Double Dragoon


Name: DRG4 - Double Dragoon
How to begin: talk to Alberic Bale at the Gates of Judgment, Dragonhead
Areas: Dragonhead, Skyfire Locks, Aurum Vale, Bluefog, Brittlebark, U'Ghamaro Mines

Last quest: Unfading Scars
Next quest: Fatal Seduction

Requirements to sign up: DRG45, Unfading Scars complete
Required items: -
Reward: Drachen Armet, Drachen Greaves, Drachen Gauntlets, Drachen Breeches, ?


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The first part of the quest requires only talking. Then you are sent upon a quest to find four treasure chests scattered around the world. Below are the locations and the contents of the chests. While the Aurum Vale location is in an instance, not much progression is needed to acquire the chest. It is doable with the minimum number of people required to enter, as long as you are careful. Aside from that, the chest in U'Ghamaro Mines might require some assistance, as the place is riddled with aggroing kobolds.

Bluefog, northern cave - Drachen Armet
Brittlebark, cave north of the Camp - Drachen Greaves
U'Ghamaro Mines - Drachen Gauntlets
Aurum Vale - Drachen Breeches



The Request

Alberic: Impeccable timing, <Player>. A message arrived from Estinien but moments ago, much to my astonishment.
He would trade words with us, and bids us meet him in the foothills southwest of Skyfire Locks. As to his true intentions, I cannot say.
It may well be a trap, but we must go nonetheless. I trust I can count upon your company.
(quest accept)
Alberic: That is well. Let us go and discover what it is Estinien would propose.

Alberic: Estinien would trade words with us, and bids us meet him in the foothills southwest of Skyfire Locks. The southbound highroad will take us near to there.
Let us go and discover what it is the man would propose.

The Meeting

(Skyfire Locks)
(you and Alberic arrive. Estinien is waiting)
Estinien: Greetings, Master. It has been too long.
Alberic: Estinien, end this folly at once! You must know that each second the Eye passes outside Ishgard's walls brings us closer to a repeat of the tragedy of fifteen summers past. Surrender yourself and the Eye, and return with me to Ishgard before it's too late.
Estinien: Ah, but it is too late. Nidhogg has already awakened.
Alberic: What!?
Estinien: Hear me, Master: you have mistaken the cause of the dragons' return - the Eye is not to blame.
A premonition came to me by virtue of the dragon within, warning me that the great wyrm would soon rouse.
Even as he slumbered, Nidhogg seethed with irrepressible rancor for the wound you dealt him. That rancor will send him flying as a speeding arrow to Ishgard, whereupon death and devastation will ensue.
But there is a possible solution: if the Eye were taken to a faraway place, it might serve to draw Nidhogg away from populated areas. Then destruction would be averted and innocent lives spared.
Alberic: Y-You mean to make bait of yourself!?
…Nay, there is more to this than you let on. You seek vengeance for Ferndale.
Estinien: To me, the two are one and the same. You know my past better than any else. It was for no other reason than to avenge my family that I became a dragoon.
Dragons long outlive men and do not soon forget the wrongs done them. What grudge they harbor burns as a fire in their hearts, over time beocming an unquenchable inferno. Look back on history, and you will see that Nidhogg grows stronger with each awakening.
When last he darkened our skies, the great wyrm came within a hair's breadth of laying waste to Ishgard. Naught short of death will prevent him from completing his mission when next he wakes. Nidhogg took everything from me - now I shall take everything from him, even if it means my life.
The Eye works in ways men can ill comprehend, but this much is plain: in choosing two Azure Dragoons in one generation, it means for us to join together in common cause.
Adventurer, you have heard my resolution. Now I ask that you lend me your power - aye, the power of the dragon.
Behold the drachen mail, forged in the lifeblood of dragons. As blood calls to blood, so too does the armor call to the dragon within, redoubling the Azure Dragoon's strength thereby. If you would save the people of Ishgard from the great wyrm Nidhogg, you must needs clad yourself in the same.
When an Azure Dragoons hangs up his lance, ancient custom decrees that he seal away his drachen mail at the fields of his valor. You must journey to such places and claim the armor for yourself. Your Soul of the Dragoon shall serve as the key to lifting the seals.
The first piece rests within the Aurum Vale, in the central lowlands of Coerthas. The second can be found in the cave north of Camp Brittlebark, in the southeastern expanse of Mor Dhona.
The third piece lies within the U'Ghamaro Mines, at the northern edge of upper La Noscea. And the fourth and final piece is sealed within the cave north of Camp Bluefog, in northern Thanalan.
Master. Once the adventurer acquires the armor, pray see to it that he learns to harness the power of the dragon in full.
Alberic: Estinien, wait!
Estinien: Save your worries. I do not mean to make myself easy prey for dragons.
I take my leave of you.

The Conclusion

(pearl, upon acquiring the last piece)
Alberic: So you have acquired four pieces of the drachen mail. The time is come to see to the final awakening of your power. We shall begin promptly upon your return to the Gates of Judgement.

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