Ceruleum Shock


Name: TM6 - Ceruleum Shock
How to begin: talk to Orn Guincum
Areas: Maelstrom Command

Last quest: An Officer and a Wise Man
Next quest: Till Sea Swallows All

Requirements to sign up: completed An Officer and a Wise Man, Their Finest Hour and Burning Man
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Immortal Bladedancer

Level: GLA22
Drops: ?
Location: Ferry Docks instanced fight

Immortal Lightspinner

Level: CNJ22
Drops: ?
Location: Ferry Docks instanced fight

Immortal Shadowspinner

Level: THM22
Drops: ?
Location: Ferry Docks instanced fight

Immortal Speardancer

Level: LNC22
Drops: ?
Location: Ferry Docks instanced fight

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Coming soon



Mission Briefing

Guincum: Welcome back, recruit. I understand the Admiral invited you to attend the inauguration. Quite an honor, I must say. …I myself was not invited.
Ahem! Business, yes. It has come to our attention that the Grand Companies of Ul'dah and Gridania are planning similar ceremonies. Knowing both city-states, they will doubtless be pantomines of puffery and propaganda.
But as a wise Admiral once said, the only bad intelligence is no intelligence, so here we are again.
Travel to Ul'dah and Gridania, sporting your best 'ambivalent adventurer' expression, and find a way into these events.
Once you have observed both, return to me with a full report. Only then shall I consider you for another mission. Dismissed.

(once you've seen them)
Guincum: Word has it that you were successful in infiltrating the inauguration ceremonies of both the Immortal Flames and the Order of the Twin Adder. So, tell me, recruit - what did you learn at these festivals of mummery?
I see… They, too, scramble to strengthen their ranks in preparation for a Garlean invasion. Perhaps the need is more pressing than we had anticipated. It was good that we sent you.
Having once again proved your loyalty to the armada through outstanding service, you are to be assigned a mission of the utmost importance.
Since her speech, word of the Admiral's resolve has swept through the city-state, drowning out all lingering voices of dissent. As a result, more and more citizens are coming forth to pledge their allegiance…including the last few reluctant pirate crews.
Among them are the Hollow Barons, an unsavory band of ne'er-do-wells noted for their complete and utter lack of scruples. lest you doubt the extent of their degeneracy, no less an authority on acceptable standards of villainy than one captain Hyllfyr has refused them a voice on the Astalicia.
Quite why they felt moved to join the city-state's cause remains a mystery, but the Admiral has repeatedly stated that the thalassocracy must stand together as one if we are to overcome the obstacles that face us. As such, however questionable their practices, turning away the Barons would give the lie to Merlwyb's calls for solidarity, and risk dividing a people we have only just begun to unite.
Instead, we thought it safest to test the loyalty of our new allies by means of a special mission tailored specifically to their unique…talents. Your task will be to accompany them.
You've spent enough time in this realm to realize that we Eorzeans are, by and large, an incorrigibly long-winded lot, so bear with me a few moments while I brief you on the particulars of your new charge.
As you know, a team of engineers from the Garlond Ironworks has been hired by the thalassocracy to assist int he design and construction of a flagship for the armada.
Once the vessel is complete, it will require massive quantities of an element known as ceruleum to power its engines - which is problematic, since the element in question is not readily to be found on Vylbrand. In fact, it is not readily found anywhere in Eorzea. Anywhere, that is, except for a small swath of mountainous land located in northern Thanalan.
But as with anything of any value in and around Ul'dah, the procurement and sale of ceruleum is controlled by the covetous wretches who style themselves rulers of the region. Indeed, it is those selfsame swinish syndicateers who have recently impose a three hundred percent tariff on all ceruleum exports to Limsa Lominsa.
The timing of this decree, of course, is rather too perfect. We can only assume that someone within the Maelstrom discovered the plans of our flagship to the Immortal Flames, and that the Syndicate moved swiftly to maximize its profit.
In order to maintain a pretense of diplomacy, the Admiral has issued an official complaint to the sultana, but refrained from taking any decisive action against the city-state.
Unofficially, meanwhile, we have dispatched the Hollow Barons to the ferry docks at Vesper Bay to carry out some…shall we say…'business'. If all goes to plan, entrusting this mission to the pirates will demonstrate our willingness to work together, rendering future cooperation more likely., If all does not go to plan, however, and the villains are caught in the act, we can always shrug our shoulders, cry "Pirates will be pirates!" and deny any involvement. The company wins either way.
These being pirates, of course, it would be madness to trust them entirely, even given the apparent perfection of our plan. That is why we have elected to send you as an escort. You will keep your head down, aid the crew in their operation, and report back to us if anyone happens to step out of line.
(quest accept)
Guincum: Well spoke, recruit.
Knowing the hot-blooded Barons, there is a good chance you will see battle at vesper Bay. I strongly recommend that you do not travel unprepared.

