Call of Booty


Name: Call of Booty
How to begin: talk to Hasthwab aboard the Astalicia
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Shposhae

Last quest: What a Pirate Wants, Cutthroat Prices, A Slippery Stone
Next quest: -

Requirements to sign up: one of the previous quests complete, level 15
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Legend of Mistbeard

Hasthwab: Alright, alright. don't go gettin' yer smallclothes in a bloody jumble. I was jus' givin' the rum a little time t' do 'er work. <burp>
Now, where was I? Oh, aye! Spend enough time in this city an' ye'll 'ear yer share o' fell rumors regardin' Shposhae. 'Tis a fishback den, some say. Others reckon it 'aunted - crawlin' wi' wights an' corposants an' whatnot. There's even them as say it be the first gate of 'ell itself! Heh heh!
But 'ere's the rub: 'tain't none o' them things. Them lot is lies, see. Lies dreamed up by Cap'n Mistbeard an' 'is blighted crew. What better wise t' keep out intruders than by convincin' 'em a fishback skeleton'll rip their cursin' 'ead off an' drag 'em down to 'ell the moment they sets foot in th' place?
Course, we all fell fer it, 'ook, line an' bloody sinker! Ten summers, an' not a single soul went near. Not a single soul - 'til now, that is.
But who in the seven 'ells as this Cap'n Mistbeard, ye ask? Well, nobody's sure when the first one appeared, but spend enough time wi' yer nose int he molderin' tomes they's got at Mealvaan's Gate an' ye'll notice that (text missing)
Anyroad, the most recent one - that's ol' Mistbeard - got it into 'is 'ead to raid the Sultan of Ul'dah's royal weddin', and, bein' a darin' sort o' soul, went an' bloody did it. 'Tis said, once the final tally was taken, the cap'n an' 'is crew made off with ten score gold ingots, five an' fifty pure-bred black chocobo skins, a ten-ponze diamond from th' wastes of Meracydia…an' th' biggest prize of all - th' virgin bride's maiden'ead! Now, I cannot rightly vouch fer that last claim, but there be some what say the current Sultana bears a strikin' resemblance to a certain 'andsome bandit. Heh heh heh!
But, instead of returnin' t' Limsa as livin' legends, the cap'n an' 'is crew simply up an' vanished…along with the booty.
Since then, every pirate on th' five seas 'as been searchin' for that bloody stash. Why, there be merchants in Limsa what make a decent livin' 'awkin' fake maps t' deep-pocketed fortune 'unters! But try as they might, no one 'ad found so much as a single gil…'til a few nights agone.
From what I 'ear, the Salt'ounds sent a pair o' their whelps into Shposhae as part o' some initiation or other. Actually, knowin' them, they probably just wanted t' scare the shite out of the poor buggers. Thing is, though, when the lads came out, 'twerent' fear in their eyes, but triumph. 'Tweren't sweat in their palms, 'twas gold. Allagan gold…like what was nicked durin' the Sultan's ceremony.
Course, the Salt'ounds tried t' keep th' 'ole business quiet so' they could 'oard th' loot fer 'emselves, but when them dim-witted whelps o' theirs started buyin' booze 'n' 'ores wi' foreign coin, 'tweren't long afore th' whole bloody city-state knew o' their find.
T' keep things civil-like, th' cap'n assigned a neutral watch o'er the entrance. Lass by the name of F'ongho's doin' the 'onors. Won't bar a man from tryin' 'is luck in th' cave, but she will make sure no scrag takes more'n 'is share, whether 'e be pirate or drylander.
Just be certain t' present yerself t' th' lass afore ye go in, or she might be inclined t' stick a knife in yer back as ye pass. And don't think she won't. I earned meself a few scars learnin' that bloody lesson.
F'ongho'll be the least o' yer worries, though. While ye won't be winin' wendigos or serenadin' Sahagin, ye can bet ye'll be gettin' cozy with Shposhae's real residents - 'orrors what'll turn yer bowels t' water…an' the rest o' ye t' dinner.
(quest accept)
Hasthwab: Spoke like a true pirate! <wink> Now, if that be all, I'd like to get back t' this 'ere bottle o' rum.

Hasthwab: Shposhae lies but a stone's throw t' th' southeast o' Limsa… 'Tis a wonder no one found the treasure afore now. That Mistbeard was a sly bugger, an' no mistake - 'id it right under our bloody noses!

