Gone with the Wind


Name: OTA - Gone with the Wind
How to begin: talk to Alaire
Areas: Gridania, Coerthas/Dragonhead, Natalan

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: Private Third Class in any Grand Company
Required items: Leather balloon panel, Treated kite plume, Eye of Garuda
Reward: ?


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Coming soon



Irregular Activity

Alaire: You, there, I am in need of a capable adventurer, and you look to be one. What's that? A <rank>, as well? All the better. I 've a task for you.
Tell me, do you now of the dirigibles of the Ixal? They employ two kinds - armored balloons that carry their soldiers and beasts of war, and fleet cargo balloons used to transport felled trees back to their strongholds.
The Ixal lost their wings for their sins, but learned to fly once more. And since regaining the power to escape to the skies, they have proven an even more elusive enemy. Many times now has the Gods' Quiver been thwarted by these damnable contraptions.
Still, they are beastman-made, and therefore far from perfect. We have learned they are made to fly on the steady winds summoned by the airstones of the birdmen shamans. On days when the gods send gusts and gales, their ships are nigh on uncontrollable.
With this in mind, we had the conjurers of Stillglade Fane commune with the elementals of the air. By reading the winds, we thought to predict when and where the Ixal would strike. And predict we did, with near unerring accuracy. however…
Some days ago, a number of trees were felled in the Twelveswood. And this on a day when the winds were blustering.
There is no denying it was the work of the Ixal - their markings and leavings were strewn about the scene. But we are at a loss to explain how they were able to navigate amid such strong winds.
I'd like for you to travel to Camp Dragonhead in the central Coerthas Highlands, <Player>. Ask the forces stationed there if they know aught of what took place that day.
The Ixali stronghold of Natalan falls within the area of their vigil. Were anything suspicious afoot, they are like to have noticed it.
(quest accept)
Alaire: I am grateful, truly. But I must warn you - foul things prowl the lands around Camp Dragonhead, and I do not speak of the Ixal alone. Be wary.

(talk again)
Alaire: To have flown a war balloon to and form the Twelveswood in such strong winds, and with allowance enough to load the trees they felled… No. The Ixal must have some new means at their disposal.
It is my hope that the forces stationed at Camp Dragonhead will be able to shed some light on this. The nearby Ixali stronghold of Natalan falls within the purview of their watch.
Visit there, in the central Coerthas Highlands, and ask if they have observed any suspicious goings-on of late.

Off You Go

(Camp Dragonhead)
Liflin Gulin: Keep an eye to the sky, friend. Might be ye'll spy some o' them Ixal war balloons. But take care…they might jus' spy ye back.
Birds in Natalan to the east o' here been settin' 'em off o' late.
Anythin' odd about the Ixal on the day the winds last blew strong? Aye, might be there was. Who wants to know? Hm? Alaire o' the Gods' Quiver, is it?
Ixali war balloon…?
So that's what it was! Aye, I've seen yer balloon. Made it for a cloud, I did, dark as it was. Not that I'd ever seen a cloud like it… Damn near perfect circle with a wee square on its underside. Came driftin' this way from the forest, it did.
But wait a godsdamned minute! Every bugger knows the birdmen can't fly their balloons in gales that strong. Might be they could just about fly with the wind, but these birds were flyin' against it.
It'd take nothin' less than a bloody magitek engine to- Nooo…can't be. The Garleans would never cast their lot with any o' the beast tribes. Never. …Would they?
With the freedom of the skies, there'd be no stoppin' them bastard birds from attackin' wherever they bloody well fancied! Hells, they could be flyin' over Gridania right now for all we know!
Yer allegiances lie with the <Maelstrom/Immortal Flames>, I know, but I must needs ask a favor o' ye all the same.
East o' here lies the Ixali stronghold of Natalan. Steal past its borders, and find whatever ye can o' that new balloon o' theirs. Can't have folks doubtin' us, neither, so we'll need at least three solid bits of evidence.
I… I ain't much of a fighter. Never was, shamed as I am to admit it.
And the Order's stretched thin as it is - they ain't like to move based on what a Lalafell claims to have seen in the windy dark. See this done, friend. For the safety of all Gridania.
Know this, though - them Ixal guardin' Natalan ain't what ye'd call hatchlin's. They're the hardiest the birdmen've got. Best round up a few friends to go along with ye. Good fightin' folk who can handle theirselves.

Liflin Gulin: Thinkin' on it now, I know I saw that balloon set down o'er in Natalan, sure as sunup.
Anyway, head out that way and find whatever ye can o' that new balloon. Can't have folks doubtin' us, neither, so we'll need at least three solid bits of evidence.
Natalan lies east o' here. Remember, though - the Ixal guardin' it ain't hatchlin's. They're the hardiest buggers the birdmen've got.
Best round up a few friends to go along with ye. Good fightin' folk who can handle theirselves. Ye'll be the safer for it.

(take the war balloon part? Yes. That IS why I came/No. Stealing is wrong.)
(obtain a leather balloon panel, a treated kite plume, an eye of Garuda)

Garuda Rising

(Camp Dragonhead)
Liflin Gulin: Gods, it's good to see ye, <Player>! I was startin' to worry them birds had pecked yer manhood off and made a start on yer innards. Tell me, though, did you find aught o' the balloon?
Well, look at that… This is… Huh.
Looks to be some sort of leather panel. This must be what they stitch together to form the envelope. I s'pose this is common enough on balloons o' that sort.
And this kite plume seems standard enough…though I'm impressed by the pains they've taken in treatin' it, what with them bein' beastmen and all.
And then there's this…
Bugger me!
This must be an eye of Garuda. Heard stories before, but never actually seen one. Only airstones imbued with a blessin' from Garuda herself can turn into one o' these, they say.
See that shine? Brigher than any Ixali airstone, that. Mayhap this is what them birds've been usin'. Aye, I'd wager there's power enough in this stone to push one o' their balloons upwind.
But what I'm more interested in is the blessin'. If Garuda has power to spare turnin' airstones to eyes…
Come to think, that stronghold went up quicker than any thought possible. Mayhap the might o' the Ixal's greater than any thought, too… Bugger those bloody birds! They're the last thing we need to be worryin' asbout, what with the Garleans marchin' on the realm.
But frettin' ain't goin' to get us nowhere. SOrry to have placed ye in harm's way, <Player>, but ye've done well. Bloody well.
We've no means to stop their balloons for the nonce, sad to say. Might be best to attack Natalan in waves 'til we do. If they're busy fightin' us, mayhap they won't have chance to launch any more of the blasted things.
I'll see to it what ye found makes its way to those who need to see it. For now, though, take this as a token o' me thanks.

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