Dendrological Duties


Name: CNJ1 - Dendrological Duties
How to begin: talk to Soileine
Areas: Gridania, Bentbranch

Last quest: -
Next quest: Good Knight, Sweet Dreams

Requirements to sign up: CNJ20
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Rabid Coywolf

Level: ??
Drops: -
Location: north-eastern Bentbranch

Alpha Coywolf

Level: ??
Drops: -
Location: north-eastern Bentbranch

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Joining the Guild

Soileine: Tread quietly - for here the elementals whisper their will, and we conjurers must listen with every fiber of our being.
There are those born with the ability to hear them. But even those without this gift may come to hear the elementals in time - albeit with rigorous training.
Is that why you have come to unto us, adventurer? Do you wish to become one with the Twelveswood, and to serve it?
(Devote yourself to the Conjurers' Guild? No, I'm just lost, actually/Yes, teach me your ways)
Soileine: The forest rejoices at the birth of a new conjurer. The elementals are pleased, brother.
In time, you will learn to open your heart and mind to the elementals - to bond and commune with them.
Elementals abound in the Twelveswood around Gridania. Unto them falls the task of protecting the forest.
And unto us falls the task of protecting them.
To that end, we have laid the Hedge - a magical barrier formed by our order and the elementals that serves to turn away outside evils. Those who would breach it invite our vengeance.
We are the conjurers - intermediaries of nature and man. Our place is between Gridanians and the elementals.
The majority of our citizenry are deaf to the forest's whispers. Yet all feel the presence of the elemntals, as surely as they feel hot and cold.
But words cannot justly describe this sensation. You must go and experience it for yorusef. Are you prepared?
(quest accept)
Soileine: You are to speak to Brother Telent. You will find him here among us, no doubt at his meditations. Go in silence.

Soileine: All that concerns a conjurer is the safety of the elementals. It falls to us to see any who bear them ill will purged from the wood.
Your spiritual journey awaits. Go and speak with Brother Telent when you are ready.

Hetzkin: You have taken the first step, and none is more important. Hetzkin commends you for answering the forest's call, brother.

Foforyo: So you seek to become a conjurer? I will not lie - the journey before you is a difficult one.
You must distance yourself from your conscious mind - from the perceptions which have defined you until now. Do this, and the natural magic of Hydaelyn will flow freely through you.

T'nbulea: Be welcome, brother. I am T'nbulea, and I have been among the conjurers in this sacred place for many years.
Toil in earnest, but have patience. Only when you have learned to open your heart will you realize this important fact - you can listen as well as you hear.

Biddy: By what name are you known to this world, brother?
A good name, by any measure. The elementals are like to favor you.

Maroile: All Gridanians have come to know the true power of the elementals.
It falls to us as conjurers, together with the moogles, to connect them with the commonfolk.

Gugula: There have been many visitors to the wood in recent days. Forces are at work here, grand but as yet unseen.
Not all whom the forest beckons are adventurers. Yet what quality unites you all, and entwines your fates with that of the wood…I cannot fathom.

Concessa: Please, leave me. I would not bear your taint.
I-I'm sorry. I did not mean to… Perhaps in time you will come to understand.

Zerig: Ohoho, the realm of the elementals eludes mortal comprehension, brother.
One may as well ask whence life comes in birth, and whither it goes in death. Answers there must be, for sure, but they are not for us to know. Ohoho!

Kinborow: An adventurer, are you? Then you will doubtless have hunted in the Twelveswood.
Fie! The forest is a place of reverence, not slaughter. If you wish to hear the elementals, you would do well to remember that.

Coy Wolves

Telent: Yes, yes, I know who you are, Brother <Full Name>. The forest's whispers fly far faster than those they concern.
Bah, forgive me. I am weary. The Oak Atrium has had me listneing to their damnable logs since sunup. I suppose it's all this old man is good for.
At any rate, the elementals were good today. A giant tree was hauled today, and they agreed to remain within, even after it is cut and hewn.
In return for their sacrifice, they asked only that we quell the evil beasts lurking about the wood east of the Blue Badger Gate.
There have been coywolves, prowling of late, they told me, fiery of eye and belly. Their terror must be ended - for their own good as well as the wood's.
You are still a far cry from hearing the elementals yourself, but you may yet act on their words.
Pass through Blue Badger Gate and head east, brother. And ready yourself for a fight. It may well come to that.

Telent: The elementals ask that a pack of beasts terrorizing the Twelveswood be brought to heel.
Pass through Blue Badger Bate and head east, brother. You'll come to a clearing with some withered old trees afore long. And that is where you will find your rabid coywolves.
Bah, what peril is there that youth cannot overocme? I'd not send you if I thought the danger too great.

Zerig: Ohoho, have you a map? What of a radical or wand? Have you prepared all you need?
Have you packed something to eat? A conjurer must needs keep up his strenght, ohoho!

