Gone with the Snow


Name: Event - Gone with the Snow
How to begin: talk to Waldomar
Areas: Hyrstmill

Last quest: Winter Is Not Coming
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: New Year's 2012
Required items: Heart of Winter
Reward: Dragon Kabuto, Crimson Dragon Kabuto, Black Dragon Kabuto, Golden Dragon Kabuto


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The quest officially starts by talking to Waldomar in Hyrstmill. However, you can hear a request to go to Quarrymill from any of the Black Rabbit Traders representatives in any of the three nations. Note that this isn't required, it simply provides slightly more background for the quest.

After talking to Waldomar, your quest is to find the balls of white light on the ground and examine them. The first is right where Father Frost used to be, next to Waldomar. Second can be found at the banks of the river close to the bridge before you cross it. Third is in a bush right at the other side of the bridge.

Having found all the balls of light, head towards Hyrstmill's entrance, and you will enter a cutscene. With the cutscene done, head back to Waldomar for your first dragon kabuto.

Optionally, with the quest done, you can head to the three cities and talk to the Black Rabbit Traders representatives for three more dragon kabutos, each of different color and slightly different stats.


The Worried Traders

(Gridania, participated in Winter's Knell)
Hastridie: Ah! You are the adventurer who lent us his kind assistance during the Starlight Celebration, are you not?
I have tidings to relay to you, and I am sorry to say they are not glad. They concern the giant of snow you helped to build.
Thanks to the tireless efforts of countless adventurers, I am pleased to say that Father Frost grew into a veritable giant befitting the Winter's Knell festival. Folk began daring to hope that winter would come to the North Shroud after all. Alas, something utterly baffling came to pass soon after.
When dawn arrived the next day, Father Frost was nowhere to be found. 'Tis inconceivable that a snow sculpture of such scale could melt away overnight. And even if it had, there should have been some trace of water left behind… Needless to say, having taken such pains to build the giant, poor Waldomar is more than a little upset. If you happen to find yourself in the vicinity of Hyrstmill, and can spare the time, I'm sure he should be glad of your visit.
(didn't participate)
Hastridie: You are an adventurer, are you not? Then you will no doubt share your brethren's love of mystery. Excellent! I have a proposition to make.
I am in the employ of Black Rabbit Traders. Pray bear with me if this is already known to you, but our organization was recently commissioned to assist in the staging of Winter's KNnell, an Ala Mhigan festival which entails the building of a snow giant called Father Frost, whose role it is to usher in the winter.
To make a long story short, with the help of the Conjurers' Guild and countless adventurers besides, we succeeded in creating the largest Father Frost ever known, and the people of the North Shroud rejoiced to think that winter might finally be on its way. Alas, something utterly baffling came to pass soon after.
When dawn arrived the next day, the giant of snow was nowhere to be found. But it is inconceivable that an ice sculpture of such scale could melt away overnight. And even if it had, there should have been some trace of water left behind.
Everyone involved was understandably downcast - none more so than the Ala Mhigan charged with overseeing the festival. It is to him that I would have you go. Mayhap you can assist poor Waldomar in the location of his missing snow giant. Look for him in Hyrstmill, where Father Frost stood until but a few nights ago.

(Ul'dah, participated in Winter's Knell)
Wysskoen: You there! Yes, you! You're the adventurer from the other day, are you not? The goodly fellow who assisted us with the festival?
There is something you should know, my friend. A disquieting incident has come to pass since last we spoke. It has to do with the giant of snow.
I should first mention that Father Frost grew into a veritable titan, thanks in no small part to your efforts. His mere presence became a source of great hope that winter would return to the North Shroud in due time. But then a most baffling thing happened. In the span of a single night, Father Frost vanished without a trace. Not even a pool of slush remains as proof that he existed.
And now our friend Waldomar, having poured his heart and soul into the festival, is beside himself with grief. I dread to imagine what the man might be driven to do in his sorrow. This is sudden, I realize, but might I trouble you to ravel to Hyrstmill in my stead, to see how Waldomar fares? It would do much to ease my fears.
(didn't participate)
Wysskoen: It defies all explanation… Is there no one out there possessed of the wits and courage to shed some light on this travesty?
Ah, forgive me my mutterings, adventurer. My company, Black Rabbit Traders, has recently met with some misfortune. The Conjurers' Guild of Gridania had engaged us to assist in the organizing of an Ala Mhigan festival to usher in the winter, you see, the centerpiece of which was a giant of snow called Father Frost. Believe me when I say its construction was no simple matter.
Alas, the very night we completed the thing, our dear Father Frost vanished without a trace, leaving not so much as a pool of water where he once stood. I need not mention how much of a blow this was to the morale of all involved. but none took it more poorly than Waldomar, the Ala Mhigan refugee who had charge over the festival.
I dread to imagine what the man might be driven to do in his sorrow. This is sudden, I realize, but might I trouble you to travel to Hyrstmill in my stead, to see how Waldomar fares? it would do much to ease my fears.

