Cogwheel Scramble
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A shipment of rare cogwheel ore scheduled to leave Ul'dah on the morrow was found stolen from one of Raptor Couriers' warehouses. The shipping company does not have the means to procure the ore themselves, and so is hiring able-bodied fighters to travel to Black Brush and seek out coblyns carrying the ore on their backs.


Name: Cogwheel Scramble
Type: Tenacity
Issuer: Ul'dah Adventurers' Guild
Client: The Jolly Raptor Accountant, Baudry Wilder
Areas: Camp Black Brush

Class recommendation: DoW, Do, rank 1
Objectives: Cogwheel Ore x24 from Coblyns, 30 min
Reward: ?



Level: ?
Drops: ?

Coming soon

Category: Quests


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