Food for Thought


Name: Food for Thought
How to begin: talk to Dympna Tinstill
Areas: Limsa Lominsa

Last quest: -
Next quest: -
Related quests: Till Death Do Us Part

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Dympna: You. You look as if you've a few bells to spare. Why not make the most of that time and earn a pocketful of coin while you're at it? The thing I propose will not require you to draw your blade, sharpen your tools, or take so much as a single step beyond the boundaries of the city.
The task is simple. I would have you propagate but a tiny rumor regarding a certain…let us say, unique dish.
(quest accept)
Dympna: Listen carefully, for this is what I wish you to say: a chef at the Bismarck has uncovered a forbidden recipe for a dish that will cause any who consume it to become infatuated with the person who served them.
Sound too good to be true? Exactly. Which is hwy I need your help. You see, the more people who have heard a rumor, the more credibility it gains. And the more credibility it gains, the more people who haven't heard the rumor are likely to believe it when they hear it!
As such, it is always the first few that prove most challenging to convince, and so you must give them every reason to believe that what you say is true, unadulterated fact. But you cannot very well achieve this with that mask of impregnable apathy you seem predisposed to wear - now, can you?
You must energize your soul! Light the proverbial fire under your netherparts! Psych yourself up! Like this! (she emotes)
<pant> <pant>
Hah! You look at me as if I am some brain-addled buffoon. Welll, I had your complete attention, did I not? And when people see you going similarly batty, jumping about, pumping your fists like a rutting ogre - they'd be batty not to stop ad take notice! Simple herd mentality, my dear!
Now, I've marked on your map the location of a few of the city's more gullible characters. The peat clogging their brain-cases will doubtless prove a most fertile garden for the seeds I have provided.
Oh, and one last thing: let them know that if they wish to find out more about the fabled dish, they need only look to my informative article in the latest edition of the Harbor Herald.
That's the Harbor Herald, my friend. All the news unfit to print, and then some!

Dympna: Remember, do not forget to…what was the word again…'psych' yourself up before planting the rumors. Those on the list I gave you may be credulous fools, but they will see no reason to pay you any mind unless you show them one.
Oh, and once you have their attention, do not forget to let them know that they can learn more of the delightful dish in the latest edition of the Harbor Herald!

Spreading Rumors

(near Hyaline)
Ferdillaix (no emote): Food? I am not one to indulge in such bodily pleasures as engorging myself on the flesh of dead beasts. I consume only water, and let the teachings of the Twelve provide my body and soul with the sustenance they need.
Ferdillaix (psych): Why, you seem quite agitated. Could it be an evil spirit from the abyss has taken hold of your mind?
A dish that forces upon he who consumes it false feelings of affection! This is terrible! Unnatural! Immoral! Only fair Menphina may move our hearts. Anything else would be…would be…blasphemy!
I must learn more of this nonsense and find a way to stop it form spreading! Bless the Navigator for guiding you here.
Ferdillaix: Blasphemy, I tell you! Forcing impure feelings of lust upon another goes against the teachings of the Twelve. O merciful Menphina! I will do everything in my power to ensure the creator of this vile concoction is quartered and the writer of this article summarily stoned.

Fufuna (no emote): Another article penned by that pot-boiler Dympna? Bah! After suffering through that 'lugworm diet' of hers, I promised I would never bother myself with her sensationalistic drivel again!
Fufuna (psych): Hah hah hah hah hah hah! That has to be the most ridiculous thing I've seen today. Was there some point to this outburst, or were you simply trying to…to… Oh, I don't know. What in blazes were you trying to do there?
A dish that enkindles a burning passion in the heart of whomever eats it!? How positively spicy! And where can I learn more about this seductive stew?
Dympna's column in the Harbor Herald? Hmm… I am loath to believe anything scribbled by that bilge-spewing hack, yet I cannot deny that I am intrigued. Perhaps I shall give the brazen fantasist one final chance to redeem herself.
Fufuna: After Dympna's last article on the medicinal properties of gull lime, I am wary of believing anything she writes. But I must say, this talk of a recipe for love is quite intriguing…even if it is all a ruse.

Buburoon (no emote): Buburoon so hungry… Pirates swinging slicies, pirates snatching sparklies, pirates forgetting tasties…
Buburoon (psych): Lovely tasties? Buburoon loves tasties. Tasties love Buburoon?
Buburoon: Buburoon loves lovely tasties. Harbor tasties! But Buburoon still has no tasties… Oh, Buburoon so hungry

(near docks)
R'baharra (no emote): Can you not see I am deep in thought here? I've no time for idle chatter.
I need to find some way to garner favor with the Admiral, but cannot for the life of me think of how to accomplish such a feat.
R'baharra (psych): Are you ill or just mad? State your purpose or I will have you thrown in the brig.
This dish you speak of, you say it makes any who consume it powerless to resist the one who serves it? But that's…perfect! The Admiral can use this stew to cozen the pirates into cooperation, and then none will stand in the way of her plans to reform the Maelstrom. And she will have no choice but to promote me to her special council for providing the means by which she was able to take complete control of the city-state!
R'baharra: Leave me be! I must hurry and find a copy of the Harbor Herald immediately, before someone else steals my idea!

Aergwynt (no emote): Harbor Herald? Special dish? I need naught but a topped-off mug o' grog to keep a smile on me face.
Aergwynt (psych): A dish that'll stoke the flames o' passion in a lady's heart? Hoo hoo! I can think of a few ways that'd come in handy!
Aergwynt: There's this wench o'er at the Wench what won't pay me a second glance - and I grab her arse no fewer 'n a dozen times a day! Immune t' me charms, she is. Could be this dish o' yours what gets me into her chambers one night! Heh heh heh.


Dympna: I see you've been hard at work. The town is abuzz with talk of my article.
Is that a sparkle I see in your eye? Has my article positively piqued your interest? You are on the edge of your seat, yes, dying to know if the rumor is aught but a faerie-tale contrived to sell copies of a local publication? Well, in light of all your help I concede that it would be most ungenerous of me to remain silent, so…
Everything in the article is true. Now, that is not to say my other articles are devoid of truth, simply that this one did not seem to require any of the usual…er, feats of embellishment I have been known, upon occasion, to employ.
The dish exists, and I have seen the wonder sit can perform. The subject becomes absolutely infatuated with the chef, and will do almost anything to please him. However, the effects only last for as long as the food is in the body and…er, 'pass' the following morning…if you follow me.
Using it to make someone fall in love with you permanently would require you to serve the meal every day…which is not only nigh on impossible, due to the rarity of the ingredients, but also rather impractical…and more than a little unromantic.
Though, perhaps making such a rare dish each and every day for someone is proof enough of your own love that the diner might willingly reciprocate even without the effect of the herbs?
Anyway, thank you again. Seek me out when next you are in the neighborhood. Perhaps I will have more work for you.

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