Name: WVR1 - Hoodwinked
How to begin: talk to Deaustie at Sunsilk Tapestries
Areas: Ul'dah, Golden Bazaar

Last quest: -
Next quest: ?

Requirements to sign up: WVR20
Required items: Ripped red riding hood, Recipe for red riding hood, Cotton Cloth, All-Purpose Red Dye, Cotton Yarn, Red Riding Hood
Reward: ?


Coming soon


This quest requires a lot of running around between Ul'dah and Golden Bazaar, so be prepared. You might also want to prepare the cotton cloth, yarn and the red dye in advance if you want to speed through the quest without interruptions.

Start the quest at Sunsilk Tapestries, and head to Golden Bazaar immediately after. You will receive the first part of the item you must craft. Head back to Sunsilk and talk to Deaustie again, which will net you the actual recipe to use on it. Craft these two items plus the cotton and dye you obtained before, you will get the fixed Red Riding Hood. Simply bring this back to Golden Bazaar, and head back to Sunsilk once again for your reward.



Signing Up

Deaustie: Ah, a customer - and an adventure, no less.
Tell me, have you an interest in textiles? A keen eye for quality warp and weft? Then, by all means, you are welcome here at Sunsilk Tapestries.
We find that there are those among your kind with a natural gift for clothcraft. If you've a mind to try your hand at it, you need look no further. What do you say?
(Will you join the Weavers' Guild? No, weaving is for wet nurses and maids-in-waiting/Yes, thread the needle!)
Deaustie: Just so! Your name? <Full Name>, you say? Well, <Player>, allow me to begin by acquainting you with Sunsilk Tapestries' presiding philosophy - beauty, over all else!
You will find everyone in Ul'dah of a similar mind - or at least everyone worth knowing! Ahaha! Truth lies in appearance. A person's birth, their manner of living, their station - all are betrayed by their appearance, whether they know it or not.
It then follows that by bettering one's appearance, one betters one's value, do you see? And so they come to Sunsilk Tapestries - to be garbed in the finest raiments Eorzea has to offer.
We aim to teach our custom to live as they look - to act the part, if you will. To put on the performance of life, and in time, to have it become their reality.
But I digress. Experience has taught me that words hold little weight with you adventurers. It is time you met your mentor. Are you ready?
(quest accept)
Deaustie: Just so! You will be under the tutelage of our own dear Chuchumu. She is a sweet young thing, and innocent - though of low birth and a bit filthy. A classic character, really.
To find her, you'll need to travel to the Golden Bazaar. It's one of the hamlets of Thanalan, where many of the Ala Mhigans have made their home. I will notify Chuchumu of your coming by linkpearl.
(obtain Sunsilk Tapestries linkpearl)

The Poor Dear

(Golden Bazaar)
(you see a Lalafell girl tended on by two old Midlander women)
Weak-kneed Woman: You poor dear. After all she's put you through…you still wish to stay?
Brittle-boned Woman: I've known the woman for so many years… Never would I have imagined she could be so cruel.
Chuchumu: <sob> B-But I have to st-stay…
Weak-kneed Woman: Oh, hello there. Are you the adventurer? Chuchumu said you might be coming.
Brittle-boned Woman: Perhaps you can help us console the poor dear.
She was taking some bread and wine to her lady stepmother when she was attacked by a wolf. Luckily, she didn't come to any harm, but her precious red riding hood was torn to shreds.
Weak-kneed Woman: If her stepmother finds out… Please, is there nothing you can do to help her?
Chuchumu: <sniffle> P-Please… I got nowhere else to gooo… <sob>
It's been in the family for generations. She'll never forgive me if she finds out what's happened to it. Never!
Brittle-boned Woman: You can't possibly say no to that face, can you? We trust the Twelve will guide yo to do the right thing.
Chuchumu: My stepmother will be furious if she finds out. I simply must have another just like it. Please, could you weave me another red riding hood at Sunsilk Tapestries?
(obtain a ripped red riding hood)

(Sunsilk Tapestries)
Deaustie: A red riding hood? Why on Hydaelyn would you want to make something like that?
Ah, I see now. There's little doubt that Ouvielle would switch her bloody if she were to find out. Very well. Here, you will need this.
(obtain a recipe for a red riding hood)

Meet the Mother

(Golden Bazaar. You see an Elezen woman, a Midlander woman and a Miqo'te woman around Chuchumu)
Ouvielle: You good-for-nothing little bitch! Why must I be made to suffer your incessant failures!?
Chuchumu: P-Pleae, Stepmother. I'm s-so sorry. I did my very best. I j-just-
Ouvielle: Did I say you could speak? Shut your ugly little mouth this instant!
Chuchumu: Eeeyah!
Ouvielle: Stop right there! This doesn't concern you. I suggest you turn around and go right back the way you came.
Chuchumu: Stepmother, this is the adventurer I was telling you about. The one who was going to get your red riding hood back.
Ouvielle: Of course he is. Dear me, where are my manners? You must forgive me, I had no idea. I'll be taking the hood now, thank you.
Everything seems to be in order. You have served us well. It would seem your kind is not without its uses. Hmph.
Where are your manners, girl!? I'll not have others thinking I raised my daughters in a chocobo stable. Thank the good adventurer!
Chuchumu: Th-Thank you, adventurer. Thank you very much.
I'd like to repay you for your service, but I have nothing to give you at the moment. If you call in at Sunsilk Tapestries later, I will see to it you are rewarded.
(Ouvielle and her lackeys leave, and Chuchumu runs after them)

Slight Advance

(at Sunsilk Tapestries)
Deaustie: Were you able to catch up with Chuchumu? She rarely comes when she's summoned. <sigh> By the gods, I've never known any to give me such worry as she.
Chuchumu: <Player>! <Player>!
I just wanted to thank you again for all that you did for me and my stepmother. And I wanted to give you the reward I promised.
Deaustie, if you don't mind, might I have a slight advance on my wages so that I can pay <Player> here?
Deaustie: Again? Chuchumu… Are you sure?
Chuchumu: My stepmother was so terribly upset. <Player> helped us in our time of need, and should be rewarded for it.
Deaustie: Very well. But this is the last time - and I mean that. In any case, you can reward <Player> here well enough without coin. Why not teach him what you know of the trade?
(Chuchumu bows and leaves)
Deaustie: You'll need a mentor if you mean to make a name for yourself in our guild. And you're not like to find one better than Chuchumu.
I will see to your reward myself. If nothing else, you have at least brought Chuchumu some happiness. That alone comforts me a great deal.
Still, one wonders how much more of this she can take. I only hope things get better for her, and soon.

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