(Limsa Lominsa, participated in Winter's Knell)
Ninipu: Well, well, if it ain't the noble adventurer what helped us durin' the Starlight Celebration.
Ye've come at a good time, missy. There be summat as ye should know, see - summat to do wi' Father Frost.
Thanks t' the aid o' many a 'venturer - yer good self included - the giant o' snow was finally finished, an' folk was celebration' for malms around.
…But come the next morn, the bloody ting was gone - gone as if it hadn't never been there at all. An' just in case ye think I'm daft, there weren't so much as a muddy puddle, neither. A proper bleedin' mystery, it is.
They says ol' Waldomar beside himself wi' the shock of it.
…Speakin' o' which, it might be as he'd welcome a visit form one o' them as helped him build the blasted thing. Why not head over t' Hyrstmill an' give the poor sod yer condolences?
(didn't participate)
Ninipu: Oooh, if it ain't an adventurer! Tell me, how do ye rate yer mystery-solvin' skills?
That high, eh? Well then, prick up yer ears, 'cause I've got a proposition fer ye.
I be workin' fer Black Rabbit Traders, see. Mayhap ye've heard the name before. 'Twas us what helped out wi' the Ala Mhigan festival o' Winter's Knell durin' the Starlight Celebration.
…Not ringin' any bells, is it? <sigh> Well anyway, the festival I mentioned involves buildin' a bloody great giant o' snow what's supposed t' usher in the winter. Father Frost, they calls him.
'Tweren't no small job findin' that much snow, I can tell ye, but thanks t' the aid o' many a kind 'venturer, Father Frost finally got build, and' folk was celebratin' for malms around. …Thing is, come the next morn, the bloody thing had gone - gone as if it hadn't never been there at all. An' just case ye think I'm daft, there weren't so much as a muddy puddle, neither. A proper bleedin' mystery, it is.
Safe to say, ol' Waldomar - the Ala Mhigan chap overseein' the festival - is beside himself wi' the shock of it. Now, what I need ye t' do is head over t' Hyrstmill an' talk t' the poor sod. Mayhap ye can help solve the mystery.

The Missing Giant

Waldomar: The giant of snow that I poured my heart into…that was painstankingly built one ensorcelled snowball at a time…gone. All gone. How? Why? All my efforts…for nothing. Nothing. That just about sums up my life, doens't it? <sob>
(optional text if you didn't do christmas event)
Gods, what am I doing, crying before a complete stranger? Please forgive me. I realize this has naught to do with you. It's just…the shock is too much to bear.
You see, I was tasked with organizing Winter's Knell, a festival hailing from my native Ala Mhigo. With the kind aid of adventurers, I'd succeeded in building Father Frost, a giant of snow meant to call down the blessing of winter. But not a day later, it vanished without a trace.
(common continuance)
How could something so large disappear with no one the wiser? It just doesn't make any sense! But that's the least of my problems, truth be told. A priceless Ala Mhigan relic called the Heart of Winter was embedded within the snow giant's breast, and now it's gone as well.
The gemstone's been with us since time immemorial. Dynasties came and went, kings ascended the throne and turned to dust - but the Heart fo Winter was there through it all. When the Garleans seized control, it was smuggled to safety, at the cost of many lives… And now it's gone - lost by a fool who dreamed of building a snow giant. …But I refuse to wallow in self-pity any longer. I'm going to find that sone if it's the last thing I do…and you're going to help me! …You will help me, won't you?
(quest accept)
Waldomar: You will!? Oh, the Twelve, be praised! You don't know how much this means to me, adventurer!
Now, let us review the events leading up to the disappearance. With the aid of countless adventurers, the giant of snow was erected right by where I now stand.
The ritual to usher in the winter was to be held the following day. But when that day dawned, Father Frost had vanished without a trace.
It defies logic that so much snow could melt overnight, not to mention the fact that there wasn't even a puddle come morning. It must have been spirited away somehow - that's the only plausible explanation.
There must be some cluses lying about the hamlet. I say we scour the area for anything unusual.