Finding Shposhae

F'ongho: Hasthwab sent ye, did he? The dirty scrag has more friends than he has boils on his arse…and I seen that arse more times than I'd like to admit.
At least he had the sense t' tell ye t' speak with me before wanderin' in. Already had to gut a few adventurers what didn't show the proper courtesies.
My advice to ye, 'venturer? Don't die. It matters little how much loot ye put in yer pockets if ye cannot get it and yerself out in one piece. Get too greedy and the only bugger laughin'll be the lucky sod who finds yer rottin' corpse.
What, that ain't good enough for ye? Well…I might have a little somethin' more, but only if ye ask me again - nice, like.

F'ongho: Lookin' for Shposhae, are ye? Well ye've found it. Aye, an' I reckon I know why ye're here an' all. I've seen many an' more o' ye 'venturers o' late, an' pirates besides, all come for the selfsame thing - Mistbeard's treasure.
What's a Mistbeard? Bloody hells, man! If ye don't be knowin' that, ye don't have no business here! Scamper on back t' th' Astalicia, an' hear it from Hasthwab.
I's just a lowly guide here at Shposhae. But ye'd do well to hearrr what I's got t' say all the same.
Too many bloody fools go divin' in headlong, soon as they reach that spot ye be standin' on. Ain't got a mind t' listen t' th' likes o' me, see - which be why they don't know what's hit 'em when they get inside.
But ye be differrrent from all them. Aye, ye're a patient soul, ain't ye? I respect that. So come, then, what'll ye know o' Shposhae?
(What will you ask? "What's it like inside?")
Ohhh, it be nasty, an' no mistake. All manner o' bests just waitin' to make a fine feast o' whatever wanders in.
No place to go mistakin' brashness for brrravery, that's for sure. Don't even think o' headin' in there on yer own, savvy?
If ye be dead set on explorin' then ye'll need a party o' mates - an' not just any ol' scrags, neither.
Ye'll need fightin' lads 'n' lasses - proper mean bastards. An' at least one o' them magi as can weave healin' magicks. A bit of everyhin', an' a plan of attack t' boot.
("Treasure chestsss!!!")
Now don't be thinkin' ye'll find no sword o' the ages in any ol' box ye happen t' stumble on. Hells, even openin' the things is a bloody chore. Every last one o' the buggers be locked up, good 'n' tight. An' where be the damned keys? Now there's the question what needs askin'.
An' it just so happens I's got the answerrr, though it ain't a happy one. They're nestlin' deep in the bellies o' the nasties roamin' about within. So if ye're plannin' on openin' the chests, ye'll need to be slayin' beasts - and then fishin' through their entrails.
What godly business has a monster got eatin' keys? Well, I's been thinkin' on that. Strikes me ol' Mistbeard might've got his crew to feed 'em to the beasties. Either that, or Mistbeard fed the keys t' his crew and then fed them t' th' beasties. Wouldn't put it pas the black-hearted bastard.
Ah, 'fore I go forgettin', there ain't no one key. Bloody mess o' the things, there is - all shapes 'n' sizes.
So don't be thinkin', just 'cause ye found one, that ye can be openin' any chests ye damn well please. Ain't naught ye can do but find a chest, find a key, an' then pray to the Twelve.
("What's the best way to explore the caves?")
Ye'll see for yerself when ye go in, but the cave's teemin' with dancin' flames. Can't miss the bloody things. Always flittin' about, they are, to gods know where. But they light the place up, and make gettin' around a deal easier.
Always wondered where ye'd end up if ye followed the li'l buggers for a spell… Hells, who's t' say they ain't trying to lead ye t' some secret nook? Or failin' that, into the jaws o' whatever terror 'twas as made Mistbeard quit the place…
Any hells, that's all I's got to say on that. If ye'd know more, it'll have t' be by yer own learnin'.
("Mistbeard's treasure - where is it?")
Eh? Ye're havin' me on, right? Ye didn't just ask that, did ye? In earnest, like? Expectin' an answer an' all? <sigh>
Ye daft bloody sod! All that's 'known' o' Mistbeard's treasure comes from rumors o' rumors o' bleedin' rumors. Aye, there may be an old sultan's gold somewhere in that cave, but no bugger knows where.
By the by, did Hasthwab happen t' tell ye 'bout the first treasure as turned up after the huntin' craze took hold?
Poor bastard what found it weren't never the same after. When asked o' the caves, he'd just peak the same two words o'er and o'er - the depths…the depths… - an' start shudderin' 'n' murmurin' to hisself - No, no, no
Must be like a scene from one o' the seven hells down there, though I ain't about to go 'n' see it for meself. Serpents, giant crabs, demons? Worse? don't bloody know and don't bloody care to, neitherrr.
Hmph, suit yerrrself.

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