shore.
Yet we cannot let the thought of our superiority make us complacent. To maintain our land and sea supremacy, we must constantly strive to strengthen our hold on that which we have, while seeking better ways to grasp that which we do not. That is why the Coral Tower has begun working in conjunction with both Naldiq & Vymelli's and the Garlond Ironworks to construct a new fleet of battleships.
These battleships will be unlike aught ever to have sailed the five seas, for they will be powered by neither wind nor steam, but ceruleum-fueled magitek. That is right, my friend. What better way to match the might of the Garlean Empire than with the selfsame power they employ in their own weapons? Unfortunately, the Garleans are not in the habit of divulging their secrets to the first person who asks nicely, which is why we must use…other means to obtain them.
To prepare for their invasion, we know that the Empire - more specifically, the XIVth Legion led by Gaius van Baelsar - has set up supply camps deep within the mountains encircling Silvertear Lake. If we could locate and infiltrate these camps, we would doubtless find a veritable treasure trove of magitek-driven contraptions, such as airships and imperial juggernauts.
That has proven far more difficult than originally anticipated, however, what with the remoteness of the location, the ruggedness of the terrain, and the recent increase in the number of imperial troops patrolling the area.
No, if we are to obtain the technology we require, we will have to choose a more opportune target. And as luck would have it, the Empire may have presented us with precisely that, albeit unknowingly.
Our intelligencers in the Black Shroud have recently returned with reports that Garlean operatives have been spotted assembling equipment in an abandoned dungeon known as the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak. While the Coral Tower deems the subterranean tunnels in the ruins too narrow to house anything on the scale of a juggernaut, the magitek power cells on the smaller devices may yet be of great benefit int the construction of their new battleship.
And to this end we seek brave souls to travel to the Black Shroud, infiltrate Toto-Rak, and conduct an investigation on any magitek weaponry housed in the dungeon. Due to the perilous nature of this mission, we ask that only parties of four volunteer. Would you be interested in answering the Admiral's call?
(quest refuse)
Guincum: Might it be that you'd rather test your mettle in the mountains of Mor Dhona? Then you would do well to remember that there is a crucial difference between audacity and idiocy - similar though the two may seem to an adventurer. Know that we have sent parties of our most experience scouts into the region, only to lose every single man to the imperial legatus and his troops. We're not about to send an unseasoned whelp on a suicide mission when we need every sword we can muster to help fend off the Empire.
(quest accept)
Guincum: You have answered well. Yet before you and your unit may delve into the loamy depths of Toto-Rak, you must be granted permission to enter. You see, the Maelstrom was not the first to learn of the imperial presence in the dungeon. The Seedseers, too, have been informed, and have already given orders to the Wood Wailers to seal off the entrance.
Take this petition issued by the head engineer at the Garlond Ironworks and deliver it to a Brother Zerig at the Stillglade Fane in Gridania. It should suffice in convincing the old conjurer to allow you access to the dungeon.
(obtain a petition to Stillglade Fane)

(talk again)
Guincum: Representatives of the Garlond Ironworks believe there is a decent chance that technology from magitek devices retrieved from the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak could help to power the Maelstrom battleship fleet being wrought by Naldiq & Vymelli's.
But to be certain, we require a report on the state of these devices. Before you can collect the necessary information, you will first need to deliver the petition I gave you to Brother Zerig of the Stillglade Fane. Once you have been granted access to the dungeon, gather a party of four members, and proceed to gather intelligence on the area.

