Hearing Confession


Name: Hearing Confession
How to begin: talk to Swaenhylt
Areas: Gridania, Quarrymill, Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa

Last quest: -
Next quest: ?

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Azeyma's Servant

Swaenhylt: Praise be to Azeyma, great Warden in the sky, beacon of righteousness! By her light, our paths are lit. By her providence, our way is known!
I am her humble servant, Swaenhylt. For nigh on twenty years have I lived in the seclusion of Abalatia's Spine. I come back to you now, at the turn of the tide. And yet I am taken with sadness as I gaze upon Eorzea's children. Far too few live with fear of Azeyma's judgment in their hearts.
Still, I shall not give myself to despair. For salvation awaits us all through Azeyma, and it is to that end that she has brought you to me this day.
Swear yourself to her, <Player>. Pledge your being to her service and name, and carry out her work in this realm! Will you vow to do so?
Swaenhylt: Hark, then! Your first deed awaits. You are to seek out four lambs who have strayed from the Warden's flock. Find these lost souls, and hear them confess their sins.
(quest accept)
Swaenhylt: Truly, your unwavering dedication is moving. In recognition, I shall tell you what I can of the locations of these misguided brethren, just as Azeyma has shown them to me. Here, in Gridania, I see…a place where the hungry break bread. And…there is a village, remote and secluded.
Another is…across the sea. I see the ports of Limsa Lominsa, and a place of much cargo and freight, and busy hands counting the coins of tax. And now sands, vast sands… The walls of Ul'dah! On the corner of a street, I…
That is all the Warden has chosen to show me. The remaining adversity must be overcome by you and you alone. Hear these souls confess their sins, and gaze long into their eyes. Then you shall know, for under the brilliant light of Azeyma's justice, the misguided can do naught but repent.

Swaenhylt: What is this? Have you lost your way, as the four souls whom you seek? You must find these stray lambs, <Player>. Purify their souls through confession, and return them to the Warden's flock.
Journey to the places she has shown me. First, to where the forestfolk break their bread. Then, to a remote village in the Twelveswood. Seek passage to Limsa Lominsa, and there find a place of cargo and tariffs. And finally, in Ul'dah, there is a (text missing)

The Confessions

(Gridania, Carline Canopy)
Flavielle: Confess my sins? What ever could you mean? I am a pious woman! I offer prayers to the Twelve by day, and make offerings by night. I have nothing to hide! I say to you, sir, that I am ready for Azeyma's judgme-
Oh. Uhhh… I suppose there was one occasion on which I acquired an Ixal horn via…questionable means. I know it is illegal to possess one, b-but I only wanted to learn more of them. You must believe me!
Flavielle: <sob> O Azeyma, I repent! I repent! It was just so twisted and pointy… <sob> …and I'd never seen anything like it. <sniffle> I just had to have it. I know I was wrong. <sob> I swear I won't do anything bad again. I'll be a good Elezen, I swear I will. <moan>

Keketo: Confession!? Bah, you've the wrong lady, stranger. Hear this - my fealty lies with the sun and Azeyma's justice, now as ever. I've naught to hide, least of all from you.
'Course, after seeing them sylphs up to their antics in the wood one day, scaring travelers and whatnot, I thought it might be fun to do something similar to my neighbor. Aye, so I threw a sheet over my head and gave him a bloody good scare! Hee hee hee!
Keketo: Took some pity on him after the fact, but I had a good laugh all the same. That what you wanted to hear?

(Ul'dah, Pearl Lane)
Thimm: I've seen naught but hardship since the fall of Ala Mhigo. Many are the times I've lapped filthy water from a chocobo stable's trough. And now the Warden demands my confession? I'm a sheep lost from the Twelve's flock, you say? <spit>
Where was Azeyma when the walls of Ala Mhigo fell? Where was Rhalgr when our enemies closed in around us? Where were any of the bastards Twelve!? With the Garleans, perhaps!? Because they sure as hells weren't with us!
I've had many moons to ponder the fate of my land. The only way I can make sense of it is to think we Ala Mhigans were punished for a lack of faith. And that drives me to find sleep in the bottle most nights, rather than a bed.
Thimm: I'm a weak man, and not without faults. A part of me knows I must find my faith again, buried deep as it is. I… I'll make efforts, I swear it - Azeyma as my witness.

(Limsa Lominsa, Mealvaan's Gate)
Ceadda: Confession? But I have already confessed all of my sins! What more does Azeyma ask of me!? I am an honest man. I practice no deceptions. And I work hard to support my family.
I…I… O great Azeyma, hear me! I have sinned! I have…given in to my appetites! I have frequented…
restaurants! Y-Yes, to the Bismarck I have gone, alone, and gorged myself on all manner of exotic dishes! Sweetbreads…steamed puddings…sausages! Ah, such sausages! <gasp> Please, please, I beg of you, don't tell my wife…
Ceadda: O Azeyma, I beg of you, please do not tell my wife of my latest dalliance! I'll do anything. anything! Just don't tell my wife…

Humble Thanks

Swaenhylt: Now is the time to offer thanks and rejoice in Azeyma's blessings. For you have seen the deed done, and she is eternally grateful. This, she has spoken to me in your absence.
Worry for the lost souls no longer. For they are returned to Azeyma's flock, and shall henceforth be tended to by her humble servant, Swaenhylt. See how those who repent are greeted by the Warden with love, while those who wallow in their sins invite only the swift justice of her blade.
This world is rife with the lies and deception of man. Yet even they will come to fall under the light of Azeyma's brilliance.
Fast approaching is the judgment of all things at the hands of Azeyma. It is my task to save as many souls as possible before that day comes.
But I have spoken too long. You are no doubt eager for your reward - and you shall have it. Go now, and may Azeyma go with you.

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