Collecting Keepsakes

Dear friends of Phanaxio of the New Leaf were killed by a band of slyphs for refusing to join them in their summoning of the primal Ramuh. Though he knows there is naught that will bring his companions back, he seeks their effects, so that their memories may endure.


Name: Collecting Keepsakes
Type: Collect
Level: 40
Location: East Shroud / Larkscall (26,24)
Spawn: 15 min

Reward: 10,288 exp, 62 gil, 179 seals
Additional Reward: -


Sylpheed Screech
Sylpheed Sigh
Sylpheed Snarl


If the FATE has spawned but isn't active yet, it can be activated by talking to Phanaxio of the New Leaf. The objective is to gather enough sylphic keepsakes and deliver them to her. The keepsakes can be found on the ground and as drops from the sylphs in the area. Note that the area also includes several other aggro mobs that can make it a bit tedious to complete this FATE.


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Category: Quests


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