Captain's Orders


Name: MRD3 - Captain's Orders
How to begin: talk to Waekbyrt aboard Astalicia in Limsa Lominsa
Areas: Limsa Lominsa

Last quest: Two-man Crew
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: MRD36, Two-man Crew complete
Required items: Kraken register
Reward: ?


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Moenskaet the Honorbound
Moenskaet's Right Hand
Moenskaet's Left Hand

Follow the quest as usual. The first fight with Moenskaet is unwinnable, so simply stand around until you're killed. Once you reach the second fight of the quest, Moenskaet will be accompanied by his underlings. All are killable, and should provide no major difficulties.



Warm Welcome

Rostnsthal: Ahoy, first mate! Gots me another job for ye, I 'as! Meet us at th' Astalicia.

Waekbyrt: Eh? Lookin' fer th' drunk, now, are ye? Hmph, wait yer bloody turn. The chief has business wi' him, an' all. Trouble is, th' slippery sod's most like sleepin' in an alley somewhere, havin' given his sewer rat neighbors instructions not t' wake him.
Speakin' o' busienss, what crew'd ye end up lendin' yer pearly smile to, scrag?
Hahaha! A town o' pirates, an' you had t' go an' choose that one!
Hahahahaha! Me gut…ahahahahah!
Oh, ye was in earnest… Well, then…ahahahah…ye'd best go an'…ahehe-ha-hehe…report t' th' cap'n. Y'see, scrag, ain't no one joinin' no crew wi'out his blessin'. Heheheh.
He's through th'd oor behind me, scrag. But if I was you, I'd say me farewells t' the dogs in th' lounge afore steppin' in. Might be they'll never see ye again. Gah hah hah hah!

Waekbyrt: Jus' 'cause th' Krakens tossed ye brinewise like a bcketful o' night-soil, it don't follow as ye should be doin' th' same wi' yer pride. Sharin' sheets wi' a spent ol' sot'll earn ye naught in th' way o' respect 'mongst us lot, scrag.
But I ain't th' one t' judge eye this day. The cap'n awaits ye through th' doors behind me, an' ye'd best be seein' him soon, or he'll send a couple o' knives t' fetch ye.

Nunuba: Well, would ye look at th' mighty scrag? They says you ain't got no fear in yer belly, brushin' off both Krakens and Sirens ilke they was lice on yer livery.
Hah! Don't be thinkin' that'll win ye the regard o' Nunuba Nimblenails. Away with ye! I ain't no godsdamned grimalkin with nine lives to forfeit through clackin' with the likes of ye.

S'raemha: Th' Astalicia's been rife with rumors 'bout 'ow ye sold yer soul t' that piss'ead Rostnsthal t' get yerself a ship. There be a fair few brands o' bollock-brained in this town, but if them rumors 'olds one drop o' truth, ye be right on top o' th' pile.
But them ain't th' only rumors flyin' about. Seems boats all o'er th' bay is bein' robbed by someone seekin' supplies. Shipish ones like. 'Tis but a matter o' time afore some lad wi' wits enough about 'im sticks two an' two together…an' once that 'appens… Eh heh heh heh.

G'nanghal: You th' scrag Rusty Steel gulled into joinin' his 'crew'?
Heh. Maybe th' wretch ain't three-quarters as stupid as he lets on. I'll hold me hands up, he had wits enough t' find him a scrag what comes runnin' whene'er he so much as passes wind.

W'hahtoa: Just 'cause you was a scrag with the Executioners for a few days don't mean you're worth any more'n as stinkin' splash o' gull lime on a lighthouse.
You could do a score and a half o' good deeds, but people only going to remember the one time you caused 'em grief. The bloody world turns thus, scrag. Ain't nothin' you or me can do t' spin her back-wise.

Mharelak: Ain't a pirate in Limsa what don't know th' dark past shroudin' th' 'Licia. That be why ye won't find none profainin' th' name o' th' Bloody Executioners. None 'mongst th' livin', at least.
Ye find yerself in the presence o' Cap'n Hyllfyr, ye'd best keep yer eyes t' th' deck an' yer gob stitched tight. One wrong word can get ye flayed an' chained t' th' prow fer th' enjoyment o' the gulls.

