Hearing Voices


Name: BLM1 - Hearing Voices
How to begin: talk to Yayake at Arrzaneth Ossuary
Areas: Ul'dah, Nophica's Wells

Last quest: -
Next quest: A Time to Kill

Requirements to sign up: THM30, ?15
Required items: Gem of Shatotto
Reward: ?


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Guano Gnat

Level: 34
Drops: -
Location: Nophica's Wells, nearby the Copperbell Mines entrance

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Chase after Tales

Yayake: I've been waiting for you - in a way. Please, let me explain. Do you know fo the Marasaja Pit? It is a prison, here in Ul'dah.
In prison, a man will do most anything to keep his mind occupied. Indeed, of late one of the inmates claims to hear the voice of Nald'thal. No doubt he has lost his mind after serving one hundred years of his life sentence.
He claims the Traders revealed to him that an adventurer bearing your name would come to hunt down foul beasts to procure what he calls the Gem of Shatotto. And with this gem would come the prisoner's freedom.
I've never seen anything quite like it. Of course, I make it for nothing more than the maniacal ravings of a cell-crazed, sweaty-toothed madman.
His name is Ququruka, and as if his story were not proof enough of his lunacy, he also styles himself a black mage.
But such magic was lost to Eorzea centuries ago. Who does this senile charlatan think he will fool with such rubbish?
<sigh> Nevertheless, some among the Order believe it ill-advised to ignore his words. And though I am still no believer, you have come, as he said you would.
So let us get to the bottom of this, shall we? It may be that you are an agent of fate, or perhaps you are merely a crooked old man's accomplice.
In either case, I ask that you travel to the Copperbell Mines, just as our deluded friend foretold. Near the entrance lurk beasts known as guano gnats.
According to our mummer, it is one of these gnats that carries this Gem of Shatotto.
It is no more than a pretty stone oft mentioend in bedtime stories and the tales of faeries. It certainly isn't something prized form the carcasses of shite-eating gnats.
I am embarrassed to even ask, but will you humor us all a bit through this foolishness?
(quest accept)
Yayake: You have my thanks. The sooner this ends, the better.
I'm sorry to send you on this wild dodo chase. Indeed, I pray Nald'thal has summoned you - but only to end this foolishness, rather than to prolong it.

Yayake: The beasts you must slay are the guano gnats near the entrance to the Copperbell Mines. If this so-called prophecy is true, you shold find the Gem of Shatotto on one of their corpses.
Naught but nonsense, I tell you. The Gem of Shatotto exists only in bedtime stories and imaginary tales. You're not like to find it on any worldly beast - a shite-eating gnat last of all.

Strange Meeting

(in front of Copperbell Mines, after you've killed the gnats)
Kazagg Chah: You there, adventurer. Hear you my words?
(you draw your scepter as the Amalj'aa approaches)
Kazagg Chah: If you would hear me, put away your weapon. I do not mean to fight you.
(he looks around, checking the area)
Kazagg Chah: I see… So you are the one of whom Ququruka's prophecy spoke.
It was you who spilled the blood of these creatures on this land.
Then you have earned the Gem of Shatotto. Take it. You will know what to do with it when the time comes.
(he hands you something that shines with a dark light)
Kazagg Chah: With this, my part is done. Goodbye, for now.
(obtain a Gem of Shatotto)

Confounded Keeper

(Arrzaneth Ossuary)
Yayake: Ugh, you certainly smell as though you've been off romping with guano gnats. Still, it will take more than a waft of dung to convince me you are an agent of divine will. I take it yours was a wasted journey?
<gasp> I-It is exactly as described in the tales! Could it truly be the Gem of Shatotto?
Twelve be good, I can feel the magic within it!
The stories tell that only souls blessed by the grace of Nald'thal are granted the keeping of the Gem of Shatotto.
This is beyond mere coincidence. I must investigate further.
And you must assist me! This business now involves you as much as any other, <Player>.
Still, I cannot shake my inner skeptic. If Ququruka somehow made contact with the outside world, he may be manipulating adventurers like you for purposes yet unknown to us.
I will call an emergency council fo the Order. Please wait here.
(as she tries to leave, the great doors of the guild close. Someone steps forth from the shadows)
Ququruka: That will not be necessary.
Yayake: Ququruka! How did you get here? What are you doing out of your cell?
Lalai: Watch your tongue, insolent fool! Master has passed a century in meditation listening to the voice of Nald'thal. You will address him with the proper respect!
Ququruka: The gaolers of Marasaja Pit are very different from you heretics of the Order. Suffice it to say they had wisdom enough to listen.
Need I remind you yet again? The voice I heard was that of Nald'thal himself. So tell me, is the true criminal not he who ignores the words of the gods?
Yayake: Beware, Ququruka. The Twelve seldom leave unpunished those who claim to speak for them. This mummer's farce of yours will lead us all to disaster.
Ququruka: The cause of the calamity to come will be no words of mine - of that be sure.
Nald'thal spoke unto me. By his own declaration, the seal on the Voidgate will be broken.
Once thrown open, it can be closed once more by none but the bearer of the Gem of Shatotto.
I speak of you, <Full Name>.
The Gem of Shatotto you hold is the mark of a mage of the black. With it in hand, set forth now on your journey to gather the keys needed to seal the Voidgate.
(he and Lalai start to leave)
Yayake: Wait! You can't- I mean, you don't have the right to- I…I can't just let this happen!
Ququruka: Silence, you hollow-pated prig! Those who do not listen shall not be heard!
(some power flows over all of you)
Ququruka: You take for yourself the title of thaumaturge, and so I will not suffer you to claim ignorance! You know as well as any of the existence of a netherworld rife with shadow and monstrosity - the void.
As the power of the void waxes, the barrier between it and our own world wanes. Eventually, that barrier will falter, and the Voidgate will open.
Once it has, only the black magic of old can reseal it.
Yayake: Black magic!?
Ququruka: The Gem of Shatotto you hold is our sigil - the mark of the magi devoted to the dark art. As one who now commands the forces of destruction, I bid you go forth, black mage.
You already possess one of the keys required to seal the Voidgate.
You have taken the black, but time is needed before the black takes you - before it permeates your flesh and blood, and every fiber of your being.
When that day comes, visit the Milvaneth Sacrarium, and there hear the words of Lalai.
Do not fear the power to destroy. Master it, and through it fulfill your purpose.

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