Don't Hate the Messenger


Name: TM12 - Don't Hate the Messenger
How to begin: talk to Orn Guincum/?/? in Maelstrom Command/Hall of Flames/Adders' Nest
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah, Gridania, Brittlebark

Last quest: In for Garuda Wakening
Next quest: United We Stand

Requirements to sign up: In for Garuda Wakening complete
Required items: Kan-E-Senna's missive, Merlwyb's missive, Imperial Strongbox Key, Garlean schematics
Reward: ?


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Enemy List
VIIth Legion Sagittarius, lv48
VIIth Legion Eques, lv48
VIIth Legion Secutor, lv48

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Important Tidings (Limsa Lominsa)

Storm Lieutenant Guincum: <rank> <Lastname>, I have orders for you from the Admiral herself.
She bids you travel to Gridania as an emissary of Limsa lominsa. There, you are to gain an audience with the Elder Seedseer, Kan-E-Senna.
Official declarations have yet to be made, but this much I can tell you - the forestfolk have approached us in secrecy to propose talks concerning the reforging of the Eorzean Alliance.
They are not without their reasons. The Garleans have erected a new stronghold in Mor Dhona.
All know Gridania lies closest to those lands, and she suffers much for it. The wrath of Garlemald is all but upon them, and so they seek allies for the war to come.
But Lominsan aid is not unconditional. We must first hear their terms. It is to that end that the Admiral bids you go.
You are to seek out Seedseer Kan-E-Senna at the Lotus Stand and hear how she proposes to reforge the alliance. Once you have done so, bring her words back to the Admiral.
(quest accept)
Guincum: The imperial stronghold of which I spoke has alredy been surveilled by scouts from each of the three nations, yet we have been able to learn nothing of value. I trust you comprehend how vulnerable this leaves us, on the brink of open war as we are.
Even were it not for this unhappy reality, Gridania's overtures would be welcome by dint of our own disarray. The failure of the Galadion Acord dealt us a crippling blow, and the constant skirmishes eat away at our reserves.
In short, the Admiral's desire to remake the Eorzean Alliance is as great as that of the Elder Seedseer.

Guincum: You are to seek out Seedseer Kan-E-Senna at the Lotus Stand and hear how she proposes to reforge the aliance. Once you have done so, bring her words back to the Admiral.

At the Lotus Stand

(by Stillglade Fane)
Kinnison: We have heard a great deal about you, <rank> <Lastname>, and have awaited your arrival with interest. Come, shall we proceed to the Lotus Stand?

(Lotus Stand)
Kan-E-Senna: Welcome, friend. <You are the emissary sent by the Maelstrom>, are you not? Then I shall be brief, for I fear there is little time to waste. A grave danger looms - one that no single nation may face alone. The Eorzean Alliance must be remade.
I would ask that you first call upon Master Cid Garlond. He will tell you what is known of the Garlean stronghold that now stands in Mor Dhona.

Serpent Marshal Brookstone: Your visit means much to us, truly. Allow me to offer these words of counsel by way of thanks - harbor no wicked thoughts nor ill-will here, for the elementals see all.
They are the wood, and the wood is they. Honor them as you would the gods. Revere them. Fear them. Strive to know their mind.
The fires of war which now spread through the forest have woken the greenwrath. The elementals now pose as dire a threat to our way of life as the Garleans or the Ixal.

Second Serpent Commander: You are in the presence of the Elder Seedseer, chosen of the forest. Do not forget your courtesies.

Tegogo: The nations have each sent scouts to the stronghold known as Castrum Novum, but to no avail. The imperials guarding it are so many that no man can so much as draw near it, much less learn anything of import.

O-App-Pesi: Greetings, friend. I am O-App-Pesi, of the conjurers.
It is our magic which keeps the Hedge in place, and it is the Hedge which protects us from our enemies without. Still, it is a construct, and so its power is far from boundless. It cannot repel all we would wish.
Even as we speak, the hedgetrees sway uneasily amid the creeping darkness. Countless are the Garlean interlopers that steal into the Twelveswood, and countless too are their villainies.

