Career Opportunities


Name: IF1 - Career Opportunities
How to begin: talk to Hollin Aubrey at Hall of Flames
Areas: Ul'dah, Horizon's Edge

Last quest: -
Next quest: Kindling a Flame

Requirements to sign up: level 20 on any class
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Anole Familiar

Level: 19
Drops: ?
Location: Horizon instance

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Coming soon



Signing Up

Aubrey: This is the home of the Immortal Flames, friend. We are the Grand Company of U'ldah, and we welcome you to our halls.
You adventurers have proven as useful as any in gathering intelligence. we have need of a good man such as yourself.
The Immortal Flames are dedicated to safeguarding the peace and prosperity of Ul'dah against the growing menace that threatens our realm.
Flame General Raubahn Aldynn of the Syndicate is our founder and commander. Under his leadership, we strive to unite Ul'dah's martial and mercantile strengths, and bring them to bear on our common adversities.
Yet more often than not, we lack the numbers to fulfill so grand an aim, and true talent is a rarity indeed. I beseech you to lend us your strength. Add your name to the Immortal Flames' roll of heroes.
There is a certain merchant within the city - a man of great wealth and influence. Blinded by both avarice and arrogance, he continues to refuse our appeals for aid. No doubt he has naught but disdain for the Syndicate and the Immortal Flames, but he must be rallied to our cause. I would like you to try and convince him of this.
The merhcant's name is Taylor. He can be found at the docks where the ferries from Limsa lominsa put in. Persuade him to assist us, <player>, and the Immortal Flames may well greet you as a brother when next you come.
(quest accept)
Aubrey: Without the support of men of incluence like Taylor, the Immmortal Flames' cause is as good as lost. Do whatever you must to convince him, <Player>.

(talk again)
Aubrey: He can be found at the docks where the ferries from Limsa Lominsa put in. Win us his trust and allegiance - and most importantly, his gil!
Without men of influence like Taylor, the Immortal Flames' cause is as good asl ost. Do whatever it takes to win his support, <Player>.

The Wealthy Merchant

(at the Ferry docks in Thanalan)
Taylor: What's this, then? From the looks of it, I'd say the Immortal Flames have sent me another of their lapdogs. Come to try and talk me out of my money, have you?
Come now, do you truly expect me to believe that an organization thrown together in so hasty and desperate a manner can truly protect me and my interests?
Hah! Those hopeful heroes certainly have a thing or two to learn about doing business. Trust, faith, sincerity, mutual benefit - these are the pillars of all successful dealings. The Flames must show me what they have to offer before they see a single gil from my coffers.
Unless… If the Flames were to win the support of a man known as Urianger, I might be more inclined to consider entering into an agreement.
He is one of these mysterious souls who travels about the realm, from aetheryte to aetheryte, preaching dark words of the coming of the Seevnth Umbral Era.
I'll not be fooled by these so-called Archons, and neither shnould you. Urianger's words are all he has, and that's all they are - words. This Seventh Umbral Era is either a hoax or a trick of the old fool's mind. Be that as it may, fear is spreading among the smallfolk like wildfire. But in the billows of smoke, I smell opportunity!
If I'm going to turn this hunch into profit, though, I'll first need information! I must know precisely what is transpiring. So go and find this Urianger, and bring him to me - by force, if you must.
If what I've heard is true, you're most likely to find Urianger near these very docks. Head jus southeast of here and odds are you'll come upon him before long.

The Mysterious Souls

(Thanalan, far east of Camp Horizon)
Urianger: Ne'er till land consumes sun can sea bear moons, Heavens spew crimson flame, hells seep black dooms.
Hearken unto me, ye seeker of truth, and through my words be saved! The senary sun yields the septenary moon - expelling the Astral, beckoning the Umbral. So saith the eternal wisdom of Mezaya Thousand Eyes.
A shadow hangeth o'er the realm, growing blacker with each passing day! Rise from thy waking slumber! See the nightmare for reality, and ready thyself for the coming chaos! Darkness descendeth, but surrender not to despair! For the future is forged in the flames of the present! Child of everlasting dawn, hast thou the courage to face the night?
(Heed urianger's warning and join his cause? No)
Urianger: I sense the truth in they words, errant soul, yet some truths lie in that which is left unspoken.
Refuse to choose a path and thou art doomed to wander the rift betwixt reverie and reality for all eternity.
Dawn draweth nigh, and thou must prepare thine heart to accept the light.
Mayhap that shadow must needs be vanquished…
(Urianger summons a familiar and you defeat it)

