Clasping to Hope


Name: Clasping to Hope
How to begin: talk to Totono at the Arrzaneth Ossuary
Areas: Ul'dah, Halatali

Last quest: -
Next quest: Traumaturgy

Requirements to sign up: ?
Required items: Novice's clasp
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Amalj'aa Lancer

Level: 35
Drops: ?
Location: near Halatali

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Totono: A tragedy… An utter tragedy.
What is it, you ask? Certainly the worst news of recent days. A band of Amalj'aa set upon our convoy - memebers of the Order, all. Though none lost their lives one of our thaumaturges was take captive.
Her name was…is Theda, and she has a gift for our ways such as none before her. We truly expected…expect great things from young Theda. Great things. But for her to meet with such a tragic end as this…
As to their motives - if motives can be ascribed to such savages - who can say? perhaps the Amalj'aa shamans mean to prize the secrets of our art from poor Theda through duress. If so, we may confidently assume that her power will soon be brought to bear against Ul'dah.
It must not come to that. Yet too many in our party suffered wounds in combat, and we haven't the manpower to spare for a search without some sort of hard evidence. Aid us, friend. Travel to the scene of the battle, and search for a novice's clasp left by Theda. All within the Order are taught to imbue their clasps with a message in times fo distress.
I have learned that the Amalj'aa warband which attacked us has been sighted on a number of occasions in the vicinity of Halatali in eastern Thanalan. Travel there and slay the fiends. Then search for Theda's clasp.
(quest accept)
Totono: Your deeds will not go unrewarded - by the Order, nor by Thal himself. Now please, hurry. We must help Theda. I only pray it is not too late.

Totono: The Amalj'aa warband which attacked us is often spotted near Halatali in eastern Thanalan. Travel there and slay the fiends. Then search for Theda's novice's claps.
Now please, hurry.We must help Theda. I only pray it is not too late.

Theda's Clasp

Totono: Not idly do the clasps of the Order fall… It is as I thoguht.
The Order possesses a magic which can reveal the messages imbued in the clasps of its members. And Theda has told us precisely where the Amalj'aa planned to take her after the battle - though what foolishness prompted her captors to disclose the location, and how she came to understand them, I am at a loss to surmise.
You have served us well, <Player>. With evidence as certain as this, the Order will surely move to resuce her. As promised, here is your reward. When she is returned safely to us, gods willing, perhaps it will be we who learn of the Amalj'aa's secrets!

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