Papalymo: Hah! Now here's a sight for sore eyes! They said the <Maelstrom> would be sending one of its finest. I was hoping it'd be you.
Some time ago, we Archons and the Elder Seedseer called on Limsa lominsa and Ul'dah to send emissaries in the hope that they might be amenable to reforming the Eorzean Alliance.
We were ignored for quite a while, truth be told, but much has changed these last few moons. Amazing what a brush with the Empire's new vanguards can do to expedite the decision making process.
Anyway, it looks as though Admiral Merlwyb and Flame General Raubahn may finally have woken up to the benefits of actually working together against their common enemy. Better late than enever, I suppose.
But such a thing is easier said than done. Each nation is loath to accept the terms of the other. <sigh>

Cid: So, it's you they've sent, is it? Ha! I had an inkling it would be. Whatever else you might say of the <pirate woman>, <he/she> does have an eye for talent.
It's no secret the leaders suddenly feel moved to remake the alliance. Having a Garlean stronghold built on your doorstep has that effect on people.
The place is called Castrum Novum, but the way.
A strategic lcoation, a stalwart fortress, masses of troops to defend it… All of this, and now, of all times.
Their purpose could hardly be more clear. This Castrum Novum was built to house the lunar transmitter, with which the red moon will be controlled.
If it is not destroyed soon, there will be no hope of stopping Dalamud from falling to Eorzea. Should that happen, all the realm will be made a ruin.
Our only saving grace is that the transmitter is not yet complete - hence the Empire's attempt to divert our attention elsewhere with their recent flurry of atttacks.
But we have need of more information if we are to destroy it. Scouts sent by the three nations have learned little and less of what must be known.
Most sane observers now realize that no single nation can hope to triumph alone, and that the strength of all three must be combined. Yet each mistrusts the other, and the alliance remains unmade.
We have Kan-E-Senna to thank for what little has been achieved. But for her devotion and goodwill, I daresay the battle would already be lost. If you care to hear more, best hear it from her.

Cid: Most sane observers now realize that no single nation can hope to triumph alone, and that the strength of all three must be combined. Yet each mistrusts the other, and the alliance remains unmade.
We have Kan-E-Senna to thank for what little has been achieved. but for her deviton and goodwill, I daresay the battle would already be lost. If you care to hear more, best hear it from her.

The Seer's Words

Kan-E-Senna: Gridania welcomes you, <Player>. I am Kan-E-Senna. Admiral Merlwyb has told me much about you. I am grateful you have come.
The Twelveswood shares a vast border with Ala Mhigo - an area now under the Empire's dominion. Since its fall, Garleans have stolen into the forest nigh at will.
The war exacts a far greater toll on us than the other nations. Though I am loath to say it, and would not have you repeat it, Gridania will fall as Ala Mhigo before it should aid not come.
And then it shall be our lands serving as the staging ground for a Garlean invasion of your <Limsa Lominsa>.
The Eorzean Alliance must be remade. If the three nations do not stand together, then each shall fall alone.
All will make sacrifices, but let them do so for the greater good. Let us set aside our differences to vanquish the common enemy. Let a single standing army be formed where Lominsan, Gridanian, and Ul'dahn might fight side-by-side.
There is unrivaled wealth in the coffers and mines of Ul'dah. I would ask that she give generously of both.
The seas are forfeit without the galleons of Limsa Lominsa, and the might of her infantry must be brought to bear in the battles to come in Mor Dhona.
I ask much, but no more than I must. Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa shall not bear the burden alone.
The military of Gridania, too, shall be at the disposal of the alliance, though I fear our war has already rendered it less than it once was.
Beyond this, I offer free use of Gridanian lands, and the provision of resources and rations, as well.
If allied, I would invite our armies to set up their front lines in the tracts bordering Ala Mhigo.
I have put to ink that which I propose, and now ask that you see my letter safe to the hand of Admiral Merlwyb.
Surely the words will carry weight should they come from you. I beseech you, help this alliance be made.
(Deliver the letter? Sounds like a lot of responsibility…)
(Yes, with all haste)
Kan-E-Senna: Thank you, a thousand times over. The knowledge that one so capable will bear my letter puts my heart at ease.
Ah, yes, Master Cid wishes to have words with you. Do call upon him should you get the chance.
(obtain Kan-E-Senna's missive)

Kan-E-Senna: Ah, yes, Master Cid wishes to have words withn you. Do call upon him should you get the chance.