Ositha: Wouldn't 'ave believed even Ronstshal's wits was dull enough t' turn blind eye to a summons from Cap'n Hyllfyr.
The sod ain't got so much as an onze o' sense in that grog-soaked 'ead of 'is. Can't deny 'is talent for scentin' danger afore it sniffs 'im out, though. May'ap that be why 'e's stayed alive this long.

Dhemsunn: 'Eed me words, scrag.
'Tis right unwise t' keep th' cap'n waitin'.
'E's gutted men far better'n you fer far, far less.

Wyra Khamazom: You! If you happen to bump into a whorson of an adventurer by the name of <Full Name>, be sure and tell him this:
Captain Rhoswen of the Sirens doesn't take kindly to those who decline her generosities. The next time the misguided young lord condescends to make an appearance, she'd very much like to have a little chat with him…in private.

Triaine: Ain't a heart colder than the black one beating in the breats of Cap'n Hyllfyr of the Bloody Exectuioners. Even our Cap'n Rhoswen knows well enough to keep her distance.
The old Roegadyn earned himself a hold-full of respect back when he was young. Ruled the seas, he did, but ruled them right. Not like those damned 'Cudas. Now, he's using that respect to bring some order to us pirates. Without him, we'd all be at each other's throats. Well…at each other's throats more.

Neale: Hope you've got a second set of eyes in the back of that head, now the whole city knows you're dancing the pirate's dance with a good-as-dead drunk. Just so's you know. There'll be quite a few lads and lasses who won't think twice about sticking you from behind.
Rumor has it, you've even caught the eye of the League of Lost Bastards! Ahahaha!

Bayard: 'Ear ye gone an' vexed th' cap'n o' th' Bloody Executioners.
Tread lightly, scrag. One misstep, an' 'is boys'll 'ave ye over the side feedin' the fishbacks.

Nanapiri: Scrag! If you happen to cross paths with an adventurer who calls himself <Full Name>, would you be kind enough to tell him this:
Captain Carvallain of the Kraken's Arms frowns upon acts of cowardice and treachery, and condemns those who consort with cowards and traitors. Condemns them…to death, that is.

Buburoon: Buburoon so hungry… Pirates swinging slicies, pirates snatching sparklies, pirates forgetting tasties….

Mimiroon: Captain no happy. No happy captain today. Heads be rolling. Mimiroon going!

Ighii Moui: Got naught but a sea lion's share of crab offal 'twixt them ears, I reckon. The instant ye locked fates with Rostnsthal, ye slung yer life out with the morning's soil.
He who chooses the easiest path up is always stuck with the hardest path down. If that be what ye wish, then so be it. But when ye be gazing down at an arse-clenching drop, don't expect any help - especially from the cap'n.

Chichiroon: Too much talking! Much too much talking and tittering of <Player>. Talking gone soon! <Player> gone soon!

Meet the Cap'n

(you enter the captain's quarters. A roegadyn stands in welcome with three lackeys)
Blaubenn: Cap'n! We found the drunk's first mate. Says his name is <Full name>!
Hyllfyr: I asked ye t' bring me Rostnsthal, not this worm.
Blaubenn: I…uh… He weren't nowhere we looked, Cap'n.
Niublaet: The craven bastard! Has the sot no bloody honor!?
What say you, Captain? Give the word, and I'll grind this 'first mate's' bones to powder! I'll cut off his legs and kick him across the deck with 'em! I'll wrench out his arms and box his ears with 'em! I'll snap off his fingers and use 'em to make lewd gestures at the scrag's mother! I'll slign what's left of him into the gutter and pi-
Hyllfyr: Do what ye will.

