Hunting the Hunters


Name: Hunting the Hunters
How to begin: talk to O'dhinek at Quiver's Hold
Areas: Gridania, The Black Shroud

Last quest: -
Next quest: ?
Related quests: A Hypocritical Oath

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Ixali Bravo

Level: 24
Drops: ?
Location: near Quarrymill, instanced fight

Come in a group of 4 and aggro.


Coming soon


Short Briefing

O'dhinek: I've neither the time nor the stomach to bandy words, so I'll say this straight - I need your help, adventurer. One of the Quiver's new recruits came across a band of Ixal that had stolen into the Twelveswood.
They clawed the poor bastard to within an ilm of his life before they were chased off. We and the Wailers are scouring the wood for them now, but we don't have the numbers to be everywhere at once. These fiends must be put down before another of our own meets the same fate…or worse.
I need a brave soul to hunt down these damned vultures, and end their days of preying upon forestfolk. Our scouts tracked them as far as Quarrymill before losing the trail. They're like to be somewhere near there still.
(quest accept)
O'dhinek: Then make what preparations you must and be off. There is no time to waste.

O'dhinek: Our scouts tracked the Ixal as far as Quarrymill before losing trail. They're like to be somewhere near there still. Find those damned vultures, and end their days of preying upon forestfolk.

On Beastmen

O'dhinek: Words travel fast in the wood, friend - faster than you by far. Our scouts found the corpses of the Ixal you sent to meet their maker. Let us pray it is enough to quench the vengeance of the elementals.
When their fury is on them, there is no safety to be had in the wood - not even for those of us who fight to protect it.
The beast tribes are as different from us as night from day - plain and simple. There's no sense trying to understand them, much less live side by side.
And a swift exile from Gridania awaits any who hold otherwise. Aye, we had a healer years ago who found that out to his cost. Seemed a good enough sort…until the day he tended to the wounds of an injured bloody Ixal, citing 'the healers' oath' or some such nonsense. What could possibly bring a man to take pity on that filth? <spit>
But I've kept you long enough. No doubt you are eagerly awaiting your reward. Very well, here you are. Continue to fight the good fight, friend.

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