Defending the Hive

Join forces with the Wood Wailers to defend Redbelly Hive from the bandits who seek to reclaim it.


Name: Defending the Hive
Type: Defend
Level: 32
Location: South Shroud / Redbelly Hive (22,17)
Spawn: only when the Hive is in control of the Wood Wailers, 15 min duration

Reward: ? exp, ? gil, ? seals
Additional Reward: -


Redbelly Chanter
Redbelly Gutter
Redbelly Sharpeye


The objective of the FATE is to defend the reclaimed Redbelly Hive from the Redbellies who would take it back. You will be assisted by several Wood Wailer lances, and the way deeper into the Hive is periodically blocked by Hive gates. Defend the Wailers and each of the gates for as long as you can. Failure to defend them will result in failure of the FATE and control of the Hive being transferred back to the Redbellies.

Category: Quests


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