(fight Moenskaet the Honorbound)
Moenskaet: Ain't no honor in crushin' a worm underfoot…

(Blaubenn and the rest gather around your unconcscious body)
Blaubenn: Slight what's left of this scrag in the Maelstrom Consortium's aleholds. Let the traders deal with the stench.
(you wake up in a ship's hold. After hearing a noise, Rostnsthal bursts forth from a casket)
Rostnsthal: Heh heh heh! Hic! Was beginnin' t' geta li'l worried ye mighnever turnuuup, hic!
Theeey poundyegood, eh? 'Pologies fertha, 'twas th'onny way'd, hic, 'ave sommodyt'lemme out. See, they allays sliiing tharubbish in…in…'ere - anthis time…ye betharubbish, hic.
Goodol' Rostnsthalmann comeall early-like, t' maaakesures eveythin' shegoes prettyas…as…planned, hic.
Now, hic, timefer a li'l treasure 'untin'.
Yeah, 't'all has thalookin's o' rubbish, hic, but t' th' trained-est o' eyes…
Aha! Th' moth-modth-motha-the things what I's lookinfer - hic!
Thar's a pretty lassie up'nth' Bridge'll pay goodgelt fer this 'ere item… An'thenen we can get meship back inna sailin' connition, hic!
(a lalafell enters)
Rostnsthal: Ah, looksa we'sa got comanny. Backin th' barrel fer me. See ye on th' after, firsmate, hic!
Rurubasa: Demons of the seven hells weren't having none of you, neither, eh? Godsdamned adventures don't know when to die, do you? Consider yourself lucky, scrag. Now, off with you!

(instance at the ferry docks)
Rostnsthal: If it ain't me first an' only mate! As chuffed as I am t' see ye - an' I am right chuffed, 'tis true - I ne'ertheless 'as urgent business what needs tendin' to wi' all due 'aste.
Jus' ye leave th' dealin's t' ol' Rostnsthal, now, eh? Run along an' 'ave yerself an 'ard-earned swig o' rum on th' 'Licia. I'll be wi' ye a few bells 'ence.

Aboard Again

Waekbyrt: Where in th' seven hells ye been, scrag!? Don't recall no one syin' ye could take leave o' th' ship!
The cap'n ain't finished wi' ye yet, though ye'll be good an' finished when he is, an' that's fer sure.

Waekbyrt: Might o' seen yer cap'n in th' lounge. Most like he's fixin' t' break his fast on a cup o' swill, if I'm any judge.

Ositha: Adventurer or no, 'tis not oft th' Executioners show mercy to a scrag. Ye wasn't feignin' a bane-sore now, was ye? 'Cause if ye was, and th' cap'n finds out, ye'll wish 'e'd killed ye the first time!

Dhemsunn: Still breathin', I see…
Th' Twelve grants most but one turn at life 'ere on 'Ydaelyn. Some, like ye, be born wi' two.
Yet instead o' countin' yer blessin's an' puttin' ten score malms 'twixt ye an' th' 'Licia…'ere ye be. I've 'alf a mind t' cleave yer empty bastard braincase meself, YE BLOODY FOOL!!!

(you enter the bar area. The regular customers are watching)
Wyra Khamazom: Hmph. And as always, the drunk isn't here. The bastard's worth less than his weight in walruss piss, if you ask me.
O'kalkaya: Sent out a pair o' girls t' th' docks where some urchins said they saw 'im prattlin' wi' the 'Cudas. No sign of 'im when they got there, though.
Rhoswen: Hmmm….'e might be moved t' show 'is scurvy face if we tossed 'is mate 'ere t' th' sharks… On tother 'and, it jus' so 'apens that I sent a scrag t' th' leechers this mornin', with a nasty rash 'twixt 'is thighs - leavin' us short one deckswab. Ye could take 'is place if ye fancied to, but know this: ye might not survive yer first night aboard the Lady Infernal.
How do ye fancy that, eh?
Nanapiri: Well, I'd heard rumors th' crapulous king had got himself a new cup-bearer, but I never imagined he'd have picked such a wet bleedin' blanket! Ahahaha!
Mordyn: Th' tosspot ain't even a true pirate. Then again, neither be the scrags what join him, eh!?
Carvallain: In a game of Mercydian chess, the first move is always the most important. While there is no one correct move, there are many which are incorrect. Make the incorrect move and you will never win. The same is true in the game of piracy.
Your fist move was incorrect. Therefore, two possible courses now like open to you: play out this game, knowing defeat awaits, or step away from the table and start anew…with the Krakens.
Of course, there will be penalties to be paid.
Rostnsthal: Ain't nothin' like the smell o' betrayal in th' mornin'…or is it evenin'…?
'Ark not t' the likes o' them wags, sonny. A surfeit o' salt on th' brain's robbed 'em o' rason.
Follow me t' th' deck, lad. I's somethin' important t' tell ye.

