Hide and Seek Shenanigans


Name: CRP2 - Hide and Seek Shenanigans
How to begin: talk to A'naidjaa at the Oak Atrium
Areas: Gridania, Ul'dah

Last quest: The Mouths of Babes
Next quest: Spanning the Spectrum

Requirements to sign up: CRP30, The Mouths of Babes complete
Required items: Colorful Building Block, Sable Salve
Reward: Woolen Sugarloaf Hat, ?


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Call for Help

A'naidjaa: <Player>, you remember Marcelloix, yes? The good Elezen fellow who schools our younglings. He is busy attending to affairs at the moment and, well, would you mind terribly coming to the Oak atrium?

(Oak Atrium)
A'naidjaa: In all honesty, I'm not sure you're the right person to be asking, but… Well, no use dancing around it - would you mind watching the children for a while?
I understand you might still be a bit sour about what happened last time, but will you do us this kindness?
(quest accept)
A'naidjaa: In happier times, we used to let them play in the Twelveswood, so long as they didn't venture too far. But now, with Ixal and garleans prowling about, the risk is simply too great.
They must be bored witless cooped up in here, day after day. I suppose all their pranks and mischief are their only means of release.
See to it they don't stray beyond the city's borders, will you? Go and speak with Marcelloix when you are ready…and Twlve grant you strength.

A'naidjaa: The children must be bored out of their minds, poor things. Believe me, I'd like nothing more than to turn them loose in the forest and have them out of the way. But the danger is too great.
See to it they don't stray beyond the city's borders, <Player>. Go and speak with Marcelloix when you are ready…and Twelve grant you strength.

Frances: Those children are far more clever than you might think. They make their own paper and writing utensils, you know.
Sometimes you can see them in the Acorn Orchard just outside, playing at spears. Again, all arms of their own making.

Zuzupoja: There's nothing the Atrium's children love more than moogles. They're always plotting to sneak into the wood to find them.
You'd best see to it they don't succeed, otherwise they're as good as dead. And their blood will be on your hands.

Ulmhylt: I came across some truly beautiful timber the other day. thought I'd present it to Marcelloix as a gift.
Turns out he knew more about the stuff than I. Claimed it contained some sort of toxin, but that he had a special remedy to neutralize it.

Caplan: Marcelloix spoils those brats. What they need is a good scare. Proper piss-your-britches stuff. You know, to put the fear of the gods in them.

Nellaure: Perhaps it's time we invite the Wood Wailers to come and hold another festival for the children.
It must be sheer torture for the poor things, having such an awe-inspiring forest to explore, and no leave to explore it.

Taking On Duties

(at the back of the Atrium. You approach Marcelloix)
Marcelloix: Ah, there you are, <Player>. thank you so much for taking the time to come.
I would not impose on you, but there is some very pressing work that demands my immediate attention.
(he looks all around, suddenly scared or worried)
Marcelloix: Forgive my curtness. I'm really not at liberty to say anything more just now… Ahem, returning to the matter at hand, the children will be eager to play with the toys they're making once they finish.
After that, it will be time to eat. If you could just watch over them until then, I would be eternally grateful. See ot it they do not stray too far.

Ryd: I'm b-being good! Can I g-go outside now?

Powle: Is life going to be this boring forever?

Aunillie: I can't stand it anymore. I want to get out of here.

Nicoliaux: Boooring…

Sansa: This isn't even fun.

Elyn: Just leave me alone.

(Nicoliaux looks up at you)
Nicoliaux: I'm so sick of these stupid toys.
Aunillie: Do you want to play dolls? Or… Oh, I know! We could draw!
Powle: That's for children. I say we go and explore the forest. Who's with me?
Ryd: Y-You really shouldn't. M-Marcelloix told us not to. We c-could get eaten by monsters and die!
Elyn: Hide-and-seek! Not it!
Nicoliaux: Hey, it's that silly adventurer again. You're it!
(the children run off)

A'naidjaa: What are you doing speaking to me? You musn't leave the young ones unwatched, not even for a moment!
More than like they have ventured no farther than the Acorn Orchard just outside. I hardly need remind you, <Player>, that they are under your charge now. See to it they return to their studies.

Search for the Children

(Acorn Orchard)
Sansa: Awww, you found me. I knew I should have found a better spot.

Nicoliaux: All right, you found me, you found me.
But I'm still not going back to study!
(parley, 4 stars, 7 turns)
Nicoliaux: Hmph. I /suppose// I'll go back. But only because I want to, it's boring here without Powle anyway.

Sansa: Hmmm, Ryd does love the Wood Wailers… Maybe he- Never mind! I shouldn't tell.

(Wailing Barracks)
Ryd: Hahaha! You f-found me.
You ch-cheated! Did S-Sansa tell you where I w-was?
I'm n-not going to t-tell you anyth-thing.
(parley 4 stars, ? turns)
Ryd: Well, I s-suppose I can tell you a l-little. but only because you f-found me.
Powle is in a b-box. He s-said he found a g-good one for hiding.