Concessa: I commend your bravery, and your sense of duty. Putting down wild coywolves is no small feat.
I myself could not rise to the task, even at the elementals' behest. Beast or no, they partake in the same web of life as we, and of that I would not deny them.

Kinborow: The order may come from Brother Telent, but it is the will of the elementals, sure as sunrise. Go forth with pride, brother.
The elementals do not distinguish between man and beast. They may give their consent to battle, but the outcome is of little consequence to them.

Gugula: <incoherent mooglespeak>
My accent sounds off to you? Well, as an adventure adept in a single language, your ear must be very acute, I'm sure.

Maroile: Simply observe, and you will learn much of our way of life here in Gridania. Did you see, for example, the arbor giant just recently arrived at the Oak Atrium?
The conjurers will ask the elementals within for their blessing. If granted, the carpenters will then fashion it to serve the common need. Into an abode, perhaps - a place a Gridanin will call home for the rest of their days.

Biddy: Items from which life has gone, but within which the elementals remain, are said to bring good fortune to their bearers.
To be sure, misfortune visits us all form time to time. But never without reason - however inscrutable.

T'nbulea: I sometimes hear the trees speak. They say the bond between conjurer and tree is like that between lovers. The whispers cause everything to fade away, until only that sweet voice remains, echoing gently in your heart.
Like a lover, though, the trees demand devotion. I am able to hear only a single species - and one of little value. That is the reason I began to seek the voices elsewhere.

Hetzkin: This is no lone coywolf you'll be facing. They are gregarious beasts. Hetzkin fears you will have quite a battle on your hands.

Soileine: Brother Telent is one of our most gifted. For years, he has listened to the trees. Their voices are soft and calm, yet profound and penetrating.
He was a violent man in his youth, quick to temper and quicker still when in his cups. Many think it was the voices that soothed him. Yes, we could all learn a good deal from Brother Telent.

Deeds Done

(clearing east and north of Bentbranch)
(after you dispose of the wolves a conjurer approaches)
Morys: The trees are pleased. Very pleased. No more death. Not this day.
The moogles, too. The moogles are safe. A good deal safer.

(Stillglade Fane)
Maroile: Make use of what you learn here, or be doomed. Many and more have been claimed by the wood in their seemingly selfless attempts to serve it.
Some ignorant, some evil - but all are made fools in the end. The faculty of wisdom and the ability to heed it are your weapons. Temper them well, brother.
I wonder if you have not just ben set your fist test - and failed…

Hetzkin: Hetzkin is pleased to see you returned in one piece! The gods are good!

Soileine: Brother <Player>, you have returned so soon. I pray all went well. How did you fare?
Yes, I can sense the killing on you still. A necessary evil, I'm afraid. You should speak with Brother Telent.

Concessa: No, pelase! I pray you not draw near me. The stench of blood and death is all about you.
You are tainted, adventurer, because you live without thinking. Thought must precede all action.

Zerig: Ohoho, I hope you are pleased with yorusef. My wife won't suffer me in my own bed, and it's all your fault!
All I did was mention how nice it would be to be single again, so I could go off on dangerous rangings like you, ohoho!

Kinborow: I was troubled by the task given you, so I turned an ear to the forest. It seems not all elementals had consented to the coywolf hunt, after all.
I'd not be surprised if Brother Telent were playing a clever ruse on us all. I never trusted that old dtrickster.

Telent: Well, look who's back, hehehe! Made short work of those beasties, did you? Didn't kill too many, I hope.
Foul beasts they may be, but they are of the wood. It's not our place to kill as we see it, as Eorzeans elsewhere do. Doing so only angers the elemntals, and brings the greenwrath on us all.
A conjurer, you say? Came along and told you you'd done enough, did he?
That'd be Brother Morys, then. He's a strange one, he is. Not forestborn, but he hears the voices all the same, that much is certain.
Some here at Stillglade Fane refuse to believe in his powers. Easier than admitting there's an outsider who hears better than they, I suppose.
Others couldn't care either way. But the man has greatness within him - I can see it. And in times such as these, we can hardly afford to shun it.
Go on and see Soileine, now. She'll see to it you're paid.

Telent: Brother Morys is no Gridanian. Still, the voices speak to him, and he listnes with the whole of his heart. A bloody bramble patch of mysteries, that one.
If you took his advice, I'm sure everything will have gone well. Best go and see Soileine about your pay, now.

Soileine: Welcome back. Brother Telent spoke very highly of your performance.
Perhaps you have come to realize just how important he is to us. For many, many years, he has heard the elementas. Yet unlike others, he is able to hear the voices within all kinds of trees.
Oh, do not envy him his gift. Such power is not necessary to become an accomplished conjurer. Take Brother Morys, for exmple.
He is much like you adventurers in a way - unaware of his potential. Forestborn or no, he can hear the elementals as well as any, and better than most.
Here is your reward, may it please you. Go in silence.

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