Cid: So, were you able to make sense of all the horned lass had to say?
Tell me, then - do you think the formation of an allied army a wise proposition for Limsa Lominsa?
(options missing)
Cid: Hm. There is no doubting your loyalty. I suppose that's why the pirate woman sent you. Serve her well, friend. She needs all the help she can get.
For what it's worth, I believe no single nation can face the coming dangers alone. The future of the realm rests with the Eorzean Alliance. Without it, there will be no future to speak of.
Well then, to Limsa with you! March into that stateroom and tell that Admiral to lend a bloody hand while she still has a ship to steer.

Cid: Well then, to Limsa with you! March into that stateroom and tell that Admiral to lend a bloody hand while she still has a ship to steer.

Letter to the Admiral

(Bulwark Hall)
Zanthael: Your name is <Player>, is it not? I was told to expect you. You seek entry to the stateroom, yes?
(Take the Admiral's Lift to the stateroom? Yes)

(Stateroom instance)
Hyllfyr: A pirate ain't got aught on 'is mind but freedom and loot. Hehehe, ain't so different from ye adventurin' types in that, I s'pose.
Still, that freedom is afforded 'im by Eorzea. If the realm and 'er seas fall to the Garleans, the pirate stands to lose much as any man, and a sight more than most.
That said, so long as freedom and coin depend on it, me brothers and sisters will lend their strength to yours.

Reyner: Limsa's armada is her pride. Fair wind or foul, none can rival us on the open sea. All know this. And yet Gridania asks for infantry!?
Is this some ploy to weaken our city's defenses at the gates? Or…could things truly have grown so grim on the mainland?

Storm Captain: The Admiral has not patience for… Well, the Admiral has no patience. Do see you conduct yourself in a manner befitting your station when in her presence.

Durfhund: Ye'd best behave yerself afore the Admiral, laddie. She don't 'ave no truck with 'alf-wits.

Slafyrsyn: The three armies allied as one… It will not be easily done.
Even should we see this war won, think of the war to follow. The free nations will vie for hegemony, and the Amdiral will be forced to abjure open diplomacy, lest she lose favor at home.

Merlwyb: You have returned. Good. Tell me all that Kan-E-Senna said. What is it the Padjal wants?
I see… So, it is merely a matter of time before Gridania falls to the Emprie. The letter you delivered is…disturbing, to say the least.
Things bode ill, it is true. The empire's new vanguard monstrosities appear in every corner of the realm, while this Meteor business rumbles on unseen…
And now the Garleans have established a stronghold in Mor Dhona for purposes unknown… Aye, it may well prove that our only hope lies with the Eorzean Alliance.
But I must conside the needs of my people. Kan-E-Senna asks too much.
Our fleet represents the heart of the Maelstorm. Yet it is incomplete. The failure of the Galadion Accord saw to that. How then can I give the Seedseer the galleons she craves?
She would have me weaken mine own defenses in wartime, and send Lominsans to fight on the mainland. Yet what guarantees does she offer of victory? If I am to make sacrifices, I would have them aid in Garlemald's defeat, not merely its delay.
As Admiral, I may command it. I earned the right the day I claimed the Trident. Yet such power as I have may not suffice to sway those at home who will surely oppose this endeavor.
Tell me, <Player>… You met with this Padjal - this Kan-E-Senna. Are things truly so dire that we should again appeal to the better nature of pirates and invite further betrayal? Should Limsa Lominsa pledge itself to strengthening the alliance?
(Should Limsa Lominsa support the alliance? We must first see what Ul'dah will do)
(There is much to gain by doing so)
Merlwyb: Hmph, then you and I are of a mind. Still, the safety and security of Limsa must be my priority. So long as Uld'ah's intentions remain unknown, I can commit neither shops nor men to this endeavor. If we are to fight for a common cause, all who would gain must first invest.
An allied army of the three nations would be a mighty force indeed… One over which Ul'dah would doubtless vie for control, such is their ambition.
I must have assurances. If Ul'dah will be kept in check, and the alliance governed equally by all, then and only then will I pledge my support.
Here, take this letter. Enclosed within it are my terms, along with Kan-E-Senna's own proposal. See them safe to the hand of Raubahn.
I will inform those who must know of your coming. Go now. You will need to ask at the Royal Promenade to gain audience.
Leave those Lominsans who oppose the alliance to me. My past granted me ample opportunity to hone my powers of persuasion. If needs be, I will make them an offer they cannot refuse.
(obtain Merlwyb's missive)

