Dressed to be Killed


Name: UD - Dressed to be Killed
How to begin: talk to Tutubuki at Arrzaneth Ossuary
Areas: Ul'dah, Copperbell Mines

Last quest: A Knock in the Night
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: Skryvner signet ring
Reward: ?


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Dapper Cadaver

Level: 45
Drops: ?
Location: Copperbell Mines 1st floor

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The Fallen House

Tutubuki: Gods, of all the possible times… What in the hells am I going to do now? Oh, helo there.
Excuse my language. It's just that I've more afairs to see to than there are bells in the day! Thal's balls, sometimes thos bloody adventurers are more trouble than they're worth. It'd serve them all right to be torn limb from limb by a dapper cadaver!
Oh my…you're an adventurer, aren't you? Well, this is awkward. Er… But what impeccable timing you all seem to have! Why, I was just thinking how wonderful it would be if one of your number were to come calling - one capable of felling the undead Lord Skryvner, that is. Yes, by now, most have heard that he and his household were turned into zombies.
Will you not help your fellow adventurers at the Copperbell Mines? You would accrue great virtue. Of course, we of th Arrzaneth Ossuary would appreciate your service in the here and now, as would Thal in the hereaftr.
(qust accept)
Tutubuki: Commendable: You hav the insatiable hunger of a true adventurr - that, I can see.
Perhaps you have already heard what it is I am about to tell you - of unwanted visitors in the deep of night, and the incessant poundings on doors.
Those trusting souls who answered the call… Twelve watch over them. They were found at first light, lifeless - their hearts torn from their chests.
There is no mystery here. All bore witness to House Skryvner's fall from grace some time ago. But its misfortune proved even greater. Bandits descended upon the estate in its darkest hour, as hyenas on an already ravaged corpse, taking what few scraps of wealth were still to be had. Among those was a collection of valuable trinkets belonging to the then Lord Skryvner - a man named Prokop.
Before the theft, Prokop's remaining wealth was more than enough to have the Ossuary secure his entry to the realm of Thal. But after…Thal denied his soul's passage. And so Prokop remains in this world, dmaned - denying life to those that denied him death.
All Ul'dahns know of the curse of Lord Skryvner's collection. Only you adventurers remain oblivious. Your trade puts some of your kind in possession of his curios, and you blindly buy and sell them amongst yourselves with nary a care save for the gil in your coinpurses. Bloody folly.
But what can be done, you ask? Simple - you must end this damned second life of Lord Skryvner's, such as it is. That, and only that, will put an end to all of this.
But he is attended by his seneschals in death, as he was in life - and the undead have a tendency to resemble one another. You must fell these fiends until you kill the true Lord Skryvner.
Go now to the Copperbell Mines, and kill the living dead that roam its shafts. I'd imagine the zombies you seek still sprout the dapper finery they wore in life. Kill all that you come across until you are sure you have ended Prokop of House Skryvner.

Good Advice

Tutubuki: Back from the Copperbell Mines, are you? And what have you there? A Skryvner signet ring! Taken from a finely dressed corpse, you say?
Judging from the cut of this ring, we can be almost certain that you slew Prokop. You have done well, adventurer. Very well indeed.
Here, this is your reward. I suggest you enjoy yourself while in Ul'dah. Partake of our fine food and drink, the gambling halls, the pillowhouses. The city is your oyster!
Just don't go answering any doors should you hear a knock in the night.

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