Hidden Behind a Hide

Only a fortnight after its capture and confinement in a heavily warded cell deep within Gridania's Spirithold Warden, a deadly imp charged with the burning down of a sacred oak tree has escaped. It is believed that if not found soon, the voidsent will defile more of the forest, so the Gods' Quiver is petitioning adventurers to join in the search. The imp was last thought to have been seen in the vicinity of Tranquil Paths, but as the creature possesses magicks to make itself appear as an antelope, the Holtwatch is not entirely certain of its whereabouts.


Name: Hidden Behind a Hide
Type: Veracity
Issuer: Gridania Adventurers' Guild
Client: 1st Bow of the Quiver's Centaurs, Romaraint Rimebeard
Areas: Camp Tranquil

Class recommendation: DoW, DoM, rank 20
Objectives: Firestarter Imp x2, Evenfall Firefly x2, 30 min
Reward: ?


Firestarter Imp

Level: ?
Drops: ?

Coming soon

Evenfall Firefly

Level: ?
Drops: ?

Coming soon

Category: Quests


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