Merlwyb: Present my terms to Raubahn and convince him to accept them. I will send word to the Immortal Flames of your coming. Go now, make for the Royal Promenade in Ul'dah.

Storm captain: Tarry not, here. If your business is done, get you gone. But know that once you depart, you will not be permitted reentry withut the Admiral's leave.

Letter to the General

(Royal Promenade)
Mumutano: You must be <rank> <Lastname>. Your reputation precedes you. Flame General Raubahn awaits you within.
(Enter the Fragrant Chamber? Yes)

(Fragrant Chamber instance)
Second Flame Commander: General Raubahn has been a great leader since his days commanding the resistance army of Ala Mhigo. Even then he was known as a brave warrior and master of strategy.
Avove all, he is a realist - a man of facts, not hopes. He must have assurances that Uld'ah will gain from the aliance, not suffer from it.

Flame Captain: Show the Flame General all due respect. I do not wish to have to…discipline you.

Flame Marshal Roaille: Welcome, friend. Pray forgive my directness, but tell me, what do you know of the Syndicate?
Our nation has long been a sultanate, yet true ruling power lies in the hands of Ul'dah's six wealthiest and most influential souls. It is this council of six that is known as the Syndicate.
They are seldom of a single mind. Their number includes both Royalists and Monetarists - the former being staunch supporters of the sultana, and the latter desiring self-governance for the merchant classes.
Raubahn himself is a Royalist. When he set about rekindling the Immortal Flames, the Monetarists were less than eager to aid him. I do not think that will be the case in this latest endeavor.

Teledji Adeledji: I am Teledji Adeledji, head of the Mirage Trust. You may not know of me, but certainly you have heard of the Trust's Platinum Mirage here in town. I sit on the Syndciate, as well.
When Raubahn was jumped-up to a seat on our council for amassing a fortune in bloody money, he dishonored us all by leaving the city without a word. Only when he learned of Garlemald's plot to attack did he return.
He has since remade the Immortal Flames of old, 'tis true, but the army is as patchwork as a mummer's motley. What can they hope to do against the might of Garlemald?
And now he would have us cast our lot with the bumpkins of Gridania and the scoundrels of Limsa Lominsa? It is enough to make a lord laugh!
What have we to gain from this, hm? We of the Syndicate have a hand in poltiics, yes, but we are merchants at heart. Do not forget that. To us, it is plain that the other nations mean to use the chaos as an excuse to tap the coffers of Ul'dah.

Lolorito: I am Lolorito. You have heard of me, yes? All in Uld'ah have.
I am the proprietor of East Aldenard Trading Company. You are familiar with Sunsilk Tapestries? Eshtaime's Aethetics? Both belong to me.
I do not discriminate where wealth is concerned. I have dealings even with merchants of the Empire. Through them my influence reaches the Garlean elite, with whom I thought it possible to negotiate a peace.
Alas, their leaders are set upon the complete annihilation of Eorzea. A point upon which there is scarce room for compromise.
Once the truth of this became apparent, we Monetarists granted our support to Raubahn and his Immortal Flames. But our largess extends no further than our borders. We will not finance the whims of the other nations.