???: <silence>
(Knowck on the box? No, that would be cruel/Yes, as hard as possible)
???: <silence>
(Shake the box? No, that would be cruel/Yes, with a violent fury)
???: <silence>
(kick the box? No, that would be cruel/Yes, with a running start)
???: Hey, stop it! That's not funny!
I was sure you wouldn't find me. You're not as stupid as other adventurers.
Did you find the others? Hahaha, you'll never find them all!
The grown-ups say there's ghosts at the Quiver's Hold. And that they gobble up any chidlren they catch playing hide-and-seek there.

There are flowers in full bloom here, but no hiding children

(Quiver's Hold)
Powle: Maybe this box would have been better. But a ghost could get me easy in there.

Ryd: Wh-What? You already f-found me.

Nicoliaux: This is the scariest palce in Gridania for hiding!

Sansa: Look how beautiful the flowers are! We should play come-into-my-castle right here.

Elyn: Help! I think I may have climbed too high…
It's scary up here. I'm too scared to climb down!
(parley 4 stars, ? turns)
Elyn: I'm fine. Everything's fine.
I'll be fine. I'll…I'll come down in a bit. Honest!

Nicoliaux: You still haven't found Aunillie, have you?
Do you raelly want to know? Hmmm… Well, you might want to look up in that big tree. Hehehe.

There is no one up the tree.

Nicoliaux: Oh? She wasn't up there? Hmmm…
Maybe I was wrong. hehehe.
Oh, /now I remember! There's a hiding place under the Quiver's Hold. That's where I saw her go.

There is no one under the building.
Nicoliaux: Hahaha! For a grown-up, you're sooo easy to trick.
I know where she is. But I'm not telling.
(parley 4 stars, ? turns)
Nicoliaux: Hahaha! <sigh> Good times… All right, all right, I suppose I'll tell you.
Aunillie's back at the Atrium. She's been hiding there the whole time, silly!
Thanks for playing with us. Here I want you to have this. I don't need it anymore, anyway.
Oh, and this. You can have it, too. That was fun. Let's play again soon.
(obtain a woolen sugarloaf hat (red), colorful building block)

Important Mission

(Oak Atrium)
A'naidjaa: The younglings returned and went straight to their studies. All made it back safely - and in time for lunch, no less.

(at the back of the establishment)
???: Time for lunch! Come and get it while it's hot!
(the children run out)
A'naidjaa: I must admit I've been a fretful wreck since the chidlren left. The gods are good to see them all back safely.
Hm? That toy there…
Toys have always been a cornerstone of the carpentry trade. By crafting and playing with them, the hands and eyes absorb much - the quality of the grain, the angle of the cut, the harmoy of the joint.
Which is not to deny that the noblest role of toys has ever been to entertain. Indeed, Marcelloix himself is hard at work creating new ones for the children with precisely that in mind. The threat of the imperials and beast tribes keeps them from playing in the wood, you see, and I fear the confines of the guild are dampening their spirits. Such is the darkenss of these days…
It is all this talk of imeprials and beast tribes… It does things to a city - to its people. To the children not least of all. It's more important than ever that we have cause to laugh and smile.
Hmmm… That gives me an idea. I think I might have yet another task for you, <Player>.
No eye can blink at the misery of a child, be it born of danger, sickness, or aught else. Yet all of Eorzea is rife with such misery.
…I am thinking that I would very much like to have you deliver some of our toys to the children beyond our borders - that they might come to know a little bit of happiness.
There's an institution in Ul'dah by the name of Frondale's Phrontistery. They have a hospital with a ward devoted to the care of sick chidlren. Go there, and take them whatever cheer you can.
It's a bit far, I know, but nothing an adventurer like you can't handle. What do you say, <Player>? The guild will see to it you are compensated for your trouble.

A'naidjaa: Our toys should be bringing smiles to chidlren all over Eorzea - not just to those of Gridania.
Visit Frondale's Phrontistery in Ul'dah. You will find a ward there with bedridden and sickly children.
No doubt they are in dire need of both smiels and laughter.

Frances: I heard you are being sent to Ul'dah. You must be excited.
You do know the way, yes? Just follow the Lumberline south out of Gridania until you get there. Couldn't be simpler. Ther are hamlets along the way as well, should you require rest or rations.

Zuzupoja: They say the healers at Frondale's Phrontistery can cure any disease and reattach any severed limb.
Knowing those Ul'dahns, though, I wouldn't be surprised if they were paying to have the rumors circulated.

Ulmhylt: Remember that special timber I was telling you about? Well, Marcelloix has been carving it into some sort of effigy.
Said that he'd like to dedicate it to the conjurers if all goes well. I don't know, though… He made that wood sound awfully dangerous.

Caplan: Looks like the fresh air did the chidlren some good. They seem to have settled down a bit.
Letting them tire themselves out running about might be the answer - short of lacing their meals with a sleeping potion, that is.

Nellaure: It's very good of you to watch after the children. But where could Marcelloix have gone off to…
What's that? You're off to Ul'dah? Well, the guild must have good reason. I'll be sure and look in on the little ones when I can.