Nanapiri: So you were the <Full Name> my captain sought… Quite a bold gesture, concealing your identity from me. Such a gesture could have cost you your tongue, perhaps more… Ah, but that is all forgotten. My master has a message for you.
Captain Carvallain says he, in all his good grace, would be wiling to grant you one last opportunity to join him and his noble crew. That is, if you will kneel before him and renounce all ties with Rostnsthal.

Mordyn: Th' crew'll be sendin' more men t' stand vigil on th' cliffs, an' more swiftboats t' patrol th' Rhotano. Them Reavers won't likely catch us off guard again.
By the by, we's always in need o' new scrags. Th' cap'n'll pay ye a thousand gil per day fer yer services…an' ye be more'n welcome t' keep all that's left after me an' me mateys takes our cut.

Carvallain: I consider myself a man of sound judgment…however, your choice to play Rostnsthal's shadow leaves me..perplexed.
Know this: that man cares for naught but himself, and will not hesitate to use another to obtain that which he desires. He is a disgrace to all…honest pirates in the city, and I suggest - for your sake - that you reconsider your relationship with him soon.

Mharelak: Ain't a pirate in Limsa what don't know th' dark past shroudin' th' 'Licia. That be why ye won't find none profanin' th' name o' th' Bloody Executioners. None 'mongst th' livin', at least.
An' now ye bseen firsthand what happens t' them cocksure scrags what think t' cross the line.

Triaine: Executioners roughed you up a bit, did they?
If you were Siren, then there might have been some pleasure to go with that pain.

Wyra Khamazom: So, it was you that Rhoswen sought! Ha! Braved your beating like a true pirate, did you?
Before you are reduced to a troublesome stain on the Astalicia's deck, why not take up a postion with the Sirens? I can think of a handful of my sisters who would welcome your company, and a handful of positions you might all enjoy! Aha ha ha!

Rhoswen: Well now, darlin'…might it be true that ye've gone an' lodged yer allegiances with that drunken cur Rostnsthal?
If ye fancy livin' out yer days in Limsa as a minnow, then who am I to stand in yer way? Just beware when a bigger fish comes swimmin' along, hungerin' for a bite.

O'kalkaya: Way I sees it, th' Executioners ain't gonna suffer ye t' live more'n a few bells longer. Ye be runnin' out o' choices, scrag…unless, o' course it be runnin' ye be set on choosin'.

Delivering the Goods

(on the deck)
Rostnsthal: Now, ye knows I'd ne'er tell ye no lies, nor ne'er betray ye t' no bottom-feedin' pirate scum, right? Aye, well then, I swears on th' Navigator's compass…
Someday, we will rise the ranks an' become th' greatest crew in all Limsa - but only if ye trusts me. I won't go stabbin' ye in th' back if ye don't go stabbin' me in mine, savvy?
An' t' show ye I ain't playin' ye false, take this 'ere t' th' cap'n. Tell 'im ye got it back from the thievin' buggers what fingered it from 'is lockers.
An' if 'e asks ye aught else, ye jus' keep that clam o' yers shut tighter'n a maiden's legs.
(obtain a Kraken register)

(you try to enter the captain's quarters, but are stopped by several pirates)
(fight Moenskaet the Honorbound and lackeys)
Moenskaet the Honorbound: The captain? He's presently indisposed, but if you'd like to leave him something, I can always deliver it. Say your head, for ecample? Boys!
Moenskaet: Weren't no honor nor no fun t' be had in beatin' bloody a scrag what lacked brawn enough t' swing his axe proper, let alone th' stones t' face the likes o' me.
Moenskaet: Aint'…no honor in crushin' a worm…
(after defeating Moenskaet and his 'boys' to a round of applause, you head for the fallen register, but someone else picks it up first)
Niublaet: The cap'n sends his regards.
(he heads off with the book)