Raubahn: <Player>. <Full Name>… I had word from the Maelstrom. I am Raubahn Aldynn, man of the Syndicate and leader of these Immortal Flames.
Kan-E-Senna and Merlwyb both… Then they, too, know of the vanguards. And Meteor, as well. This letter speaks of much suffering.
I have ordered the imperial stronghold in Mor Dhona be watched.
An allied army will be needed to assault it. That much is clear.
Still, I cannot cede to the terms of both nations. The Seedseer asks we bear the cost of this war. But it will be no small sum.
Outsiders plundering our coffers - that's how the man on the street will see it. And the Monetarists of the Syndciate will oppose me and name themselves defenders of the public. Hmph.
You met with the Padjal. Heard her voice. Saw her eyes. Are you convinced?
Should I stay those who would oppose union, and pay for the realm's war? Should Ul'dah strengthen the alliance?
(Should Ul'dah support the alliance? We must first see what Limsa Lominsa will do)
(There is much to gain by doing so)
Raubahn: Aye, that there is. The might of Garlemald is great. Unallied, Eorzea will fall.
But an alliance in name alone is no alliane. The armies must be unified. And the people of one mind. What I fear most is the ambitions of the Lominsans. They will seek control.
But as it stands, I cannot commit. I must first have oaths from the other nations.
The three nations must rule the alliance as equals. On that I will not waver.
Those are my terms. If the Seedseer or the Admiral have others, I will hear them. This stalemate must be broken.
Take what I have said to Merlwyb. That is all. Ah, there was a messenger from the Maelstrom not long ago. I believe he brought words for you. Speak to my guard at the door. He will know more.

Raubahn: There was a messenger from the Maelstrom not long ago. I believe he brought words for you. Speak to my guard at the door. He will know more.

Second Flame Commander: If your business is done, then I ask that you leave. Be warned, though. Should you depart, you will not be permitted reentry to the Fragrant Chamber without just cause.
Hm? What of the messenger from the Maelstorm, you ask?
He said you are to travel to Mor Dhona with all haste, to the southwest of Camp Brittlebark. Further orders await you there. That is all.
Those are dangerous lands, friend. Do they mean to send you to Castrum Novum? If so, I shall pray to the Twelve for your safety.

The Shot Warship

(southwest of Brittlebark, instance)
Saelbmoht: If the Garleans raise the lunar transmitter, their Meteor plan will succeed. We must find a way to destroy it. Please, aid us, adventurer.

Ebrelnaux: It is believed Castrum Novum houses the lunar transmitter needed to control Dalamud, though it is not yet operational. Twelve be praised for that.
It would seem the Empire is investing still more of its power in Mor Dhona. More and more we see airships bound in its direction. We were fortunate enough to shoot one down not long ago.
There may have been much on board that can tell us more of the lunar transmitter. If you mean to search the wreckage, do take care - I wager the imperials have already dispatched forces to secure the site.

Cid: An imperial warship was shot from the sky on way for Castrum Novum. I sent word to the three nations requesting help surveying the wreckage. With luck, there may well be something that will tell us more about the Garleans' activities in Mor Dhona.
And here you are, <Player> - the finest the realm has to offer.
I might have known that you would be the first to arrive. Aye, knowledge is power, and your leader means to make it her own. With it, she could no doubt improve her nation's standing in the alliance.
Each postures, seeking an opportunity to wrest control of the proposed alliance. But if that's what it takes to see it made, so be it.
The fallen warship is to the north and west of here. Go, <Player>, and search the area.
Should you find anything of note - anything at all - bring it to me at once!

Contrived Encounter

(south of Castrum Novum)
(after killing three of the target Garlean soldiers)
(obtain an imperial strongbox key)

(use the key on the fallen device: obtain a set of Garlean schematics)
(you look around and head for the edge of the cliff. Down there is the fallen Garlean airship)
Gaius Van Baelsar: You… You, I remember.
(he approaches you from behind)
Gaius Van Baelsar: Tell me, do you think it fate that brings you here? Some threads woven by your Weaver whore? Or was it no more than the meddling of Master Garlond? Hmph, it matters not.
Go, take what you have scrounged like a rat and run to him. He is the only hope left you.
Do not think this a mercy.
Garlemald will annihilate the primals and claim dominion over all Eorzea. It is inevitable. As inevitable as your futile resistance.
All you can hope to do is decide the manner of this realm's demise. This is the mercy I offer. A choice - an end by the red moon, or an end by Garlean might.
I will not deny that the primals have proven a great nuisance. They have delayed our advance. It was to break the stalemate between us that Nael van Darnus sought to bring down Dalamud.
The impact of the red moon would destroy the primals in an instant. Little wonder that His Radiance embraced the scheme.
But Dalamud is no mere rock, despite what van Darnus would have us believe.
It is a great red sin, exiled to the skies by ancient Allag. There it has long festered, becoming something far more vile than we ever supposed.
I see proof of this in van Darnus. His manner is…altered. He is anxious. Uneasy. He deceives His Radiance.
Of those in your realm, only the son of Midas nan Garlond sees the red moon for what it is. His Radiance will reach the same conclusion in time.
Yet by then it will be too late. The shadow of Dalamud will already be dark upon these lands.
Oppose van Darnus and Meteor, if you wish. It is the only hope you ahve of sparing Eorzea from complete obliteration.
(he leaves)

