Curious Gorge Goes to the Bazaar


Name: WAR3 - Curious Gorge Goes to the Bazaar
How to begin: talk to Curious Gorge by Nophica's Wells
Areas: Nophica's Wells, Silver Bazaar

Last quest: Embracing the Beast
Next quest: Looking the Part

Requirements to sign up: WAR40, Embracing the Beast complete
Required items: ?
Reward: ?


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Enemy list
Canyon Condor, lv43

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Forbidden History

Curious Gorge: Hello again, my friend. It is quite obvious that you have been anything but idle in your training since last we met. Your progress is heartening to look upon, truly…but it also serves to remind me that each hour I spend poring over ancient texts is an hour not spent honing mys kills. I fear my worth on the battlefield is diminishing by the day.
Yet I am certain that my studies of the chronicles will yield something of use. In fact, just last night, I discovered how the warriors of my tribe came to be shunned by the outside world.
Upon witnessing the prowess of my tribe's warriors in battle, the armies of the city-states began to incorporate techniques similar to those I have taught you into their training regimen - techniques which require the waking of one's inner beast.
The consequences, of course, were dire. Yes, their soldiers became nigh on unstoppable, but they also became wholly uncontrollable…and both friend and foe fell prey to ensuing carnage. Of course, the heads of the city-states laid the blame for these atrocities solely at the feet of my kind, and promptly banned our ancient art, and imprisoned anyone suspected of teaching it. Or so the chronicles say…
What I find hard to grasp, though, is that never once during my tutelage did my instructors hint at this dark history. Nor did I ever see any of my tribe succumb to the rage that the chronicles describe.
Could it be that the tales are mere falsehoods? Stories concocted by some long-forgotten enemy who conspired to poison our heritage and befoul our tribe's name? Who in their right mind would seek to sully something so pure…and why would my ancestors simply bow their heads and suffer such ignominy!?
That my people should be so weak - so utterly bereft of pride - is inexplicable. I refuse to blieve it!
It matters not if these claims are groundless - if they prompted my tribe's art to fade into obscurity, then the damage has already been done. Well, I for one will not turn a blind eye to this injustice! If none of my people will give the lie to the stories that have so tarnished our reputation, it shall have to be me!
My friend, may I put to you a request? Might you agree to accompany me on a misison for the Company of Heroes?
It is a simple affair that requires a dual-pronged assault on a flock of giant, carnivorous condors that has been hunting the children of the Silver Bazaar.
By showing the hamlet's residents the true nature of the warrior, and the purity with which he fights, perhaps the citizenry may begin to embrace my tribe and our art once more - and put aside the lies of the past.
(quest accept)
Curious Gorge: Excellent! I knew you would understand the importance of this mission. I shall enter the hamlet from the west side, you approach from the north and east. I will meet you when we have dispatched the last of the cloudkin.

Curious Gorge: Once a day, mammoth condors descend from the canyon walls into the Silver Bazaar to hunt for small animals…and even children. The men and women of the village have tried everything in their power to fend off the evil creatures, but to no avail.
I shall approach the hamlet from the west gates, you from the north, then east. Call upon your inner beast to aid you in slaying each and every one of the cloudkin, that we may liberate the Silver Bazaar's people from fear, and go some small way to claring my ancestors' names!

Mistaken Identity

(north of Silver Bazaar)
(defeat canyon condors)
(you approach the silver bazaar, and see condors attacking. Once you get closer, you also see Gorge, with his eyes glowing red)
Sarra: You monster! Get away! Get away!
(the glow of his eyes fades)
Curious Gorge: M-Monster…? But I… I…
Come no closer, <Player>!
I-I must return to the Wells.
(he walks away. A crowd gathers to watch him go)

(by Nophica's wells)
Curious Gorge: <Player>… Please forgive me for leaving so abruptly earlier.
It was a hasty reaction to a situation for which I was completely unprepared.
While both you and I know that I was in complete control of my inner beast, I now realize that to the layman's eye, it may have seemed that…well, the opposite was true.
Mayhap it was this very misapprehension that lent weight to the lies which led to my tribe's disgrace. And if that is the case, then perhaps I should return once more to the chronicles, and endeavor to reassess their message in light of this discovery.
Speaking of light - your Soul of the Warrior is sparkling.
What did the whispers reveal? Anything of import?
If only they hadn't forsaken me, as they did my brother…
Ahem! Yes, well, I suppose that is that. I must continue my studies, and you your training. I hope to have something new for both of us very soon. Until then, my friend.
The warriors of ages past have borne witness to your stone-like tenacity and now grant you their undying strength!

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