Waekbyrt: H-How in the seven hells did ye-?
Ye slipped 'im a tidy sum o' gelt, didn't ye? He'd never have let ye go fer less…an' wi' only a cut t' yer name.
No, I ain't one t' be questionin' th' whims o' th' cap'n. He knows what he's doin'…I hope.

S'raemha: There be but one way t' learn yerself proper axe-wieldin', an' that be by takin' a few 'eads. Yer favorite drunk used t' be th' best, but ye won't get naught out of 'im no longer.

Nunuba: Won't find the cap'n down here with us scrags. He'll be up top.
And ye'd best not be thinkin' o' tryin' anythin' clever, like. The cap'n may have seen somethin' in ye what pleased him, but as long as ye're wipin' Rostnsthal's shite-caked arse, ain't no one goin' t' trust ye as far as they can spit.

Hasthwab: Me mates say ye fought more like a land-'uggin' 'venturer than a pirate… Won't catch none of us followin' suit, but a victory's a victory. Can't no one take that from ye.
Th' cap'n always welcomes a challenge. 'Tis why 'e takes on adventurers. Says there be not two the same in all 'Ydaelyn, an' that there be no foe better fer keepin' 'im on is toes.

Ositha: Weren't one among us what didn't 'ear ol' Hyllfyr's applause ringin' through th' 'old…
An' weren't one among us what believed they was fer ye.

Dhemsunn: 'Eard th' cap'n lifted th' blade from o'er yer neck.
Seems the Spinner 'as other plans fer ye, an' today weren't yer day t' pass through one o' the seven gates.
As fer the morrow…who can say?

(you use the Echo on Rostnsthal. You end up at the docks, where he is talking to Reyner)
Rostnsthal: Come t' tell me I ain't allowed in yer dainty docks now, 'ave ye?
Reyner: No, I come bearing a message. We are not interested in your offer.
Rostnsthal: Not bleedin' interested!? But this 'ere register 'olds records of all that Carvallain's dealin's! Ain't nothin' th' big lady in 'er tower wants more'n t' cripple the bastard pirates! This book be the very thing the vixen needs!
Reyner: Justice cannot be purchased with coin, for that action is in itself unjust.
Rostnsthal: Aye, an' justice ain't naught wi'out injustice, eh? Hahaha!
Wait! What about you? Ye can 'ave the logs fer 'alf what I was askin'. Ain't no need t' tell yer superiors where 'twas ye came by 'em. Usin' what's in 'ere, ye'd be the savior o' the sea! There'd be bronze likenesses o' ye erected all about the city! Ne'er again would a gull need t' worry where best t' put 'is shite!
Reyner: I appreciate the, ah…sentiment, old friend, but accepting your offer would mean joining ranks with those whom I would see brought to justice. Worthless is the fame bought with betrayal.
Rostnsthal: Justice… Injustice… What man 'ath the right t' say which is which? The just or th' injust?
The sea's laughin' either way.
(back aboard Astalicia)
Rostnsthal: Hic! Godsdamned justice-preachin' son of a- <belch>
Waekbyrt: If it hadn't come straight from th' good cap'n's mouth, I'd scarcely have credited me ears. Hyllfyr's only gone an' absolved ye of all yer former sins. Seems ye can stay on th' ship wi' th' rest of us dogs.
We can ne'er have too many hands on deck…'specially if we're t' keep a step ahead o' them damnable 'Cudas.
Cannot fer the life o' me comprehend what ye think ye'll be gainin' by continuin' this farce o' yers wi' ol' Rusty Steel. Then again, only a scrag can scry th' workin's of another scrag's muddled mind, an' Waekbyrt aint been a scrag since afore ye was a stinkin' seed wrigglin' up yer mammy's undercarriage.

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