By His Grace

(south-west of Brittlebark, instance)
Saelbmoht: Can the leaders truly remain so opposed to an alliance with Dalamud so large in the sky!? Master Gralond is in the right to name them all bloody idiots!
We need leaders who can look beyond their own bloody borders! If they refuse to cooperate even after hearing what you have learned, they should be stripped of their posts!

Ebrelnaux: Gaius van Baelsar…? You mean to tell me the legatus of the XIVth Legion told you of van Darnus's designs? That they were at odds with those of the Empire?
The White Raven is a keeper of the knowledge of Allag. If he has come here to realize his own ambitions…perhaps the Black Wolf would rather he failed.

Cid: You've returned! It is good to see you safe. Did you find anything?
Gaius van Baelsar!? So the Black Wolf has shown himself. Tell me everything!
Hmmm… I see plans within plans. It was not luck that brought down that ship, I think. It was van Baelsar.
And we wandered, artless, into his hands… But what choice did we have? We must take what we can get.
So long as I draw breath, Eorzea's fate is not sealed. Together, we shall turn the tide of this war yet.
Let's see… This set of Garlean schematics you found details how the lunar transmitter fuctions.
Aye, it's as I thought. The transmitter takes shape at the heart of Castrum Novum even as we speak.
I'll need to study the plans further, but I daresay they will prove invaluable in planning an assault on the stronghold.
There was word that Kan-E-Senna is calling an aliance defense council. The Lominsans and Ul'dahns are dragging their feet, though, as one could expect.
Take news of what we've discovered to the leaders, <Player>. Knock some bloody sense into those rock-hard heads of theirs. Tell them the last chance to save Eorzea is upon us, and they'd best not piss it away.
Leave the rest to me. Travel to the Lotus Stand in Gridania and do whatever you must to get those damned fools to pull in the same direction!

Meeting with the Circle

(in front of Stillglade Fane, instance)
Thancred: Bringing Dalamud down from the sky to obliterate an entire realm and everything within it…
Only the twisted mind of Nael van Darnus would seek to realize such an abomination as this Meteor endeavor. Small wonder he is considered a fiend even within the Empire.
This all began ten years past. Midas nan Garlond was working as the Empire's lead engineer when this brainchild of his came into being.
I have often wondered if it might not be guilt that drives Cid Garlond to toil so tirelessly to destroy it. The son's attempt to right the father's wrongs.
If the red moon falls, the descrution will be utter and complete. Nothing will remain to speak of, nor anyone to speak of it.
My friends and I mean to do everything we can to stop it. I, for one, have grown quite fond of this Eorzea. Would be a shame to replace it with an unseemly void, would you not agree?

Urianger: Ne'er till land consumes sun can sea bear moons,
Heavens spew crimson flame, hells seep black dooms.

Much hath been made clear. This Meteor plot, the seventh scourge, would usher in the seventh of the Umbral Eras. Should the red moon fall, all of Eorzea will be consumed by its darkness.
Behold how it groweth in the sky, drawing ever nigh. Aye, the moment of our doom lieth but a little way off.
Oft have I spoken these words, and now shall I speak them again. The prophecy is a warning to the souls of this age. Fell though its tidings be, all is not lost. For a warning by its very nature implieth hope. Hope to change one's fate. Hope to avert calamity.
Stray seeds quicken in ash's grey embrace,
valiant blades forged under the Twelve's good grace.