(talk again)
Guincum: I suppose it was only a matter of time before the Syndicate heard of our plans to construct a flagship. The Maelstrom's ranks are teeming with turncloaks and spies.
It this plan with the Hollow Barons succeeds, though, the sultanate will be powerless to stop us from obtaining all the ceruleum we require.

Pirate Charade

(Ferry Docks fight)
Immortal Bladedancer: No, no! Not another pirate! I hate pirates!

(instance after the fight)
Bisaine: Immortal Flames? Hmph. They did not seem especially immortal to me.

Yaeger: You the scrag they sent to collect the 'lum?
Well, don't jus' stand there scratchin' yer bollocks! Bugger off an' find Lvfrid! None of us can go home 'til ye've helped the cap'n get the goods.

Spiraling Path: Did you arrive on the ferry? Is it here!? Oh, please tell me it's here! Please! I don't know how much more of this place I can take!

Wahlbert: I finally scrape together enough gil to rent a chocobo to take me to Mor Dhona, and what happens? A blighted pirate comes and steals me bloody purse is what happens! At this rate, I'll never see Silvertear Falls!

Aisborgsyn: Hah! Is that all the Flames've got!? I've fought tougher bouts int he privy the mornin' after gorgin' meself on dragon peppers and stone cheese.
And who'd you say you were again? Guincum's lackey? Then it ain't no surprise ye've got bugger-all idea what's goin' on. Fer a bloke what likes the sound of his own voice, the good lieutenant don't actually say much, do he?
Here's the rub, then, mate - th' Admiral needs 'lum but don't got none. Ul'dah, meanwhile, is neck-deep in the stuff but wants a sultana's ransom fer takin' it past her borders.
The solution's simple, o' course. We piss on her tariffs an' take what we want. Wouldn't hardly be pirates if we did aught else, now, would we?
Anyroad, th' plan went like this: me an' th' lads get a nice little riot goin' here at the bay, and while the Flames is busy with us, our cap'n slips into the lightly manned 'lum pits up in northern Thanalan an' fills his pockets. He's prob'ly there by now, mind, so ye'd best hurry if ye fancy joinin' him.