(Thancred approaches)
Thancred: Ne'er till land consumes sun cna sea bear moons, Heavens spew crimson flame, hells seep black dooms.
You seem shocked. I am a bard, I'll have you know, and not utterly devoid of talent. The verses of Mezaya should pose no significant problem.
I confess, I am glad to have journeyed so far in search of inspiration and muse. For the noble disaply you have shown me this day, I shall repay you with a kindness. I shall tell you of the prophet.
More than a thousand years past, a great calamity was visited upon this world. Across the sky, a terrible blackness spread till no light could be seen, and then descended, seeping into the very hearts of men. Thus was he sorely afflicted, and his ways perverted. Chaos was in all palces all at once, and myriad creation was destroyed.
Avarice reigned supreme, and civilization was thrown into a lawless struggle for wealth and power - the mighty taking as they saw fit with complete disregard for nature and fellow man alike. Evil begat evil and ripened unchecked, taking on the sickly-sweetness of rot, near to bursting and rank with the promise of decay.
It was then that the Twelve, grieved by the corruption and sin that had gripped their creation, decided to purge the world of its evils with a cleansing deluge, proclaiming: "Behold the power of pure water!" And thus began the sixth of the Umbral Eras.
There is a moral in this story for those wise enough to find it. You see, it was we mortals who brought the great flood upon ourselves and our world, having left the gods no recourse. And so if our faults ushered in an Umbral Era in the past, then our strengths can prevent the coming of another in the future.
So what say you, <Player>? Will you pledge yourself to the side of good and fight to save the world? Know that you cannot rely blindly on others in things such as this. The road to victory must be found within yourself - as it must in all of us.
Gods, speaking to you has given me the most sublime idea for a poem! You are my muse, <player>! Truly, you are!
But I shall take up no more of your time - nor you of mine. Until our paths cross again, be good and be well.

The Conclusion

(at the Ferry Docks)
Taylor: Well, look who it is. I confess I was just asking msyelf whether you would return. Have you found our good Urianger, then?
Escaped…? Gods, this bastard is more elusive than a greased opo-opo. I thought an adventurer perhaps capable of the task, but it seems I was wrong.
Bah, there is no use nor gil in lamenting over such failures. You were able to procure some new information, so your efforts were not entirely lost. This Hyur bloke you spoke of seems to have known quite a bit about the Umbral Eras.
The question I now find myself asking is whether all of this was mere coincidence. Hmmm…I think perhaps that I should inform my superiors. I am not one to ignore my instincts - it is they that have made me a rich man, after all.
You failed to fulfill the task I set before you, <Player>. Still, you are not wholly undeserving of some praise for your show of sincerity and diligence. Allow me to give you a second chance.
I am willing to fund the Immortal Flames… But I shall give to them only so much coin as they give power to me. You may tell that barbarian Raubahn those are my terms.
(obtain Taylor's letter of intent)

(talk again)
Taylor: I am willing to fund the Immortal Flames… But I shall give them only so much coin as they give power to me. Now run along to the headquarters of the Flames, and tell that barbarian Raubahn those are my terms.

(at the Hall of Flames)
Aubrey: Welcome back, <Player>. Tell me, how did you fare? You carry a letter from Taylor? Show me…
So, he demands power to command the Flames in exchange for his gil… I suppose we should have expected as much. I will see to it word reaches Flame General Raubahn - both of this and of your loyal service.
As for enlistment in the Immortal Flames, it is I who have been entrusted to make final decisions regarding recruits. Come and speak to me again if you are still interested. That is all.

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