Thou makest thine own present, and through it, thine own future.
Yet wherein lieth hope? Why, hope lieth in the learning we Archons bring of arcana and prophecy. Hope lieth in the knowledge Master Garlond shares of Garlemald and machina. Hope lieth in the leaders of three great nations, each blessed with an earnest desire to protect life and liberty.
And hope lieth in thee, <Player>. Thou who art possessed of an indomitable spirit. More resteth upon thy broad shoulders than thou wouldst credit.
Yet give not to fear nor doubt as thou walk'st the path ahead. For with each step taken shalt thou draw nearer a future beyond prophecy.

Yda: I've been in Ala Mhigo for a while, having myself a little walkabout. Beautiful part of the realm, that. It was only when I got back and caught up with the others that I found out about everything I'd missed.
I didn't believe them at first, but now that I thinka bout it, I suppose that red moon does look a bit ominous. Oh, and I hear the Garleans were after Urianger! That must have been fun!
But listen to this! Urianger was playing them all for fools from the start. He's a sharp one, he is.
Had those imeprials chasing him this way and that, all over the realm. Truth is, he meant only to divert them to give the nations enough time to reform the Grand Companies.
He's perfect for the role, isn't he? I mean, that silly hood and all those old words he uses. A bit of a cliché, but a nice easy target for the Empire to fix their sights on.
Oh, it's not all an act. No, no. He truly does know more of the prohecy and Allag than anyone else.
Well, maybe not anyone. I can't help but worry a smidgen that van Darnus might know a bit more.
Oh, but never mind that. Everything will be just fine, as long as we all hold hope in our hearts. We'll find a way to stop this Meteor nonsense. You'll see.

Papalymo: The Empire fears the primals will bring about the end of the word. That is why the Garleans seek to destroy Eorzea, and the primals along with it.
This is the purpose of Meteor - to bring the red moon Dalamud down upon this realm! To bring about the very darkness we would spare this world - the seventh Umbral Era!
By the time we learned of their intent, the seventh scourge was already underway, though still in its nascency. We did all we could to delay the coming of the seventh Umbral Era and lessen the suffering. And yet here we are.

(when a Maelstrom member)
Y'shtola: As I have said before, we Archons come from Sharlayan. We belong to an order known as the Circle of Knowing, and Louisoix is our leader.
We traveled here to bring about the reformation of the Grand Companies, for only through them could the realm make ready for the coming of the seventh Umbral Era. You have done much for our cause, and for that you have our thanks.
But there is much still to be done. We now know the prophesied calamity to be the falling of the red moon to Eorzea. To prevent it, we must combine our strenth and oppose the Empire.
The scourge which will usher in the seventh Umbral Era has already begun. Surely you see this?
Even if the three armies are united, the battle to come will be more desperate than any before it. Victory will be bought with blood, if it is to be bought at all. I must know that you are ready, <Player>.
(Are you ready? No, not for this)
(Yes, I am)
Y'shtola: Good. to hear you speak your devotion to this cause means much. For only with devotion can the nearing doom be overcome.
Many are inspired to bravery by your mere presence. Believe in yourself as you walk your path, and be as a beacon in the darkness to others.
The council will begin soon. Go. Take your place at the Lotus Stand.