The Old Brother

(in Gridania, Stillglade Fane)
Zerig: Ohoho, a man need not seek the guidance of the elementals to know you've come here bearing a heavy burden.
Ohoho, a petition from young Cid Garlond? A strange boy, that one, but his heart is pure, and his intentions straight and true.
There are those who would scorn him for enlisting the aid of Limsa Lominsa, as there are those who would scorn me for doing the same, yet I would be a fool to turn you away in times as dire as these, ohoho.
Very well, I will offer you what aid I can. Know, however, that I do this not for the benefit of your superiors, but the good of the realm, ohoho.
To the south of here lies the dungeon you seek, yet I must warn you - for many turns of the sun has it lain abandoned, shunned not only by the forestborn, but the elementals themselves.
Why, you ask? Ohoho, the answer is simple. The halls of Toto-Rak are tainted with the woodsin of a thousand souls, dripping with the foul corruption that drives good men evil, and evil men to madness. It is a festering wound on the Twelveswood that must needs be mended, and I believe you may have the power to do just that.
I shall allow you passage into the Thousand Maws to attend to whatever it is you must, ohoho, but you, in turn, must give something back to the forest. Here, take this.
Within this urn resides a spirit of the wood - an earth elemental - which has agreed to aid us in purging Toto-Rak of its woodsin and returning the halls to their natural state. You need only place the receptable near where you find evidence of tampering by the Empire, and the spirit shall do the rest, ohoho.
The guard stationed at the dungeon's entrance? Ohoho, he will cause you no trouble upon seeing the urn.
(obtain Sealed urn)

Zerig: Ohoho, back for more guidance? I can give you no more than I already have. Take the urn I entrusted you to the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak and place it near an area that shows tampering. The location of one of these magitek devices you seek would serve.
I must warn you - your journey will be one fraught with danger. You will encounter many dark creatures bathed in woodsin, some not even of this world. Before you set out, call on your companions and take care to make the proper preparations, or this adventure just might be your last, ohoho.

Entering Toto-Rak

(at Toto-Rak entrance)
Bloisirant: I have been given strict orders not to allow any unauthorized persons into the Maws. I am afraid that includes Wood Wailers as well, <Player>.
You were sent to assist in the purging of Toto-Rak's woodsin? While a noble gesture, I find it difficult to believe that a simple band of outsiders would have the means to achieve such a- Hm? This urn entrusted to you by Brother Zerig contains an earth elemental?
You have my apologies. Yes, I was informed that a party would be dispatched by the Stillglade Fane, yet I did not expect it so soon. Your access to the dungeon shall be granted, but first allow me to provide you information on what we know of this place.
According to the Ashcrown Consortium, an organization deeply involved in Eorzea's crystal trade, Toto-Rak is experiencing a violent surge of aetheric energy deep within its halls. The Consortium believes this phenomenon to be similar to the one already occurring in Mor Dhona - the same one that is not only thought to be responsible for rendering the area a wasteland, but also heightening the bloodlust of the creatures in the region.
If something is not done to expel the excess aether, the creatures within the dungeon will grow ever more violent, and woodsin will continue to concentrate in this area until it begins to corrupt everything around it.
It is everything I can do to prevent that which has already been stained from escaping into the Twelveswood. It is also my duty to see that those who have been exposed to the dungeon's woodsin allow their spirits to regenerate before delving into the Maws again.
As another measure to prevent the untimely loss of life to the beasts lurking below, I shall be performing a special incantation prepared by the Conjurers' Guild to draw you and your party out of the dungeon after a set amount of time has passed.
In addition to my spell, you may leave at any time by returning to the entrance on foot.
There are also rumors of an imperial magitek device located in the farthest reaches of the dungeon. It is said the infernal machine can instantly return a man to this spot, but I am not sure I would trust anything constructed by the Empire. Who knows what sort of havoc the contraption might play on one's humours?
Finally, if you find yourself knocked unconscious by one of the creatures, our scouts have confirmed that using a Return spell will transport you back to the dungeon's entrance, so you may continue your mission, if you so wish.
I shall ask you once again to exercise the utmost caution while traversing the Thousand Maws. We have lost many good men and women in there, and do not want to lose any more. The task of delivering the elemental's urn is a crucial one, but if it means risking your soul, perhaps it is best left to another.
I shall give you one last opportunity to make any necessary preparations. Speak with me again when you are ready to enter the dungeon.

