Forging the Spirit


Name: Forging the Spirit
How to begin: talk to Swynbroes
Areas: Black Brush (Mutamix's Camp)

Last quest: -
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: Materia Assimilator
Reward: Materia Assimilator, ?


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Making Materia

Swynbroes: Gods damn it, what in the seven hells was this materia, again? Was it fire…or fire veil? Gah! They both look the same!
Oh, beg pardons, friend. I'm prone to odd outbursts, though it does me no credit. Now then, like so many others, you've no doubt come here seeking the secrets of materia.
Come now, there's no call for shyness! It is Master Mutamix's wish that materia be made to benefit one and all.
I would be glad to initiate you into our mysteries, after which you will have a chance to demonstrate what you've learned.
(quest accept)
Swynbroes: That is well! Without further ado, let the lesson commence! Ahem!
Materia, strictly speaking, is a kind of crystal. It is created by reducing equipment into its aetheric constituents and then crystallizing them. Not just any old equipment will serve, mind you, only those pieces that have sufficient spiritbond - that being a measure of how fully an item has been imbued with its owner's spirit.
Now, you're no doubt wondering how it's possible that objects of varied shapes and sizes can be rendered into materia. The answer, my friend, is the materia assimilator, a most subtle and ingenious device conceived by none other than Master Mutamix himself.
The materia assimilator operates by transitorily sublimating objects into a form not far departed from dark matter. That is to say, an astral substance possessed of the faculty of metaphysical resonan-
…I see from your blank expression that I've confused you. If it's any comfort, you're not the first. Allow me to put it in layman's terms.
See my axe? Well, since the day she was forged, she's been brimming with the aetheric energy of a cleaving weapon, right?
Right! But through many long years of faithful service, she now holds another kind of energy, too - that of her wielder's desire for victory. And the accumulated concentration of that stuff is what determines her aetheric alignment with her owner, yours truly.
The materia assimilator works by crystallizing these two kinds of aetheric energy into specific varieties of materia. In the case of my axe, gods bless her, it'll be one that grants enhanced strength.
Of course, materia won't grant you much of anything on its own. Its power must be tapped, see, and this is achieved by mating it to gear. Only then will you benefit from its power.
Now, as materia is partly formed of energy derived from an individual's psyche - a volatile beast at the best of times - a degree of variance is to be expected in its production.
In practice, this means that the same item won't always produce the same materia. You won't know the exact properties of a stone until you cradle it in your hand.
And that concludes the theoretical part of the lesson. Moving on to the practical, I will loan you my materia assimilator, so that you can experience materia creation firsthand.
Do remember, though, that not any old equipment will serve. Only those with sufficient spiritbond can be transformed.
Once the creation process is initiated, all that remains is to pray for the best possible result. Not so difficult, now, is it?
So, are you ready for your maiden attempt at converting trusty gear into materia? If you need to review the procedure, the information contained in the tome there will guide you true.
(obtain materia assimilator)


(haven't fulfilled conditions yet)
Swynbroes: Ah, I'm afraid none of the equipment you possess is suitable for conversion. You must spend more time developing a spiritbond with your gear.

Swynbroes: Well done, you've created your very first piece of materia! See how it glimmers with the energies that once resided within your gear!
As I mentioned earlier, only in union with equipment can the power of materia be harnessed. You'll want to find a suitable host item for it.
You should know, though, that melding is a separate discipline which requires the use of yet another dedicated device.
If you wish to learn how to attach materia, I recommend you speak with F'hobhas, my fellow Carrier of the Cauldron. Melding is her field of expertise, you see.
As one enthusiast to another, I congratulate you on taking your first steps into the world of materia. To mark the occasion, allow me to present you with your very own materia assimilator. May it ever provide you with quality materia.

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