Fishing for Answers


Name: Fishing for Answers
How to begin: talk to Robairlain
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Skull Valley

Last quest: -
Next quest: ?

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Giant Crab

Level: 25
Drops: ?
Location: coast near Aleport in Skull Valley

You must kill five of these for Robairlain.


Crab Food

Robairlain: Eh? 'Ow long ye plannin' on standin' there, then? 'Tis 'ard enough t' catch a fish wivout a bleedin' audience dissectin' me every twitch.
Oh, an' you reckon I'd 'ave more luck if I spent less time countin' the buggers and more time reelin' 'em in now, do ye? Well, answer me this: does it look like I enjoy tallyin' breams when I could be playin' tug-o'-war wiv a two-tonze sturgeon?
Was a time not too far back, if ye'd asked any o' these pier rats who th' best fisher in th' city was, they'd've pointed ye t' me. Been droppin' lines in Galadion Bay since the day me little fingers could grip a rod. Not a fish in the sea that I ain't caught.
Trouble is, lately, there don't seem t' be no more fish to catch. 'Tis why I was surveyin' the waters jus' now. Not more'n a year ago, there were so many breams int his bay, the Twelve 'adn't thought o' numbers 'igh enough t' count 'em all. Today? Four is all I've spied, an' that's down form th' paltry eight I seen yesterday. but I've 'ad an idea bout where they might've gone.
You look to 'ave a keen eye, so I'd wager me mornin' piss that ye've noticed th' bloody great crabs scuttlin' on th' nearby cliffs. Now, I ain't one o' them scholarlies from the Gate, so whether those crabs've grown large by eatin' all th' fish, or 'ave begun eatin' all the fish because they've grown large, I cannot rightly say.
But me gut tells me, if some lad or lass were t' cull a crab or five, there'd be fish back in th' bay before the sun went down.
(quest accept)
Robairlain: From what I know o' th' currents in these waters, I'd say 'twas the crabs near Aleport what were eatin' all the region's fish. I'd start there, was I you.

Robairlain: From what I know o' th' currents in these waters, I'd say 'twas the crabs along the cliffs what were eatin' all the region's fish. Five dead in a pot should be enough t' glean if me suspicions were sound.

Questionable Results

Robairlain: Five crabs dead an' rottin' in th' sand, just as I asked? You adventurers ain't lackin' in the resourcefulness department, are ye? Now then, let us see if things've taken a turn for th' better, shall we?
Keep your britches on, lad. Only a fool would expect a bit th moment 'e dropped 'is line.
Patience! Any decent fisher'll tell ye patience is the only virtue what'll put supper on th' table. Somethin'll be along any minute now, ye'll see.
Twelve be damned…
I..don't know what t' say. Could be as the fish ain't yet keen t' th' fact ti's safe again in th' bay. Or it could be as there's so many of them 'ells-damned crabs scuttlin' about that cullin' five weren't nearly enough.
Only time'll tell, I s'pose. Oh, an' 'ere's the reward I promised ye.
Now leave me to me countin'.

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