Gridanian Roots


Name: BTN1 - Gridanian Roots
How to begin: talk to Opyltyl at the Greatloam Growery
Areas: Gridania, Quarrymill

Last quest: -
Next quest: The Grass is Always Greener

Requirements to sign up: BTN20
Required items: a scythe, Spiny turnip leaves x4
Reward: ?


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Coming soon



Joining the Guild

Opyltyl: Come in, come in. And welcome to the Greatloam Growery - the very roots of this Gridania.
Gathering is our trade, in all its splendor. From the lumber used to craft bucklers and bedposts, to the ingredients used to cook up Eorzea's breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Without us botanists, the economy would be in quite a pinch.
But I doubt you need me to tell you that, being an adventurer. I should think your travels have granted you wisdom enough to grasp the truth of it for yourself. But tell me, have you come to learn a little more? To enroll in the Botanists' Guild, perhaps?
(Join the Botanists' Guild? No, I must answr the call of nature)
Opyltyl: Come now, the title of 'adventurer' demands you show a modicum of adventurousness. There is much you might learn from our ways.
(Yes, I will answer the call of nature!)
Opyltyl: As well you should! The Twelveswood can be an unforgiving place to those who don't know what they're doing.
That's why we work closely with the moogles and conjurers. Only they can hear the voices of the elementals, and thence tell us how to best please them. We scratch their backs, and they scratch ours. We've even had botanists saved from certain death by the wood's elementals Rarely, I admit, but it has happened.
To put it simply, we take what the wood gives us, not what we choose. We prune the branches no longer needed by the tree, the grasses that have grown to excess. Our main goal is to preserve the health of the wood. In return, we are rewarded with the wood's boon, which we distribute to all.
This may all be a touch confusing to one not yet intimate with the forest and its ways. Well, no amount of talking will convey something so profound. You'll just have to go and experience it for yourself. Are you up to it?
(quest accept)
Opyltyl: As well you should be! The sooner you pay your respect to the wood, the sooner the elementals will warm to you. You'll be able to meet some of the conjurers who aid in our cause, as well.
Go and speak to Cicely. She will guide you from here.

Cicely: Hello there, adventurer. I'm Cicely. It looks like we'll be working together on this endeavor.
The conjurers have asked us to clear some weeds. Apparently some wild grasses are choking up the paths around Quarrymill.
The elementals have already granted their consent.
I'll mark the location on your map so you can find the ay. Just head south from Gridania. You should find it eventually.
Off you go now! The grass isn't going to cut itself!
Hm? Opyltyl said that? Oh, no no, I won't be going with you.
Clearing weeds doesn't interest me, frankly. I'll look in on you later to see how you're doing. Don't worry, though, you'll be fine by yourself.

Cicely: The weeds around Quarrymill are starting to get out of hand. The conjurers have requested that we come and clear them.
I can't be bothered to dirty my hands weeding. Think of it this way - twice the work will get you twice the thanks!

Opyltyl: Oh, so Cicely can't be bothered with menial weeding anymore, can she?
Gods, she's a bloody blight, that one… Leave her to me and go on ahead. You should be able to find Quarrymill easily enough - just head south from town.

Speaking Ill

(Cicely approaches after you've harvested the weeds)
Cicely: Oh goodness, finished the deed alrady? What did I tell you? Nothing to this weeding nonsense.
This is one of the conjurers' meditation paths. They walk these paths over and over, contemplating the forest. They spend months at a time in the Twelveswood when training.
Can you imagine living here in the forest your entire life, and never growing weary of it? The same scenery, the same routine, day in and day out.
What brought you here, anyway? You're an adventurer. You have the whole of Eorzea at your feet. Why come to the most boring part? In case you hadn't noticed - nothing here ever changes!
There must be so many more sights to see and things to do in great cities. Ul'dah to the south and Ishgard to the west… I'd give anythign to be able to visit them, even for a day!
Oh, that must be the conjurers now! Well, I'm off!
(a moogle appears from behind a bush)
Pudgy Moogle: Saucy Cicely, doing naught but complain again.
And for all that she says, she is still one of the most gifted botanists. She claims to want nothing more than to leave Gridania, yet she stays and offers nurturing words to all the plants here. So strange, kupo…
Wh-Why are you looking at me like that? You couldn't possibly understand mooglespeak…
(Do you understand mooglespeak? Not a word, kupo./Every word, kupo)
Pudgy Moogle: Oh dear me! Don't tell Cicely I was speaking ill of her, kupo!

Job Well Done

(Greatloam Growery)
Sandre: Back from Quarrymill already? How went the grand weed purge? Plenty of spiny turnip leaves, I take it?
The grasses choking the hamlet are typically only found deep within the wood. But the seeeds have been carried far and wide by a foul wind.
The wretched flying monstrosities of the Garleans are to blame. They swoop low over the Twelveswood, and disrupt the natural flow of air.

Eburhart: How in the bloody hells do these weeds get so damned hardy, anyhow!? Where are all the weedy weeds? That's what I want to pull up!

V'nabyano: All of us here at the guild are a bit concerned by Cicely's dislike for Gridania.
But it's only natural for a young woman of her age to grow a bit restless. I myself feel the pangs of wanderlust from time to time.

Mestonnaux: She may want nothing more than to leave the forest, but not even Cicely would malign the moogles.
What!? You overheard a moogle speaking ill of Cicely? I-I don't know what to say… I'm just going to pretend that I never heard that.

Opyltyl: What's this? Is Cicely not with you, <Playr>?
Don't tell me she was complaining again about the grit under her nails, and having to wash the dust from her hair…
I will not say a girl of her age is not within her rights to trouble herself over how she looks. But I can't stand idly by and watch her wanderlust and daydreams affect her work. This is a guild, afer all.
Speak to her, should you have a chance to, <Player>. You're an adventurer who has seen things, been places. Tell her that Gridania's quiet and calm are its saving graces - that it is a place of peace, and its people warm of heart.
I hear it told you met a moogle in the wood, as well. They will see the clippings put to good use, have no doubt. Nothing will go to waste.
There is a tool for every task, <Player>, and a task for every tool. Here, your reward. I trust you will see it put to good use as well.
The Conjurers' Guild sent word, by the way. They wished to extend their thanks for a job well done.

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