You see a depression in the ground. There is no sign of melted snow.
You see a depression in the ground that could pass for a giant footprint.
You see a series of depressions in the ground. They appear ot lead outside the hamlet.

Winter Cometh

(you suddenly see Father Frost in front of you)
???: Hearken unto me, son/daughter of man. I that am the ice elemental incarnate.
Ice Elemental Incarnate: In days long past, mine essence was entrapped within a stone by the art of wicked men.
Of free will was I stripped, and borne away from my forest home, to be passed from one mortal hand to the next. There did I languish, waxing ever more weary, until at last I was taken by a deep sleep.
So did I remain, dormant, till Fate saw fit to return me whence I came. And by snow's rejuvenating embrace, I knew the waking world again and the power that was lost to me.
(the snow giant changes into a forest goobbue in front of your eyes)
Ice Elemental Incarnate: My strength restored, I broke my bonds that I might once more savor the sweet air of freedom. Yet all around I found chaos. Chaos where harmony should rightly reign… And so did I set forth to bring order to the Twelveswood.
Winter cometh, bearing with it the benison of ice and snow. Fare thee well, son/daughter of man.
(you see something on the ground)
(obtain Heart of Winter)

Proof of Gratitude

Waldomar: What news, friend? Did you find anything? Anything at all?
Why, this is the Heart of Winter! But…what in creation's become of its shine!? It's as if the life has gone out of it!
..I can scarce believe my ears. We'd all been told that the gemstone harbored great power. To learn that it was in truth a prison for an elemental turns my world upside down.
Though it shames me to admit it, I am saddened to see the Hear of Winter bereft of its shine…but as a refugee, I know full well the pain of being parted from one's home.
A homecoming after what must've felt like an eternity - that's a joy I'll gladly share in. It also give sme great comfort to know that winter is coming.
It may take years - decades, even - but someday my kinsmen and I will return to our homeland. Never will we give up hope.
I can't thank you enough, adventurer. This isn't much, but I offer it to you with all my gratitude. It's an ornamental helm of Eastern origin, imported from across the seas by our friends at Black Rabbit Traders.
Speak of whom, I'm certain they'd want to hear how the story ends. Do pay them a visit at your earliest convenience.

Waldomar: Truth be told, I'm saddened that the Heart of Winter has lost its shine. But as a refugee, I share in the elemental's joy. Some day my kinsmen and I, too, will return to Ala Mhigo and rebuild our lives.
When you get a chance, do pay a visit to our friends at Black Rabbit Traders. I'm certain they'd want to hear how the story ends.

Hastridie: Welcome back, friend. Word of your exploits arrived via linkpearl but a moment ago. It seems you managed to uncover the truth behind the snow giant's disappearance, and recovered the Ala Mhigan relic besides!
The ice elemental is a lord among its kind. It should hearten all Gridanians to learn that a mighty ally has returned to the Twelveswood.
You have done the realm a great kindness, friend. On behalf of Black Rabbit Traders, I offer you my sincerest thanks. Pray accept this as a token of our gratitude.
(obtain black dragon kabuto)

Wysskoen: Greetings again, friend. I'd been looking forward to our next meeting. It appears you've seen to my request, and much and more besides!
That the elemental was able to return home, to the Twelveswood, is welcome news indeed. This is a joyous day for one and all, and we owe it to you. Please accept this with my profound thanks. It's a helm of Eastern origin that'll surely set you apart from your peers.
(obtain golden dragon kabuto)

(Limsa Lominsa)
Ninipu: Welcome back, missy. I hear ye solved the mystery o' the missin' giant o' snow an' recovered the Ala Mhigan relic t' boot!
With the elemental home safe, winter's sure t' come t' the North Shroud at last - an' it all be tanks t' ye! Here's summat fer yer trouble, compliments o' Black Rabbit Traders. Ye've mor'n earned it, missy.
(obtain crimson dragon kabuto)

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