Dance the Night Away


Name: WVR2 - Dance the Night Away
How to begin: talk to Deaustie at Sunsilk Tapestries
Areas: Ul'dah, Gridania

Last quest: Hoodwinked
Next quest: A Fruitful Murder

Requirements to sign up: WVR30, Hoodwinked complete
Required items: Midnight slippers
Reward: ?


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All parleys in the quest are 4-star difficulty.

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Evil Stepsisters

Deaustie: <Player>, something terrible has happened. It must be seen to right away with the style and grace expected of Sunsilk Tapestries. Come to the Weavers' Guild as soon as you are able!

(Sunsilk Tapestries)
Deaustie: There is to be a royal ball at the Heaven's Shard. We're completely mired in orders from the countless distinguished personages who will be attending.
There is no margin for error here. The roayl family and the Syndicate are both funding the event. This is as grand an event as Ul'dah is like to see for years!
I've more than a few tasks whcih I'd welcome your assistance with - assuming you're willing to help us?
(quest accept)
Deaustie: Good, then let us- Oh dear, customers! Never a moment's rest. Do be on your best behavior, <Player>.
(some people walk in)
Okkh Polaali: Deaustie, darling, so good to see you! You look simply ravishing, as always.
Eadburga: We've come to gather our gowns for the royal ball. You have finished them, haven't you?
Deaustie: Ladies, you honor us with your custom. Of course your gowns are ready. I think you will both be very pleased with what we have prepared for you.
Chuchumu, your lovely stepsisters are here.
(Okkh and Ead grin at each other and head towards Chuchumu)
Okkh Polaali: We didn't come all this way to be disappointed, you little wretch.
Eadburga: Honestly, Chuchumu, can you not even be trusted to do the one thing you're supposedly good for?
Chuchumu: Of c-course your dresses are ready, milady…and milady. Just permit me a moment to go and f-fetch them, if it please milady…and milady.
(as Chuchumu hurries off, Okkh and Ead giggle by themselves)
Deaustie: Chuchumu's stepmother takes tea with some of the most powerful people in Ul'dah. The Heaven's Shard has extended an invitation to her entire family, from what I've heard.
Which mans that Chuchumu will be attenidng, as well. Hmmm… Would you mind helping Chuchumu to finish her remaining tasks, <Player>? It's the least we can do.

Deaustie: Help Chuchumu with her tasks in any way you can, <Player>.
Lady Ouvielle's renown has won even Chuchumu an invitation to the ball. Let us do all we can to make it as memorable an evening as possible!

Jannie: Every lady from the Fronds to the Dunes wants an invitation to the ball. It's just a shame that the prince is a Lalafell…

Dylise: I think the ball may prove a bit much for poor Chuchumu, bless her… She lacks the refinement to move in such rarefied circles.
Why ar you looking at me like that? I wasn't even speaking to you. I was just thinking out loud. Now leave me alone and let me get back to work.

Barnabaix: We weavers have come to realize something: the clothes do not make Lady Ouvielle - Lady Ouvielle makes the clothes.
The woman looks ravishing in absolutely everything she wears, and she sets more trends than any other lady in Ul'dah.

Gloiucen: I'd only ever known Eadburga and Okkh Polaali to be absolute angls. And everyone at court always spoke so highly of them.
So you can imagine how appalled I was to see the way they treat Chuchumu. They are their mother's dugahters, I suppose.

Cahernaut: Chuchumu really does make the loveliest dresses. All the weavers think so.
And she has an undeniable eye for the latest trends. Her works are always highly sought after by the young ladies at court.

Aspipi: All the great and the good of Ul'dah will be attending the ball at the Heaven's Shard.
We've received more orders for new dresses than we know what to do with. And from what I hear, the goldmsmiths of Esthaime's are having a merry time fo it, too. The miners can't dig the gems up fast enough.

Magical Slippers

Chuchumu: <sigh> I've finally finished my stepsisters' dresses.
I would give anything to be able to attend the ball in a dress half as beautiful as either of these. My stepsisters really don't know how lucky they are…
Deaustie asked you to help me? So that I can go to the ball? Truly!?
Oh, <Player>! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have no idea what this means to me!
There is one thing… I have heard that there is a wizard that lives far to the north, in the forests of Gridania. The smallfolk say that he has the power to grant a wish to those he deemds worthy.
I couldn't psosibly make the journey msyelf - not with the work to be done here. Would you go in my place and ask him to grant my wish? I need slippers, <Player> - magical slippers!
Then I could attend the ball in the same splendor as all the other ladies! Please, go and find this green wizard. I just know he will grant my wish!

Chuchumu: Please, <Player>, go and find the green wizard of Gridania. If he gants me a pair of magical slippers, the ball will be unforgettable, I just know it!

Jannie: There is a certain kind of footwear made from the finest black feathers of Gridania. They are called 'midnight slippers', and are thought to imbue their wearer with all the allure and mystery of the night.

Dylise: You are aware that the Gridanians loathe us Ul'dahns, yes? And I am not overstating that. The people absolutely abhor us.
But all the same, they seem to like the clothes that we design here well enough. We often receive invitations to performances at Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre.