The Ceruleum

(northern Central Thanalan. You approach a band of pirates)
Langdale: See that? 'Tis just as I told ye! Show 'em a bit o' steel, an' they slinks off like scolded whelps - tails atween their legs. Now let's grab the 'lum an' get back t' th' ship.
C'raigoh Dhen: Aye, aye, Cap'n.
(new people approach)
Dorne: Enough! We know what you and your vile companions at the ferry docks are up to, and it will not be allowed!
Relinquish the ceruleum, lay down your arms, and surrender yourselves to custody. Do this, and you will receive a fair trial. You have my word as a corporal of the Immortal Flames.
Langdale: Gods-a-mercy! A corporal o' the Immortal Flames, ye say!? Bwahahahahahaha! Would them be the same Immortal Flames as couldn't stop a mighty army o' two seadogs an' a poxy-arsed 'venturer from robbin' 'em in broad daylight?
'Ow in the seven 'ells do ye reckon ye'll fare when th' imperials start rainin' their fiery justice down upon yer golden spires, eh? 'Cause I reckon ye'll burn. Aye, 'twill be a right sore time fer ye…if the Maelstrom don't pull yer sorry arses from the flames.
Dorne: Hmph. It was foolish of me to attempt to reason with a criminal from a city-state which chooses its leader based on the outcome of a race.
And we call the Amalj'aa 'beasts'.
C'raigoh Dhen: Er…Cap'n? Why ain't we gutted 'im yet?
(the two sides prepare to fight. There's a bright flash)
Cid: Stay your blades! There is no need for bloodshed.
C'raigoh Dhen: Eh? Which 'ell did this worm crawl up from?
Cid: Ceruleum is a highly unstable soruce of energy.
One spark from a pair of crossed blades…one ember from an errant Fire spell would be all that was required for ignition. And the resultant conflagration would initiate a chain reaction that would swiftly spread throughout the mountain and…well, I imagine you can piece together the rest.
Langdale: Eh? Do I look like a bloody scholarly? Sod off, afore I show me lads what's inside that clever braincase o' yours.
Cid: Do you truly believe that squabbling with allies will help you avert the coming doom? Evil approaches, and standing alone will only make you that much more vulnerable.
And I speak not only of the Garlean Empire, but of something else. Something more sinister. Have you not looked up into the sky and noticed something amiss? The lesser moon, Dalamud - have you not witnessed it swell like a tumor, redden like the gout?
Even the realm's natural flow of aetheric energy has been disrupted. All aether would - should pass through Silvertear Lake upon returning to the Land, but it now appears that something is bending the energy's course - drawing it away.
This has upset the balance of all life and matter in Eorzea. It is why th weather has become unpredictable, why creatures have grown large and fierce, why crystals are losing their aspect.
Quite what could be drawing the aether, and what will happen if this phenomenon is allowed to continue, I cannot say. but what I can tell you with absolute certainty is that your petty quarrels over money and power are as grains of dust compared to the sandstorm that boils just over the horizon.
Langdale: …Bloody scholarlies.
Back to the ship, 'fore the bookish bastard bores us all to death.
Dorne: Wait! I order you to return here this instant!
Cid: <sigh>
(you approach him)
Cid: I take it you too are of the Maelstrom…though I do not think you share aught else with the dull-witted brutes who but recently took their leave of us.
Who am I, and why am I here? The questions of an inquiring mind, to be sure. Very well, I shall reveal all…but not here.
Meet me at the Limsa Lominsa Landing atop the Mizzenmast. Oh, and come alone. The subsequent exposition will seem far more dramatic if you do.

Cid Garlond

(Limsa Lominsa airship landing instance)

Murlskylt: Cid Garlond is one of the greatest minds in Eorzea - one of the few who can legitimately claim to have deciphered the mysteries of the Empire's machina. Who do you think built the realm's airships and lifts?

Wineburg: Those poor terns…

Faezbroes: One of our ships ran into a flock of terns over the bay. There's a team of deckhands pulling feathers out of the propellers as we speak. We've had to postpone all flights until that's done.

G'zentsa: Do you know who that is? That's only Cid Garlond. Cid Garlond of the Garlond Ironworks. The Cid Garlond! Yes, that's literally him in the actual flesh.
I had heard rumors about him, but always imagined he'd be older…and shorter. Perhaps a bit less groomed..markedly gruffer…and somewhat more outspoken. Oh, and he would definitely have a pipe…or maybe a cigar.

Wakerilda: Word has begun to spread of the Hollow Barons' raid on Vesper Bay.
The Maelstrom has publicly denied any involvement, but there are those who claim the crew was recently inducted into the Grand Company. Either way, you can be sure the sultanate will not take this lightly. It is said that Flame General Raubahn has already offered one hundred thousand gil to the man or woman who brings him Captain Lvfrid's head.

