Fatal Seduction


Name: DRG4 - Fatal Seduction
How to begin: talk to Alberic Bale at the Gates of Judgment, Dragonhead
Areas: Dragonhead

Last quest: Double Dragoon
Next quest: Into the Dragon's Maw

Requirements to sign up: DRG45, Double Dragoon complete
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Stollenwurm, lv53



Truth of the Fall

Alberic: So you return bearing four pieces of the drachen mail. That leaves us with the fifth and final item.
Aye, there exists one more piece to the set. However, it cannot be worn save by those dragoons who have achieved perfect awakening of the dragon within. This is something you must attend to presently.
<Player>…I would hear something from your lips. As a fellow Azure Dragoon, will you join your strength to Estinien's, that Ishgard might forever more be free from the rage of the great wyrm?
(will you fight Nidhogg? Do I truly have a choice?)
(My life and lance for Ishgard!)
Alberic: I see…
Then I shall honor my promise to Estinien. You shall have full use of your powers by the time we are done.
Before we begin, there is something I must needs confess. You will recall the tale of my battle with Nidhogg fifteen years past, how the power of the dragon left me on account of the injuries I sustained.
What I said was an untruth. The power did not abandon me, <Player>. It was I who abandoned it.
Being derived from our mortal enemies, the power of the Azure Dragoon is a double-edged sword. Even as it lends us the strength we need to smite dragons, it heightens our communion with the creatures, rendering our minds more susceptible to their seduction than ordinary men.
Even as I buried my lance in Nidhogg's flesh, our gazes locked, and mine eyes met then with a look that would fair impale a man. In that instant, I found myself assailed by a torrent of emotions not mine own…
Sorrow… Rancor… Pity… They threatened to drown the man in me and leave behind a dragon. Fearing that I might turn traitor, I chose to purge myself of the power that the Eye had bestowed upon me.
Thus regaining lucidity, I was able to rout the grievously wounded Nidhogg.
Alas, countless of his brethren yet remained. As if to mock me, they fell upon Ferndale with a vengeance. Bereft of my power, it was all I could do to save but one child.
Nary a soul knows of this. Nay, not even Estinien…but I can keep him in the dark no longer.
At our last meeting, Estinien said that protecting Ishgard and exacting revenge upon Nidhogg are as one to him.
That frame of mind, I fear, may well lead to his demise. The desire to protect and the desire to avenge are opposing forces that can ill be reconciled. Worse, the latter serves only to cloud his sense of self.
When next Estinien and I meet, I intend to confess all, though it mean the loss of his good opinion. The outcome of the coming battle - and his very life - may well depend upon his readiness to relinquish his powers.
Never allow yourself to forget the origin of your strength. Ever does the dragon lurk behind your eyes, biding its time, ready to claim you for its own. Aught less than complete conviction, and you will find yourself in its vice-like grip.
So forewarned, let us return to our present endeavor.
You must take yourself to Camp Riversmeet, in the western highlands of Coerthas, and thence strike south till you come upon the place whence the camp took its name. Once there, seek out and slay the drake known as Stollenwurm.
Being close kin to dragons, drakes also hold sway over the hearts of they who wield dragon power.
Lock wills with this adversary and prevail. In so doing, prove yourself worthy to champion the cause to which your lance is sworn. Then the dragon within you shall awaken with a mighty roar.
(quest accept)
Alberic: I expected no other answer. We have come far - let us not rest till we achieve full awakening of your inner dragon.

Defeat of the Dragon

Alberic: I have imparted to you all my knowledge - the rest of the journey you must make alone. Hone your lance arm, <Player>, and return hither once you have steeled yourself for the final trial.

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