Engineering Victory


Name: TM4 - Engineering Victory
How to begin: talk to Orn Guincum
Areas: Maelstrom Command

Last quest: Seals for the Whorl
Next quest: An Officer and a Wise Man, Imperial Devices, Into the Dark

Requirements to sign up: Seals for the Whorl complete
Required items: Magitek Transceiver
Reward: ?


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Imperial Bestiarius

Level: LNC19
Drops: ?
Location: Bloodshore instanced battle

Imperial Funditor

Level: ARC19
Drops: ?
Location: Bloodshore instanced battle

Imperial Speculator

Level: CNJ19
Drops: ?
Location: Bloodshore instanced battle

Imperial Triarius

Level: GLA19
Drops: ?
Location: Bloodshore instanced battle

Imperial Veles

Level: PGL19
Drops: Magitek Transceiver
Location: Bloodshore instanced battle


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First Mission

Guincum: I see you have had more than your fill of rules and regulations, and are ready to prove your worth to the Maelstrom. Good, because I have just the mission to help yuo do precisely that.
The frequency of Garlean attacks on Vylbrand has been increasing by the day. The Empire appears to have adopted a multi-pronged approach, striking the region's outlying areas in precisely timed waves in an attempt to overwhelm our defenses and force us to fall back to the coastline.
So far, our lines have held, but we are not foolish enough to imagine that the Empire is using even a fraction of its firepower. No, the Admiral believes that this is merely a single element of a much larger plan already in motion, and that their true objective lies in upper La Noscea, near the volcano, O'Ghomoro.
According to intelligence gathered by a reconnaissance party dispatched to the area, the kobolds have recently completed the construction of a pair of new encampments. No sooner had the final stakes been hammered in, however, than the Empire launched a coordinated assault on both locations.
Normally, Limsa Lominsa would welcome attacks on the filthy beastmen, but this time things are different. If the Empire were to take control of the kobold encampments, it would give them a solid foothold in the region. with the impenetrable O'Ghomoro (text missing) the camps' commanding elevation, we would be at a grave disadvantage should we choose to mount an offensive.
In short, once that foothold is established, there will be nothing to stop them from setting their sights on Limsa Lominsa….
To prevent the Garleans from ever making it that far, the Admiral as already ordered a party of elite warriors to engage the imperial troops en route to the kobold encampment. They will work quickly and efficiently, but there is always the chance that some of the targets will escape. That is where you come in. We would have you journey to upper La Noscea via a narrow canyon linking the highlands to eastern La Noscea, and wait there in ambush. If you encounter any imperial soldiers attempting to traverse the canyon, you are to slay them.
(quest accept)
Guincum: Well said. Your enthusiasm will prove a fine example for the other recruits.
Now take care in making the proper preparations for this mission. The imperial soldiers will be well-equipped and may outnumber you. Fortunately, they are also like to be fatigued from their flight, and you will have the element of surprise to your advantage. Good luck, and may the Navigator guide you to victory.


(at Maelstrom Command)
Guincum: Early reports state that you saw some action in the canyon. Well done, recruit. Your bravery has seen our realm secure for another day. The Empire will think twice before attempting to set foot in that area gain.
Hm? You say you found something of interest on one of the imperials you slew? Let me see that.
Why…this is a magitek receiver…and it is intact! The Empire uses these metal boxes to communicate with each other, much like we do with linkpearls. Little else is known of them, however, the reason being that they are designed to explode when taken too far form their owners. This one must be defective… At any rate, I must inform the Garlond Ironworks immediately!
The Ironworks contact I spoke with expressed a profound interest in the receiver. He believes that they may be able to use it in deciphering the code the Empire employs in all of their communications.
Unfortunately, the engineer in charge of linguistic research has just left the city-state to attend to pressing matters, and there are no others here with the requisite skill in cryptology. Under normal circumstances, we would wait until his return to present him with the receiver; however, our circumstances are anything but normal.
Your next assignment is to deliver this imperial machina to Ebrelnaux in the Coerthas eastern lowlands. He is said to be conducting his current experiments at a windmill in a small settlement called Millers' Glade on the shores of Briar Lake.
But take care. The Empire is bound to know that one of their receivers is missing, and they will be intent on recovering it.