United We Stand

(you arrive at the Stand and approach Kan-E-Senna. She watches as you and the Archons arrive)
Kan-E-SEnna: On behalf of Gridania, I offer you my humble and heartfelt thanks for answering this summons.
All here present now know the Empire's Meteor project to be the scourge spoken of in prophecy that will usher in the seventh Umbral Era.
None among us can weather the coming storm alone. The alliance of old must be remade. United, we stand. Divided, we fall.
It is the way of blossom that in time it must wilt. Yet so long as root and branch remain, such petals shall spread in radiance again. So too shall the Eorzean Alliance flower once more.
Mayhap it is the fate of some or all to fall, as do the flowers in winter's chill. But if this is to be our end, then let us make it such an end as would honor our beginnings.
Cid: What is all this talk of endings? I don't remember agreeing to attend a funeral.
I came to see the birth of a three-nation army.
Merlwyb: This lass lacks the spine I hoped she'd have. I came to find a way for me and mine to fight, not to die.
Raubahn: The Admiral speaks it true. She has a way with words. Would that she could bottle them, she could like pay for her own war.
Merlwyb: I command the grand vessel that is Limsa Lominsa. And I will give not one ilm to that which bars her way - be it storm, pirate, or otherwise.
Whether the fleet be one ship or three, I will stay the course.
Raubahn: I speak the same for the south. All know I've never shied from a fight. In victory there is glory to be had, and wealth to be won.
But what of you, Padjal? Swear you on those horns of yours you will not wilt in the heat of battle?
Kan-E-SEnna: I realize it is much that I ask, yet I must ask it nonetheless. Will you unite with us?
Merlwyb: The courage of <Player> has convinced me, aye.
Many in Limsa opposed the alliance, but I have done what must be done. The winds in our sails are the winds of change - for better or worse.
Raubahn: The deeds of <Player> swayed all in the Syndicate who opposed. By his bravery, let the alliance be made.
The merchants seek to invest in the future. To that end, they will lend their wealth to the alliance.
Cid: About time we heard some good news!
Kan-E-Senna: Twelve bless you both. A seed has been planted here, and in the care of our three nations, it shall surely quicken. I look foward to the day that our efforts bear fruit.
Raubahn: Haha! Best look to the present instead. I do not act out of charity. Should the alliance prove more a hidnrance than a help, we will have words again.
Merlwyb: I would expect nothing less. Fo rnow, let us combine our strengths, and send Dalamud back to its seat in the heavens.
Cid: It is done! Now - now we strike back!
Kan-E-Senna: The elementals… They rejoice! The forest has heard us!
Serpent Lieutenant Fulke: I bring urgent news!
The scouts at Mor Dhona send word that a great shaft of light was seen emanating from the midst of Casturm Novum. They say- They say it shone towards the heavens!
Cid: No… The transmitter!
Raubahn: Calm yourselves!
Merlwyb: If it has begun, we must do all we can to stop it.
Kan-E-Senna: It was for this that we bound ourselves to one another.
Cid: <Player>!
We must act! We must act now!

Final Words (Limsa Lominsa)

(back in front of the Stillglade Fane, instance)
Y'shtola: The alliance which we have long wished and worked for has been made. Thank you for all you have done, <Player<.
But the three-nation army is a means to an end - not an end unto itself.
The true battle begins now. The way will not bee asy, but I take comfort from the fact that you fight alongside us.
Know that you are not alone, my friend.
There are others who battle for the survial of Eorzea. Our war is the same, but we must fight our fight, and they theirs.

Storm Marshal Slafyrsyn: The scouts sent to survey Castrum Novum will form the core of the unit which assaults it.
To their numers will be added those of a force from the allied army.
A fine place for the Eorzean Alliance to claim the first of many victories!

Cid: Twelve be damend! We're too late…
I was sure van Darnus lacked the Allagan tomestones he needed. I didn't think that many were even left! Where in the bloody hells did he find them!?
I've finished studying the set of Garlean schematics you recovered. I believe I've identified a way to access the lunar transmitter.
And with the might of a three-nation army, I'd wager we can destroy the damnable thing.
Once we do, Dalamud will be little more than a pretty red spot in the sky!
I don't intend to stand idly by while those bastards make a crater out of this realm! We will put an end to Meteor!

Merlwyb: Without you, there would be no alliance to speak of. You are the pride of our Maelstrom, <Player>, truly.
But there will be time enough for praise once disaster has been averted. Master Garlond believes this transmitter he speaks of has begun to work.
If we do not destory it, and quickly at that, all will be for naught.
Our scouts in Mor Dhona have set up a base in the cave northwest of camp Brittlebaark. Go there at once.
Plans for an assault on the stronghold have already been made, and preparations are underway. They will tell you more when you arrive.
I have instructed Eynzahr to present you with a reward - for all you have done until now. Speak to him befoe you leave to claim it.

Slafyrsyn: Your deeds inspire hope not only in the hearts of Lominsans, but the free peoples of all the realm.
I will not lie. Our position is…grim. But we must never forget to laugh, and to smile, now most of all. A broken blade may be reforged, but a broken spirit…
Your reward. Get you next to Jagged Crest Cave in Mor Dhona. There meet with the forces staging the assault on Castrum Novum.

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