Driving Up the Wall
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Recent successful raids by Ixali warriors have proved the stockades surrounding Camp Emerald Moss insufficient for keeping the beast tribe invaders at bay. To bolster their defenses, acting camp gatewarden R'dyunbu has given the order to reinforce the walls with hundreds of extra planks. The Oak Atrium will handsomely reward any able Disciples of Hand willing to brave the journey to the East Forest adn assist the gatewarden and her quartermaster Bubunakka in their camp's efforts.


Name: gDriving up the Wall
Type: Ingenuity
Issuer: Gridania Adventurers' Guild
Client: Oak Atrium Woodcarver, Moshuho Mobshuho
Areas: Camp Emerald Moss

Class recommendation: Carpenter, rank 5
Objectives: Willow Plank x6 to Bubunakka
Reward: ?

Category: Quests


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