Guincum: There are few in Eorzea who have ever seen the inner workings of the Empire's machina, and of those few, only the engineers of Garlond Ironworks are privy to the knowledge of how to manipulate them. It is said that the company's leader stole that knowledge from the great Garlean library in the imperial capital. Ebrelnaux is his right-hand man.
Take the magitek receiver you found to Ebrelnaux so he may begin his deciphering of the Garlean code.
He is thought to be conducting experiments at a windmill in Millers' Glade, a small settlement in the eastern lowlands of Coerthas, far to the northeast, on the continent of Aldenard.

The Engineers

(at Millers' Glade, Coerthas)

Aergfloh: It must have been a wearisome journey from Limsa Lominsa to Millers' Glade. I trust you did not encounter any trouble on the road? I, too, have traveled many malms to be here, yet I am in the privileged position of having an airship at my disposal. I cannot begin to imagine how you adventurers endure all the walking.
Of late, our leader has nearly all of us at the Ironworks out in the field taking readings of soil, rock, air, aether…which is odd, for I am a specialist in the field of imperial weaponry…

Nymiene: So you're the Maelstrom's messenger boy. Small world, ain't it?
The forge has us out here surveyin' the landscape for a future assignment. What it is, I ain't at liberty to say, mind you. But what I cantell you is that the readin's are most definitely disturbin'.
What does it all mean? Buggered if I know. I just write down the numbers. The chief back at the forge does all the brain work. My own personal opinion, though, is that it ain't all sunsets and sweetmeats, if you get my meaning.

Ebrelnaux: A messenger sent on behalf of the Maelstrom? Well, well, aren't we far from home?
My fellow colleagues in Limsa Lominsa have already informed of the task you were sent to complete. They say you come bearing gifts.
…A magitek receiver! Do you know how long we have tried to obtain one of these? Years! /Hundreds// of covert missions into imperial territory, raids on Garlean camps, kidnappings and assassinations - all of them foiled by a failsafe device designed to deny access to the Empire's secrets. And then, quite by chance, an adventurer-for-hire stumbles across one on a mission to ambush imperial deserters!? Dear me.
Oh, I did not mean to belittle your efforts, but you must forgive me if I seem a little miffed by our own ill fortune. Ill fortune until now, that is. I shall begin deciphering the imperial code immediately and will inform the Admiral upon completion.

Chance Meeting

(at Maelstrom Command)
Guincum: I was wondering when you would arrive, recruit. The Garlond Ironworks have already sent a report on their findings and the Admiral is busy using that information to orchestrate the thalassocracy's next move.
By deciphering a series of encoded exchanges between imperial operatives, we have learned that the Empire has begun establishing temporary bases of operation in two abandoned underground complexes known as the Dzemael Darkhold and the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak - located in Coerthas and the Black Shroud, respectively.
We have also confirmed what we already knew - that the multi-pronged assault on several areas around La Noscea was nothing but a feint, conducted to divert our attention away from the Empire's true objective - the establishment of a fortified stronghold within thalassocratic borders.
Luckily - for the time being at least - the kobolds' cunning has prove to be a match for the Garleans' machina, and they have yet to give a single ilm of ground. As long as the beast tribe continues to resist the Empire, we will refrain from any interference. Ah, but I have said too much. You are doubtless eager to spend your hard-earned reward over at the Drowning Wench. Good work, recruit.
(Guincum leaves the desk. From upstairs arrives a group of people including Cid and Ebrelnaux from before)
Ebrelnaux: Master Garlond.
While my team's initial readings were inconclusive, when combined with recent Maelstrom reports…
There is no mistaking it, sir. Your hypothesis has become irrefutable.
Cid: Meteor…
(the group leaves)

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