Deus Ex Machina


Name: TM10 - Deus Ex Machina
How to begin: talk to Orn Guincum in Maelstrom Command
Areas: Limsa Lominsa

Last quest: Alive
Next quest: In for Garuda Wakening

Requirements to sign up: the quest Alive complete
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Enemy List
Magitek Vanguard, lv??

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High Summons

Storm Lieutenant Guincum: <rank> <Lastname>! I must say, it never ceases to amaze me how you adventurers just happen to pass by the moment we have need of your services. Either you are guided by the hand of the Twelve, or we have a serious security problem… I jest, of course! Ahem.
Great change is upon us, and there is much we must do to prepare, lest we come to grief in the coming storm.
The Admiral and her high council have met every evening for the past fortnight to deliberate over Limsa's course, and it seems they have finally reached a consensus. She has called an assembly to announce the Maelstrom's next move…and has requested that you attend, by name.
Now, why she would want to meet with a member of the rank and file, I cannot say…though it may have something to do with your recent success in dealings with Master Garlond of the Ironworks.
Whatever the case, it would not be wise to keep the Admiral waiting. Make haste to the Coral Tower.
(quest accept)
Storm Lieutenant Guincum: Very good. Perhaps it is this undying loyalty to the Maelstrom that has won you the Admiral's regard. Now hurry along.

Guincum: Why are you still here, <rank> <Lastname>? The Admiral awaits your arrival in the Coral Tower. She is a busy woman, and will not be pelased if she is made to wait at the whim of an errant adventurer.

Grand Dreams

(Coral Tower instance)
Hyllfyr: A ship must 'ave a compass. 'Tis elsewise doomed t' drift the endless Deep. Yet a compass be worth only as much as the man readin' it.
And Merlwyb be more man than any barnacle-backed scrag for a thousand leagues. Don't ye forget that.

Reyner: With the signing of the Galadion Accord, the Admiral will have accomplished that which her predecessors could only dream of.
Whether she can maintain order remains to be seen… Yet I have full faith in the woman. She has come this far, and that in itself is an achievement few could claim.

Storm Marshal Slafyrsyn: Hmph. You may have beguiled the Admrial, but you'll not find me so easy to deceive.
Regardless of what Merlwyb believes, the Maelstrom needs you like a privy needs an oven. One misstep and I'll have your head on a pike. Understood?

Merlwyb: At ease, <rank>. You are wondering why I summoned you. Wonder no more. After witnessing your skills firsthand, I was left in no doubt that you were different from the rest - that I could trust you.
It is for this reason that I would have you present at the signing of the Galadion Accord.
Ah, it seems Lieutenant Guincum was neglectful in his briefing. This has been duly noted.
The Galadion Accord is not unlike the pact recently made 'twixt the Grand Companies, yet though its scale is comparatively modest, I have no doubt that it will prove to be of greater benefit to our city-state than the hollow promises exchanged by the signatories of the Eorzean Alliance.
With the signing of the Accord, Limsa Lominsa takes its final step in preparing for war with the Empire.
As you can see, I have summoned others to this meeting - Commodore Reyner of the Knights of the Barracuda, Grand Storm Marshal Eynzahr Slafyrsyn…
…and finally, Hyllfyr, Captain of the Bloody Executioners, and voice of Limsa Lominsa's priates.
After several days and nights of deliberation, we have at long last reached a concord stating that for the duration of our conflict with the Empire, the myriad independent pirate crews of Vylbrand and beyond will gather under the crimson standard and follow us into the flames of battle.
That is the Galadion Accord.
With our city-state thus united, we need no longer let the Empire ravage our homeland for lack of strength to oppose them. We need no longer cower behind our city gates because our allies would sooner rain taunts upon one another than cannon-shot upon their oppressors.
If it is a fight the Empire wants, they shall have one! Once the Accord is signed, we will announce our intentions to the realm with a chorus of blood and fire!
As not to flaunt my command and prick the pride of those pirates who have but recently warmed to the idea of the Maelstrom, I have chosen the neutral location of Aleport for the signing.
And I would have you attend as representative of the Foreign Levy.
In these past moons, you have proven yourself time and again an invaluable asset to the Maelstrom. You were cast in the mold of great men, <rank>. You are the standard against which heroes are measured, a shining example to those yet in the dark.
You are the Maelstorm, and without you, our cause would be lost. And so I ask you stand with us as the proud armada embarks on her most imporant voyage - a voyage into the annals of history!
I shall await your arrival in Aleport, <rank>. Till sea swallows all.

Deep Pockets

(you arrive at Aleport, only to find a strange machine attacking the soldiers there. None can stand up to it, and many flee)
(the Admiral looks down from on top of a small fort. She sees Garlean soldiers close to some of the pirates. One of them grins)
Merlwyb: TRAITOR!
Flambard: No 'ard feelin's, eh, Admiral?
The imperials've got deeper pockets, is all. Ain't a soul as would've done no different.
(Merlwyb jumps down and attacks the Garleans. When they fall dead, Flambard and the two others are saved just in time by the appearance of the imperial machina, only to have it attack them)
Flambard: Wh-Wh-What in the seven 'ells?
No, no! Wait! We're on the same side, see?
B-But ye swore I'd-
(the machina attacks them. Merlwyb tries to take it down while it's distracted, but to no effect)
Reyner: By the Twelve! What is that thing!?
Slafyrsyn: Fall back!
Merlwyb: And admit defeat!? Never!
Slafyrsyn: If you die here, our defeat is all but assured. Live today, so that we may exact our vengeance tomorrow.
Hyllfyr: Call the retreat, ye stubborn fool!
Slafyrsyn: You cannot truly believe we stand a chance against that thing!
Merlwyb: Damn you, both…
Fall back! Fall back!
(the machina follows while the pirates and the Barracudas retreat. The player appears with their friends, and stand in its way)

True Unity

(the machina drops a little and lets out steam)
Merlwyb: It would appear you have dispatched the machina.
(you see Merlwyb, Hyllfyr and Slafyrsyn approaching in the background)
Slafyrsyn: I detect no further signs of imperial activity. The invaders are either dead or retreated.
Merlwyb: Very good.
Still, it should never have come to this.
To what end was the blood of our comrades spilled this day!?
Slafyrsyn: It seems we were betrayed by a small group of pirates who believed they would gain more from an alliance with the Empire.
Merlwyb: I am well aware of that, Marshal!
I do not ask what happened - I ask why!
…Hells take those covetous fools! The Accord was meant to prevent this. To free us of the heavy price of greed…
…To show every true Lominsan that united we could take on the world in arms!
And this is the unity I offer them!?
(you make motions to Merlwyb)
Merlwyb: Have you come to make mock of me?
<sigh> You adventurers are a curious lot. I sense I might learn much from you.
Reyner: Admiral, if I may… It is true a great many brave souls gave their lives this day - but it was not in vain they did so. Outnumbered though they were, not a single man ran until the call for retreat was given. They stood their ground and fought to defend their nation, to defend the crimson standard. Those who died didn't die pirate or Barracuda - they died heroes. And there is no truer unity than that.
Merlwyb: You are right. We shall gather their bodies and bear them back to Limsa Lominsa, where they shall be honored as the heroes they are.
(Merlwyb almost walks past you, then stops)
Merlwyb: And you…… Carry on.
Slafyrsyn: I could be wrong, but I believe that was her way of saying, 'thank you'.
As for myself, I believe I owe you an apology. That was quite a display of courage. Your selfless act helped save the Admiral's life, and with it, the Maelstrom.
Perhaps you are all the Admiral believes you to be.
(he hands you your reward and leaves. You head the other way, back to Limsa)

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