Filling the Quiver


Name: ARC1 - Filling the Quiver
How to begin: talk to Nonolato
Areas: Gridania, Emerald Moss

Last quest: -
Next quest: The Foreboding Forest

Requirements to sign up: ARC20
Required items:
Reward: ?


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Yarzon Invader

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Joining the Quiver

Nonolato: We are the Gods' Quiver, and our will is that of the elementals - to punish all who would visit harm upon the wood.
Join our ranks, adventurer. In return for your service, you shall learn the ways of the bow. What say you?
(Enlist in the Archers' Guild? No, I'll bow this one out./Yes, I'm quivering with excitement)
Nonolato: Very good. but be forewarned - the Twelveswood can be a fickle mistress. She demands respect. You must never cross her borders with malice or deception in your heart.
Any dolt with hands can nock an arrow, but it takes an archer's eye to see one to its target. And targets are in no short supply, friend. The greatest threats facing us now are those foul Ixal buzzards and the damned imperials pouring out of Garlemald. Enemies in kind, but as different as night and day.
Our war with the Ixal has been waged since the time of our fathers' fathers, and theirs before them. Since before the elementals granted our kind entry into the wood, even. When the only refuge to be found was deep below the ground.
The Ixal must be stopped, no matter the cost. We'll not abide them to run unchecked through the Twelveswood, defiling the elementals' work. Will you pledge yourself to this cause?
(quest accept)
Nonolato: So be it. All that remains is for you to form your bond. We require all archers to range in pairs outside the city. You'll find your partner within. Midlander lass by the name of Keelty. You two play nice, now.

(talk again)
Nonolato: Don't go equating the Gods' Quiver with them polearm-wielding Wood Wailers, now. They put down evils born within the forest. We repel evils come from without.
And there's no greater evil out there than the Ixal. We'll need you fighting them as soon as you're able. Now go and speak with Keelty. She'll see to your training.

About the Guild

Cassandra: Well met, friend. I myself am newly come to the Gods' Quiver. I pray we may serve the wood together for many moons hence.

Mianne: Have you been paired yet? It's strange…. before joining the Quiver I had always looked after myself. But to suddenly have my life thrown into the hands of another was very…humbling.

Chloe: We've yet to see an Ixal enter the Twelveswood and not defile it in some way. Even the elementals recognize them as enemies. Don't think twice before emptying your quiver at any you come across.

O'dhinek: The value of archery lies in its lethality at range. But range doesn't amount to a pot of piss if you lack the skill to hit your target.
And unless you pinpoint your enemies' vitals, you'll give them a chance to close and counter.

Georjeaux: Every arrow loosed requires intense focus. So intense, in fact, that we're practically defenseless when taking aim.
That's why the leaders insist we range in pairs. We have to watch each other's backs, especially when there are no Wailers or conjurers around to do it for us.

Alaire: To think that even the slightest errant step could incur the greenwrath… Be careful out there. I'd rather fight a hungry Ixal than an angry elemental any day!
They say that if you waken an elemental's fury, it banishes you to a hellish prison where time stands still. Don't know if it's true or not, but I'm in no hurry to find out.

Keelty: You must be the adventurer I've been assigned to. Call me Keelty.
Nonolato no doubt told you I'd be your superior, but don't believe a word of it.
I'm not much of a leader, and even less of an archer. I'll help you when I can, but don't count on me to save your hide in a pinch.
They certainly didn't waste any time in doling out our first orders. Damn Ixal watch, again
The Ixal live in the tracts of wetland to the north. They're clever and cunning, and opportunistic to a fault. They take from the wood as they like, mocking its sanctity.
It's prey they're after. They hunt the youngest and weakest animals - almost make a sick game of it. The Leatherworkers' Guild is quite concerned, and rightly so.
Unchecked, the buzzards are likely to drive the species they prey upon to extinction.
That's why we patrol. Despite what you may have heard, the Ixal actually avoid conflict wherever possible. Often, our presence alone is enough to scare them away.
Still, that is not to say there is no danger involved. Never let your guard down.
Make your way to Camp Emerald Moss, then. We'll regroup there.

Patrol in the Forest

(Camp Emerald Moss. Keelty is waiting for yoU)
Keelty: Glad to see you made it in one piece. Shall we begin, then?
(Are you prepared? Not in the least/As I'll ever be)
Keelty: If you encounter hostiles, try to flush them from the wood. And don't be fool enough to ruffle any Ixal feathers. They'll pck your bones clean and crack them for the marrow.
I'll be patrolling elsewhere to cover double the ground. Come back here once you're sure the area is safe.

(by Fallgourd Lake)
(you see an Ixal fighting yarzons. It defeats several, but many more appear. When it notices you, it defeats almost all of them)
Insatiable Ixal: Foolish <race>, come to stop Ixal? Find only death here!
(it runs, with yarzons after it. When you try to follow, yarzons attack you)

(once you've disposed of the yarzons, you continue after the Ixal. In a clearing you encounter Keelty, knocked out)
Keelty: I'm fine, I'm fine. Just tripped over some roots is all.
Never mind that. I saw an Ixal fleeing from your direction. Well done. Was it hunting? Did you happen to see its quarry?
Ixal fighting with yarzons? Gods, that's rich. The damned Ixal are the ones responsible for them being here in the first place.
Yarzons are not indigenous to the Twelveswood, you see. In fact, the elementals have always striven to drive them away.
And it's not juts the beast tribes. Those damn Garleans contaminate the forest, as well.
We cannot allow this to continue.
Come, <Player>, let us go. No doubt you are eager to collect your reward from Nonolato.

Lesson Learnt

(Gods' Quiver)
Cassandra: I'm relieved to see you both returned safe. Scares like that remind me why I took a clerical post.

Mianne: I hope Keelty is all right. She's as nice a lass as they come.
I don't know how it is that she's always coming to harm. Most of the others fault her for being clumsy and a bit oblivious.

O'dhinek: To properly guard the Twelveswood, one must first know and respect the circle of life. The forest's balance is fragile. We cannot allow it to be disturbed by evils from without.

Alaire: At least one conjurer is assigned to each guild in Gridania. They function as mediums of sorts, conveying the will of the elementals to those who cannot hear them.
Brother Morys and Sister M'koliwe are the two conjurers assigned to the Gods' Quiver. Sister M'koliwe joined us quite recently, with orders to keep an eye on a certain archer known for her…spontaneity.

Nonolato: Welcome back from your first patrol. We'll make an archer out of you yet, <Player>.
Keelty assures me you show great promise. We need many more like you if we are to continue our fight against the Ixal. Nevertheless, there is an important lesson to be learned from your experiences, is there not? You know of what I speak, yes?
(Do you know of what Nonolato speaks? Yes, all too well)
Nonolate: Good! you fell under attack and allowed your partner to come to harm. Remember, <Player>, we derive our safety form trust and ability. Without them, we are nothing.
(No, I haven't the slightest idea)
Nonolato: No!? Gods, man, you fell under attack and allowed your partner to come to harm! Never forget, we derive our safety from trust and ability. Without them, we are nothing.
What? Keelty sent you off on your own!?
Why that godsdamned- I've lost count of the number of times she's done this. And scolding her does naught save sore my throat. It's only a matter of time before her actions meet with the direst of consequences.
<sigh> What's done is done. Here, take your reward. The Quiver will have work for you again soon enough.

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