The Moogles

(within Toto-Rak)
Teary Moogle: Kupopopopo…
If an elemental finds itself in an area as thoroughly soaked in woodsin as this one, it will attack everything in sight until its life force is spent, kupo…

Pudgy Moogle: Watch out, kupo! Lay hands on that device and Death will be upon you!
Did you get all of that, kupo?
My companions and I tried with all our might to destroy that foul contraption, but to no avail. On the contrary, the moment we set to whacking it, the confounded thing tried with all its might to destroy us! In the confusion, I managed to pull off a tiny piece of the device, but you can see what good that did. If you want it, you can have it, kupo. It's the least I can do, what with you saving me and all.
Kupo? Kupopo? Kupopopopo? That whispering! It's coming from your… Kupo! Is that an elemental in your pocket, or are you just…carrying something else in your pocket which sounds exactly like one?
It is!? Well, why didn't you say so!? A pocket's not the best place to keep an angry elemental, kupo! Hm? It's not in your pocket, it's in an urn? But that's even worse! How would you like to be cooped up in a musty pot without a view!?
Hand that over to me immediately and I shall see that the elemental is released before it escapes on its own and mistakes us for its captors. I suggest you run, adventurer…you being one of its captors and all, kupo.
(obtain a blackened accumulator)

(talk again)
Pudgy Moogle: The elementals anger is almost at it speak, kupo!
If I do not release it soon, it will attack everything it sees - which, I smut admit, might be exactly what this awful place needs. However, considering that 'everything' includes you, I would suggest proceeding with all haste to the exist, kupo!


(at Toto-Rak entrance)
Bloisirant: I see you made it back in one piece. Were you able to fulfill Brother Zerig's request?
The elemental was angered? Then that would explain the distress call made by the Wood Wailer party dispatched into the Maws before you arrived.
This is most unfortunate…but I fear it a necessary evil if we are to restore Toto-Rak to its original state. Nevertheless, it was remiss of me not to forewarn you of the possibility.
I assume Brother Zerig failed to mention the risks of carrying the urn. While I will not go as far as to condone his actions, you must realize that the man has seen many summers, and his wits are ofttimes clouded.
If you will, please allow me to offer this piece of knowledge, by way of an apology.
Before, I believe I told you of the aetheric energy collecting in the Thousand Maws. Well, the Ashcrown Consortium has recently succeeded in capturing that energy and concentrating it into vast crystals, not unlike those seen justing from the cliffs in Mor Dhona.
Though the crystals produced thus far have been structurally weaker than the naturally occurring variety, the Seedseers are confident that their power can be used to help lead Eorzea to victory over the Garlean Empire. A victory achieved through the wisdom and ingenuity of Gridania. Feel free to report that to your commanding officer back in Limsa Lominsa.

(at Maelstrom Command)
Guincum: Welcome back, recruit. I trust that you bring good tidings.
A gift from the maw of a metal beast! The engineers at the Ironworks will be most pleased. I hope the task of retrieving the artifact did not prove to be unduly dangerous.
What is this? Forced to deliver a creature they knew might kill you!? Those subtle devils used you as a pawn! I should have known they would not cooperate easily.
But this news of them harnessing the power of aetheric energy and transforming it into crystalline form is intriguing, to say the least. It shows us that the forest city-state still believes it can match the power of the Empire and their ceruleum-driven machina with mere crystals.
We realized the error in that reasoning long ago when our trading ships saw firsthand the devastation left behind by the Garleans. We have seen how many cities, how many nations have been trampled beneath the feet of their endless armies. How many once-proud states have bowed down in submission without raising a sword, fearing the horrors those armies might inflict upon their people.
Any foolish enough to believe they have the might to face the Empire head-on deserve the bloody fate awaiting them. A nation that wishes to survive, a nation such as our own, must be more cunning. Why march straight into the jaws of the enemy, when you can let the seas carry you around its bristling flanks, all the way to its undefended arse, there to shove everything you have up its puckered bun-!
Ahem, what I meant to say was, while Garlemald has the majority of their forces concentrated on an Eorzean invasion, we will take our new fleet of battleships to the edges of the Empire and begin liberating the loosely guarded outer regions, working our way back to the center, adding to our forces the men and women of each nation restored to freedom. By the time we arrive at the capital, the imperials will be powerless to stop us!
And form there, we train our sights on Eorzea. Gah hah hah hah hah!

