Freedom Isn't Free


Name: Freedom Isn't Free
How to begin: talk to Halstein at the Platinum Mirage
Areas: Ul'dah, Halatali

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: Lassae census ledger x6
Reward: ?


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Amalj'aa Striker

Level: 33
Drops: ?
Location: Halatali

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The Turncloak Village

Halstein: Have you a moment to listen to a poor man's woes, friend? You see, I feel as if I've spent my whole life in thrall to the almighty gil. bodyguard to the rich, watchman of the vaults… It's made me wonder, is it people that move money, or money that moves us?
Some folk lament their lack of coin. Some have it but won't spend it. Some just don't know what to spend it on. And some throw it around without a care in the bleedin' world. My dear old dad saddled me with his own debts some years ago, and I've been workin' here to make good on 'em ever since. All without seein' a single bloody gil of my own.
I can't help thinkin' what it'd be like livin' free of debt - to live a life for myself, rather than payin' the price of my father's vice. I've succumbed to despair, aye, and rage, shamed though I am to admit it. I've turned my fists on my father more than once in frustration.
Gods, how far I've fallen… But I'll wallow in self-pity no more. I mean to wash my hands of this pathetic existence. An opportunity's come along, and I mean to seize it. Only, I need help. Some high-ups here in Ul'dah are fixin' to mobilize against the Amalj'aa, see, and it seems they're set on findin' a certain somethin'.
Saw as much with my own eyes. Written in a report, it was - a report what stated there'd be a handsome reward for any information leadin' to the gettin' of this certain somethin'. And that's just what I'm plannin' to provide.
Hm? What is it they're lookin' for, you ask?
Lassae census ledgers, if the report's to be believed. Seems there was a village, Lassae Village, what turned cloak and joined the lizards. And these Lassae census ledgers contain lists of all the traitors' names.
More than like, it's the Amalj'aa strikers near the encampent in eastern Thanalan who have the pages now. But I can't leave me post long enough to travel that far, and even if I could, I'm no match for a single Amalj'aa, let alone a bloody band of the buggers. Either way, I'd be long dead 'fore I could ever enjoy me freedom.
This city and the gods've shat on me my whole life. Will you not help me, friend? Gather me, say, six of those Lassae census ledgers, and I'd be able to turn my fortunes around! Come, help a poor sod out.
(quest accept)
Halstein: I'll not forget this kindness. Now listen, as I said, these Lassae census ledgers are worth a bloody fortune - they contain the names of all the traitors who made their beds with the Amalj'aa!
What could've possessed the bloody fool, sendin' a report to me instead of his master! Maybe I share a name with some highborn lord of Ul'dah what shits gold an' mythril! Hehehe!
But bugger it all. 'Til now, I've been cursed by my father and cursed by the gods. I've been waiting' for this chance all my life, and I'm not aobut to let it get away.

Change of Heart

Halstein: So these are the Lassae census ledgers. Hah! I could bloody well kiss you, <Player>! I knew the gods sent you to me. Well, while they're here in our hands, I don't suppose a little peek would do any harm…
No… No, it can't be. It can't be! But that would mean… The one who sent me the report… The one who told me where the Amalj'aa holdin' this ledger could be found… It could only have been…
Uh, excuse me, <Player>, I, errr… There's a name in here that…well, it just seemed a bit familiar. Caught me off guard, is all.
That worthless old fool! Gods, some things never change. How in the hells could he have come to be involved with the Amalj'aa? If only he'd taken me with him that day… If only…
I've had a change of heart, <Player>. I mean to burn these ledgers - to burn them and never speak of them again. Every man's free to do as he sees fit, and sellin' folks to the highest bidder just ain't my way…no matter what they've done. It'd keep me up nights, it would.
No. It's high time I started again. Fresh. There's somewhere I'd like to go - and someone I'd like to see. You've helped me find my bearin's, <Player>. And for that I thank you.

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