Gloria in Eggcelsis

Don your most sable of spriggan suits and crack, crush, shatter, and smash your way into Hatching-tide history. Leave no enormous egg unscrambled.


Name: Gloria in Eggcelsis
Type: Boss
Level: 5
Location: Middle La Noscea / Summerford (21,18), Lower La Noscea / Salt Strand (18,35), North Shroud / Peacegarden (27,21), Central Thanalan / Spineless Basin (24,30), Eastern Thanalan / Drybone (17,23)
Spawn: Hatchingtide 2015, 15 min duration

Reward: ~560 exp, ~10 gil, ~28 seals
Additional Reward: Lucky Egg x2 (gold), Lucky Egg (bronze)


Enormous Egg
Spriggan Golem


You must talk to the Sylphic sorceress by the edge of the FATE to be able to participate. She will turn you into a spriggan, and you will be able to attack the enormous egg with your new ability Quickchant (located on the pet hotbar).
The egg constantly fires off AoE attacks with only one safe spot. In addition, at certain points of its health it will spawn several golems.


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