Script (Gridania)

Dangers Lurking

Fulke: I have news, <Player>. As you know, Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna has returned to us from the forest. She conducts her divinations tirelessly, granting us new wisdom each and every day.
By her word, it has been decided that a larger force of soldiers, this time from the Wood Wailers and Gods' Quiver both, shall brave the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak in the South Shroud.
The Maws were closed off long ago, but recent reports suggest that someone - or something - had broken the seals and entered the accursed palce. And so we sent a unit of Wood Wailers to investigate.
I am sorry to say that most never returned. From what we have since been able to gather, a legion of fiends was waiting for them in the depths - some couters say their number was over nine thousand, but others say there is no way that could be right.
Ordinarily, I wouldn't give credence to such implausible claims, but Kan-E-Senna sensed the echoes of an impure voice resonating through those foul halls, calling out to beasts across the land and driving them into a blood frenzy…
Many lancers of the first expedition party were tained with woodsin simply by virtue of being in that damned dungeon, and have since taken ill. The Thousand Maws are cursed indeed. Still, our task must be seen through to the end. Reinforcements must be sent!
Yet stretched though our resources are, I cannot in good conscience send you alone. It would be suicide. For your own safety, assemble a party of two to four members before heading to the Maws in the South Shroud. The dangers lurking within will permit no less. Will you do this?
(quest accept)
Fulke: Good. Gather what companions you will, and prepare yourselves for battle. Then travel to the Thousand Maws, north of Camp Tranquil in the South Shroud.
You will find a group of guards stationed near the dungeon's entrance. They will brief you on the sitaution. Go now, and may the gods go with you.

Fulke: Foul beasts have infested the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak, and the Wood Wailers alone are not capable of putting them down, such are their numbers. Assemble a party of two to four members, <Player>. Travel north of Camp Tranquil in the South Shroud and aid in their effort.
You will find a group of guards stationed near the dungeon's entrance. They will brief you on the situation. Go now, and may the gods go with you.

Entering the Maws

(Toto-Rak entrance)
Bloisirant: Ah, you must be <Player>. We've been expecting you. Aye, the Nest sent word you'd be coming to help.
But that was not all. We also received urgent orders to locate and extract a Padjal apparently at large in the Maws. To that end, an additional force of Wood Wailers has already entered, accompanied by archers of the Quiver and conjurers of the Fane.
The first Wailer expedition into the Maws was a disaster. We can't say exactly what went on down there, but the party ended up being scattered. It's a miracle any survived. Yet some did, and among them many claimed to have been saved by a Padjal who brought them water and tended their wounds.
Of course, the guards swore that no such soul had entered the dungeon, and assumed the tale to be the delirious rambling of wounded men. But the sheer number of these reports is too great to ignore. If this Padjal is real, we must do all in our pwoer to see him safely out of the Maws.
Aid the others within, I beseech you. But do not forget the words of the Elder Seedseer. There is a vile voice sounding in those depths, driving those beasts into a murderous rage. You must remain ever vigilant.
You must also keep the following in mind - once you set foot in the Maws, I cannot permit you to re-enter until your body has had time to rid itself of the noxious residues of woodsin and aether which permeate the place.
As another measure to prevent the untimely loss of life to the beasts lurking below, I shall be performing a special incantation prepared by the Conjurers' Guild to draw you and your party out of the dungeon after a set amount of time has passed.
In addition to my spell, you may leave at any time by returning to the entrance on foot.
There are also rumors of an imperial magitek device located in the farthest reaches of the dungeon. It is said the infernal machine can instantly return a man to this spot, but I am not sure I would trust anything constructed by the Emprie. Who knows what sort of havoc the contraption might play on one's humours.
Finally, if you find yourself knocked unconscious by one of the creatures, our scouts have confirmed that using a Return spell will transport you back to the dungeon's entrance, so you may continue your mission, if you so wish.
Until now, our best efforts to investigate the Maws have yielded little and less. Your help is sorely neeed. I only hope this mysterious Padjal is found before it is too late.
Go now, and make what preparations you msut. When you are ready, come and speak to me again.

Saving Grace

Pudgy Moogle: A-Ruhn saved us, kupo!
If he hadn't come, we'd be in bloody little chunks for sure, kupo!
I do hope his sister won't be too hard on him when she finds out. Raya-O is constantly scolding him for his impetuousness, but it was a brave thing he did.
Teary Mogole: That's wonderful, kupo! Then I can tell you what happened! A-Ruhn saved us. I don't know what happened, but one moment we were dancing in our flower fields, and the next we were here.
I think it must have been this strange device. It's too large to move, but I levered off what parts I could. Kupooo…the mere sight of it sends shivers down my spine.