Shamzaza: Heheheheh. You look as if you've seen a ghost…or perhaps a bungled attempt by state-employed corsairs to steal ceruleum from the sultanate.
Oh, I am sorry. You truly aren't well, are you? Which is unfortunate, because things are only going to get worse from here on in! Mwahahahahaha!

Fraideoux: It is a relief to see the chief engineer return unharmed. He has a tendency to wander off alone sometimes.
While I can see how his studies might feasibly take him to the furthest corners of the realm at a moment's notice, he could at least contact us every now and then to reassure us of his continued preservation. Isn't that what linkpearls are for? What's the use of carrying one at all, if you are not going to use it!?

Cid: I've been waiting, and I must admit, it is not something I do well.
Now, let us make this brief. You asked what I was doing in northern Thanalan. well, I was studying the aetheric currents flowing through the ceruleum gorges on their way to Silvertear Lake.
As I fruitlessly attempted to explain to those brutes back int eh cavern, I believe the natural flux of all energy in Eorzea, and the influence it exerts upon its surroundings, has been disturbed by an external force, resulting the queer phenomena that have been observed throughout the realm.
As to the origin of this force, my studies point to the lesser moon, Dalamud, as the most likely suspect.
How do I know this, you ask? Well…it is complicated. And, really…does it matter? Given what it could mean to the realm - to the entire world - you would be better off focusing on what may yet be done and ignoring that which cannot now be changed.
Time is of the essence, my friend. The Eorzean city-states have only just begun to realize the true extent of what is happening, and are consequently hopelessly behind in making the proper preparations. Garlemald, on the other hand, has been aware of the truth for some time now.
That is why they have taken up positions all around Mor Dhona. This is no mere invasion, either - though at one time it might have been intended as such. No, this is something different. Something more.
And a part of me feel slightly responsible -which is why i have chosen to help your city by the sea, along with Ul'dah and Gridania. You see, the machina that the Empire is using to gather information…is of my design.
I, myself, am Garlean, as are my peers from the Ironworks. The terminals were one of my last inventions before I came to Eorzea. Lets you mistrust me, I may add that my colleagues and I are now fugitives, hunted by our countrymen for passing state secrets to the enemy.
I have no desire to return to the Empire, nor do I wish to pledge my allegiance to one city-state or another. Simply put, my cause is greater than any single nation. Were it otherwise, I would happily have left you and your pirate friends to slay as many Immortal Flames as would sate your bloodlust.
But as I said before, this is no longer about the insignificant wars of men. A thousand lives? Ten thousand? Even a hundred thousand. Those numbers are but a fraction of what will be lost if what I believe comes to pass.
The city-states must be made to see this, and if words will not persuade them, then perhaps force will be necessary.
I believe your Admiral has finally begun to comprehend her part, though not yet how best to play it - the near debacle at Vesper Bay being a case in point.
And you, adventurer - what are your intentions?
Your service to the Maelstrom has not gone unnoticed. It will not be long before you are granted admission into their upper ranks.
I understand it is difficult for your kind to settle down in any one place, but I sense far too much promise in you for you to go on wasting your talents wandering the world saving cats from trees and children from wells.
Let me leave you with these final words - you need not be at a ship's helm to influence its course. If you cannot be a captain, then be the wind.
Unless, that is, you would rather be a guiding flame or a sly serpent.
I will not tell you which path to choose, only that you must choose - if not for yourself, then for the realm.
I suppose you are wondering why someone like myself would take the time to reveal all this to an adventurer, of all people, and to tell you the truth, I have been wondering the same thing myself. This time, however, I have elected to heed my instincts. It may not be the most scientific of method,s but I've oft found it to be the most reliable.
Now, I must away. Dalamud calleth.

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