Visit to Ul'dah

(Frondale's Phrontistery, Ul'dah)
Nogeloix: Greetings, and welcome to Frondale's Phrontistery. How may I direct you?
A donation of toys for the children's ward? I see. That is most generous of you.
The Oak Atrium has done us many kindnesses over the years.
Our children's ward cares for patients with everything from simple maladies to terminal conditions. I think these beautiful toys will bring a smile to everyone's face.
Oh, and while you're here…
(he takes something from under the counter)
If you are from the Oak Atrium, you must know Marcelloix. Could you see to it that he receives this? His last dose is likely almost gone. And tell him and all the other carpenters that the Phrontistery thanks them for their wonderful toys!
(obtain a bottle of sable salve)

Nogeloix: In Ul'dah, toys often take the form of decorations - status symbols that parents adorn their chidlren with to flaunt their wealth. But, of course, patients are not allowed to wear such things within the hospital.
Your toys will be put to good use. Thank the carpenters on behalf of the Phrontistery. And make sure Marcelloix receives that medicine!

Ghost of the Atrium

(Oak Atrium)
Zuzupoja: (text missing) have seen a ghost or spirit or some such nonsense.
Sounds like something those idiots in Uld'ah might belive in. But Gridanians know better. Laughable, if you ask me.

Ulmhylt: The medicine was supposed to last longer, <Player>, but it… Well, I'm afraid there's been as light problem and ummm…Marcelloix is still quite busy. Too busy to be seen in the light of day, actually.
I'm sorry, but would you mind covering for him just a bit longer?

Caplan: The runts haven't been making much noise as of late, for whatever reason.
Peace and quiet at last. It feels so…lonely.

Nellaure: I still haven't seen Marcelloix. Have you any idea where he might be?

Frances: Welcome back, <Player>. I hope you will find time to regale the children with tales of your journey.
If you do, would you mind making Ul'dah sound a bit…scary? Just enough so that they wouldn't want to go. They are sitll quite impressionable. The last thing we need to worry about is them attempting to sneak off to Ul'dah.

A'naidjaa: A gost int he Atrium, is it? <sigh>
<Player>! You're back sooner than I thought. I half expected you'd be emptying your pockets at the Platinum Mirage.
Well, as you're here, maybe you can help me shed some light on an unsettling little mystery. You see, ever since you left for Ul'dah, the childen just haven't been themselves. They've been…good. Might you be able to offer an explanation?
And then there's all this mummer's talk of the Atrium being haunted. Something about a ghost that roams the grounds and eats the eyes and tongues of children who misbehave. It's scared the living daylights out of the younglings, as you can probably imagine.
I'm sure it's just someone's misguided attempt to discipline them, but I haven't a clue whose.
…It wasn't you, was it?
(Did you start the rumors? No, and I don't aprpeciate the implication/Yes, and I would do it again)
A'naidjaa: No, no, you were in Ul'dah all the while.
Unless you would have me believe you have a twin brother?
What the hells is going on? Ah, yes, before I forget - Nogeloix from the Phrontistery sent word. He mentioned entrusting a certain medicine to your care.
I spoke with Marcelloix. He asks that you bring it to him at the Roost. I haven't the slightest idea what he's cooped up over there for.

A'naidjaa: Do you still have the medicine for Marcelloix from the Phrontistery?
Some business or other has delayed him over at the Roost, and he asks that you bring it to him. Gods know what he's up to over there.

(The Roost)
V'korolon: May I help you? You're looking for Marcelloix?
To call him here would be…less than prudent. There is a chance he might be seen. But if you insist…
(you head towards the inner portions of the Roost and see Marcelloix in the shadows)
Marcelloix: Ah, <Player>. So good to see you again. Do forgive me for having you come all this way.
And I fear I must apologize for the mask, as well. Let's just say that events have taken an unexpected turn and…well, leave it at that.
I wouldn't come any closer if I were you. For both our sakes.
Yes, yes, the medicine. Let's see, how shall we do this?
Just, uh…throw it over here, then.
(you do so)
Marcelloix: Gods, man! I didn't say throw it at my face!
(his mask falls)
Marcelloix: So much for secrecy…
Surely you can understand my desire to hide this. The timber which Ulmhylt found causes irritation upon contact. Any carpenter worth his saw would properly treat himself to prevent it. And I did!
Or so I thought. Apparently, the children thoguht it would be humorous to replace my medicine with common flour… Anyway, the mask hides my disfigurement well enough, and I've taken to sneaking around the Atrium at night to avoid discovery.
My work is piling up,and I hope the children have missed me as I have missed them. One glance at their serene faces has always been enough to send me back to duties with renenewed vigor.
But, for some reason, they've been sleeping with the covers pulled over their heads recently. Do you have any diea what could be frightening them so?
No matter. Thanks to the medicine you have brought me, I should be able to return to the Atrium in no more than a day.

Work Well Done

(Oak Atrium)
A'dnaidjaa: Sorry to drop so many tasks on you in such a short space of time, <Player>.You did us a great kindness in seeing the medicine delivered.
Before I get to your payment, would you mind doing us one more favor while the children are still settled down?
Hahaha, no, no. You've done more thane enough already. Once Marcelloix returns, I'm sure the young ones will be back to their normal selves.
Looks like they need him as much as he needs them, the adroable little demons.

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