(talk to A-Ruhn-Senna)
???: Why are you heeere? Begone!
A-Ruhn-Senna: Why, hello there, friend. Are you injured? Lost?
No? What brings you here, then? You're looking for someone? For me?
How did I get in? Why, through the entrance, of course. But please, don't tell anyone. It would only injure the guards' pride - and my sister would be furious besides.
I sensed the moogles were in great danger, you see, and hurried here to save them. It was rash of me, I know, but there was no time to call a council, nor to appeal to the Order of the Twin Addder.
The voices of the crystals are strong here. And of late, I have heard them screaming out in terror from deep below the earth.
All living things are imbued with the power of the crystals, and so their screams echo within us all. That is why so many lesser creatures are now crazed and restless. The screams have them in untold agony, driving them to madness.
???: Gather heeere… Kiiill… Kill them allllll…
A-Ruhn-Senna: The moogles are fine, incidentally.
I will leave this place together with them. But for now, I must rest. I am so…weary. I will send word to the Adders' Nest when I can. It was never my intention to trouble them.
Oh, and here - you can have this. The moogles removed it from that magitek device there. I'd take it back with me, but it…it is so…heavy. I feel it weights me down…somehow. Take it, please. I cannot carry it a moment more.
This is a strange thing indeed. The elementals tell me that it is attempting to measure the flow of aether through the Maws - though I cannot fathom why a magitek user should deem the stuf sufficiently interesting to warrant such an invention…
You would do well to speak to the moogles, should you know their words. Mayhap there is something to be learned from all fo this - some knowledge that may serve mys sisters.
(obtain a magitek recording plate)

A-Ruhn-Senna: I'll rest here just a little longer, but I promise to return with the moogles, and to make all known to the Adders' Nest. It was never my intention to trouble them so.
<yawn> So tiiiired…

(examine the lantern-thing)
It appears to be some sort of magitek device.

Duty Complete

(Toto-Rak entrance)
Bloisirant: A job well done, <Player>. Word arrived from the Adders' Nest. It seems you found our Padjal within the Maws. To think it was none other than Seedseer A-Ruhn-Senna! I should add that he and the moogles have since departed.
It's a relief to know he's no longer in harm's way. This mission has been a success, thanks to you.
The forces deployed to find him have returned to Gridania, as well. First Serpent Lieutenant Fulke spoke of a strange magitek device within the Maws.
You saw it too? The conjurers within warned the others not to go near it. They said it gave off a vile, foreboding air.
This magitek recording plate is from the device!? You must take it to the Adders' Nest at once! I daresay the First Serpent Lieutenant would be eager to have it properly examined.

Astounding Deeds

(Adders' Nest)
Fulke: Yet another job well done, <Player>.
No doubt you realize by now, but the Padjal you found was none other than Seedseer A-Ruhn-Senna, youngest of the three siblings, and brother to Kan-E and Raya-O. Gridania is the better for having him back. It was a great thing you did, braving the Maws and convincing him to return.
Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna herself has been informed of your exploits. I can also report that we have made progress in our investigation of the woodsin permeating the Thousand Maws.
The device installed there is of Garlean making. And so the question that concerns us most now is this - how did imperials manage to infiltrate the Twelveswood and the Maws with such an unwieldy contraption? And all while the elementals looked on! A troubling thought indeed…
Our uncertainty only grew when we were informed of the conjurers' findings. By attuning to the forces within the Maws, they discerned that the device's purpose was to measure the flow of aether in the area. But why should the Empire, with all their infernal technologies, take an interest in that?
If only we could take it - or just a piece of it - to the Garlond Ironworks. Surely the engineers there would be able to glean something useful from it.
You have a piece of the device!? Where did you get it?
From the hands of a moogle to Seedseer A-Ruhn-Senna, thence to you, from you to the Order of the Twin Adder, and from us to the Garlond Ironworks! Well, this is no mere coincidence. I do believe our fortunes in this war are changing!
Your deeds continue to astound, <Player>. The Order of the Twin Adder thanks you. Here is your reward.

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