Have You Seen My Son


Name: Have You Seen My Son
How to begin: talk to Imania close to Bismarck in Limsa Lominsa
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah, Nanawa Mines

Last quest: -
Next quest: Say it with Wolf Tails

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: White Ash x8
Reward: ?


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Bomb Ember

Level: 30
Drops: ?
Location: Nanawa Mines

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The Worried Mother

Imania: Oh, whatever has become of my poor son?
'Twas three summers past Coster left me and his sisters, and since that night we've heard nary a word as to his whereabouts.
The boy always boasted that he would someday go forth and make his name in the mines of Ul'dah.
And I was a fool to think that day would never come.
But here I am, alone and wracked with worry, fearing that my son has met some unthinkable fate deep down in the bowels of some godsforsaken pit half a world away… If only I could let him know that his mother still loves him and thinks of him every waking moment…
(quest accept)
Imania: You would? I…I don't know what to say. You are kind beyond your years. My son - he has a scar running down his face that he earned from a fall on his tenth nameday. He thought to visit the Admiral, you see, and tried to climb the wall of the Mizzenmast… Always reaching for the stars, he was… <sob>

Imania: My boy always dreamed of making a name for himself in the mines of Ul'dah.
I'd fancy Amajina & Sons as good a place as any to start looking.

White Ash

Yuyubesu: Come looking for some old crone's whelp, have you? Well, you'll need to give me a bit more to go on that that.
From Limsa, you say? With a large scar on his face? Aye, I know the lad, though I don't believe he ever mentioned his name. Not the straightest blade on the rack, that one.
Spends far less time in the mines than he does prattling away with our clientele here. Always searching for a quick way to line his pcokets with coin, he is.
Why, just a few moons back, he asked me if I knew where he could obtain a few pincehs of white ash. Said he had a buyer interested in the rare reagent. I haven't seen him since, but if rumors were to spread that you had a bit to sell, he might just turn up like a dervish in the desert. No guarantees, mind you.
Where can you find white ash? Hah! Any pickman can tell you that - the mines, lad. The substance comes from bombs that have burned far too bright for far too long, and are now but embers. The creatures won't be easy to find, but I doubt you'd need more than a pinch or eight to lure any prospective buyers out of hiding.

Yuyubesu: The last I heard, the lad you so desperately seek was looking to purchase several inches of white ash.
If you were to obtain at least eight, chances are he just might come seeking you.

Buyers and Sellers

Yuyubesu: I didn't think the mines would pose much of a problem for an adventurer like yourself, so I took the liberty of putting the word about that you were in the market to sell some white ash.
As luck would have it, a woman by the name of Hildie staying at the Hourglass inquired about doing business with you. She may not be the lad you seek, but she may have information on where you might find him.

Hildie: If you have something to say, make it quick. Can't you see I'm busy here? Alright, alright. I may not appear busy, but I can assure you, to all intents and purposes, I am. Now, what business could you possibly have with Hildie of Heavenswood?
A Lominsan boy with a scar…seeking white ash?
Ah, you must mean young Francis, though I always suspected that name was not his true one. Yes, I have had more than a few dealings with him over the past year or so.
Once he learned the importance of white ash to local alchemists, he began looking into ways of cornering the market, forcing all those who sought the reagent to turn to him.
But like all tiny fish in this great pond, he failed to see the school of sharks lurking behind him, and it was not long before his glittering dreams fell prey to said…ahem…market forces.
But the Spinner chose to smile upon Francis, for it was only his dream that suffered the consequences of his naivety. And the lad, perhaps a little wiser from his mistakes, chose to leave the city behind and find his calling in a new land. That is all I know. I am sorry if that was not the answer you sought.
Ah, before you leave, Yuyubesu claimed that you had been to the Nanawa Mines to harvest pinches of white ash. It would be a shame for your efforts to go unrewarded. Allow me to purchase what you carry.
I myself was once like Francis, full of lofty ambitions, wanting to spread my name throughout the realm.
But I soon realized that fame does not equal popularity - nor even respect, come to that. The more you ahve, the lonelier you become.
I hope that Francis, wherever he may be, has learned from his time in Ul'dah, and can find a balance between prosperity and happiness… Oh, but do not let anyone from around here know I said that. I would be arrested and thrown in the oubliettes for spouting blasphemies against Nald'thal!

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