Hanging by a Thread
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The sun's relentless rays take their toll on the men and women stationed in the camps situated around Thanalan, burning their skin, impairing their vision, and sapping the vigor from their very souls. A Brass Blade's only respite comes in the form of the shade provided by the tents pitched in the camps. The hot, dusty winds of the region, however, wreak havoc on the tents' tarpaulins, ripping holes in the cloth quicker than the Blades can mend them. Though mend them they must, and therefore they require large quantities of durable thread. Sunsilk Tapestries, commissioned by the Brass Blades to provide the thread, is seeking skilled weavers to assist in the spinning and delivery of shipment to the camp in Black Brush, situated just to the north of Ul'dah.


Name: Hanging by a Thread
Type: Ingenuity
Issuer: Ul'dah Adventurers' Guild
Client: Sunsilk Tapestries Draper, Flambard Blackcloak
Areas: Camp Black Brush

Class recommendation: Weaver, rank 1
Objectives: Hempen Yarn x24 to Mimina
Reward: ?

Category: Quests


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