Camp Drybone Cares
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As an expression of goodwill to those living in the area, the Brass Blades stationed at Camp Drybone frequently give sandals to some of the less-fortunate smallfolk who live near the outpost. Since there are no skilled leatherworkers amongst her fellow Blades, Quartermaster Frediswitha usually orders the footwear from the Rudius. The Rudius, in turn, hires local crafters to cobble the s hoes and then delievr them to eastern Thanalan.


Name: Camp Drybone Cares
Type: Ingenuity
Issuer: Ul'dah Adventurers' Guild
Client: Rudius Packman, Audegar the Ox
Areas: Camp Drybone

Class recommendation: Leatherworker, rank 1
Objectives: Sheepskin Caligae (taupe) x2 to Frediswitha
Reward: ?

Category: Quests


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