Barnabaix: The secret to success in Ul'dahn high society for a bloke such as yourself is to find the wealthiest woman you can - and make her love you!
Lady Ouvielle certainly knows the wisdom of this. Her charms have caused more than a few men at court to fall for her - sometimes even married ones.

Gloiucen: Gridania lies to the north on the road to Ishgard, amidst the trees of the Black Shroud.
Our trade with the north has dwindled of late, but time was the ladies at court in Ishgard would buy our dresses in bulk.

Aspipi: So Chuchumu is off to the ball after all, is she? It warms my hear to hear that.
Ive' known the lass since before she was allowed to hold a needle. I even made her own swaddling clothes myself, right here. Damned if I didn't.

Cahernaut: The midnight slippers of legend… Do you think that it is truly the feathers of Ixal that are used to make them, as the stories tell?
It is a shame the Amalj'aa have naught that we might use to make dresses… It would be nice if we could extract some additional benefit from the deaths of our enemies.

Gridanian Woes

(Stillglade Fane, Gridania)
(starts this way only if you've joined the Conjurers' Guild already)
Soileine: I sense unrest within you, <Player> - and urgency. Come, tell me what troubles you.
The green wizard, you say? Is that what brings you? Gods be good, do the southrons have you chasing their faerie tales now, as well?
We've had more than a few of you adventurers coming to us of late, prattling on about such children's tales. It is tiresome, to be frank.
You simply want a pair of slippers, is that the way of it? In that case, I suggest you pay a visit to the Ebony Stalls and speak to the merchants.

(Ebony Stalls instance)
Theldry: Another fool from Ul'dah, is it?
Aye, might be I got your midnight slippers. But might be I already got a buyer, as well.
I'll not sully my shop's good name by breaking a deal. But if you were to do something to add to its renown, well…maybe then we could talk.

Nesta: I am flattered by the proposal, but I am a married woman. Truly, a few moons in Ul'dah and you advne- Oh, Theldry's shop?
(What type of rumros will yous pread about Theldry? The quality of her wares is without equal)
Nesta: Truly? I hadn't heard any such talk. You wouldn't be trying to swindle an innocent lady, would you?
Nesta: You have convinced me, adventurer. I will do what I can to help good Theldry, and pass along word of her shop to the other carpenters.

Cicely: What? Theldry's shop? The one right here at the Ebony Stlals, you mean?
(The quality of her wares is without equal)
Cicely: Really? Her wares seemed rather ordinary when I last visited. What proof does she have of their surpassing fineness?
Cicely: You are nothing if not zealous. I suppose there is no harm in taking you at your word. There is no doubting the talents of Gridania's leatherworkers, after all.

Keelty: Was there somethign you needed help with, friend? The Ebony Stalls? Theldry's shop?)
(The woman offers the best prices in the realm)
Keelty: Can it be? I never thought her the kind to piss away profits.
Keelty: It would appear you speak the truth. Very well, I will visit her shop. I only hope there are savings left to be had.

Miounne: If you have something to say, make it quick. I've come to shop, not bandy words.
(The woman offers the best prices in the realm)
Miounne: Perhaps I could stand to pick up a few things… She sells everything an adventurer needs, after all. And what is good for aventurers is good for my Adventurers' Guild.
(The quality of her wares is without equal)
Miounne: Well, I am pleased her wares have garnered such acclaim. But I am the leader of a guild, and master of a linkshell. My equipment is always the best - without exception.
(She means to close should sales falter)
Miounne: Tragic, to be sure, but such is life. The eperience will serve her better than any coin.
(She donates a portion of her profits to Eorzean charities)
Miounne: What's this? Theldry? I'll not believe it until I see it.
Miounne: I will take you at your word, adventurer. Theldry is a paragon of integrity - a shining example for us all.

Theldry: Seems my shop is suddenly the busiest in all the stalls - Ebony and Rosewood! My custom all say it as an adventurer what convinced them to come…
I'm of a mind it was you… Aye, I thought it might be. You must really have a hankering for those slippers, eh?
Well, hanker no more. They're yours. Though I can't say I approve of all thse patrons expecting sales and gil back on their purchases… Just what did you tell them all, anyway?

Dream Come True

(Sunsilk Tapestries)
Deaustie: Greetings, <Player>. Are you back from Griania?
You adventurers certainly are useful for advertising throughout the realm. None of our weavers would even think of traveling so far from Ul'dah to spread the Sunsilk name.

Chuchumu: <Player>… Are those…slippers?
Thank you so much! Slippers were the only thing I still lacked for the ball.
I made a dress for myself with the cuttings and scraps left from the swatches used for my stepsisters' dresses. And a man from the hamlet stables agreed to see me to the ball by chocobo coach.
I…I think that is everything. Oh, I can't believe this is happening! Am I truly going to a royal ball!? It is a dream come true!
(she whirls around)

Deaustie: It would seem that all of Chuchumu's tasks have been seen to. It was good of you to help her, <Player>.
Many of the more highly respected Sunsilk weavers will be attending the ball. Don't be too downhearted, though. If you work hard, you may one day enjoy a similar privilege.
I think the gods have something special in store for Chuchumu at this ball. And I daresay the part that you are to play in all of this is not yet over…

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