Hide and Seek

The Twelveswood has become a breeding ground for poachers. Slay the lawless fiends, retrieve the hides of their innocent victims, and deliver them to the Wood Wailer.


Name: Hide and Seek
Type: Collect
Level: 29
Location: South Shroud / Silent Arbor (28,21)
Spawn: 15 min, The Negotiators completed successfully

Next FATE: The Coeurl King

Reward: 6,391 exp, 56 gil, 161 seals
Additional Reward: -


Coeurlclaw Trapper


If the FATE has started but isn't active yet, it can be activated by talking to the Wood Wailer Lance. The aim of the FATE is to gather enough poached hides and deliver them. The hides can be found lying on the ground as well as as drops from the Coeurlclaws.


Wood Wailer Lance: Vile poachers! They seek to hide their trophies so that they might return and collect them once we have gone.
We must stop them at any cost! Please, good <sir/lady>. Lend us your blade!

Category: Quests


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