Burning Man


Name: IF5 - Burning Man
How to begin: talk to Hollin Aubrey at Hall of Flames
Areas: Ul'dah

Last quest: Arms Race
Next quest: Know Your Enemy

Requirements to sign up: Arms Race complete
Required items: -
Reward: ?


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Maelstrom Archer

Level: 22
Drops: ?
Location: Ferry Docks instance

Maelstrom Brute

Level: 22
Drops: ?
Location: Ferry Docks instance

Maelstrom Marauder

Level: 22
Drops: ?
Location: Ferry Docks instance

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Coming soon



Unwelcome Attention

Aubrey: Forgive my abruptness, <Player>, but I have for you a task of the utmost importance.
Many of our Flames have fallen victim to ambushes at the ferry docks, west of Camp Horizon. This has happened more times than I care to count, yet we are at a loss as to the identity of the assailants.
Those Flames who have escaped with their lives claim the culprits were no mere brigands. Beyond that, we know nothing of their numbers or whence they came.
We first made it for the work fo Garleans, of course, but no… The armor, the weapons, the manner of fighting - none of it fits what we know of the Empire. Still, whoever they are, and whatever their motives, we cannot let such deeds go unanswered.
The Immortal Flames would have you avenge our fallen borthers and sisters. Go forth and slay…well…them - whoever the bloody hells they are!
(quest accept)
Aubrey: Good. If we let men believe that they may strike gainst us with impunity, we are no longer a Grand Company to be feared. Hasten to the ferry docks west of Camp Horizon, <Player>, and deliver our vengeance.

Shady Characters

(Ferry Docks)
Maelstrom Marauder: When will ye get it through them thick bloody skulls o' yers!? Every godsdamned port in Eorzea's the property o' Limsa an' Limsa lone - savvy? Nay? Well, 'ow about I put an 'ole in yer 'ead, an' speak into that?

(instance after the fight)
Thancred: Splendidly done, ladies and sirs! Triumphant, and in the face of an ambush, no less. Splendidly done, truly.
Pirates jumped-up as Maelstrom men, from the looks of them. They had some courage, I'll grant them that, and swung their axes well enough. But they were no match for the great <Player>, who counts Urianger among those he has bested.
Oh, you needn't worry. This fight was none of our doing, I promise you.
Yes, you heard me right - our. I count the Archon Urianger among my friends. Myself and several others.
Yes, yes, mayhap you've heard of him as the sinister doomsayer lurking about Eorzea, carving profane glyphs upon trees, stealing food from the mouths of younglings, bearing his balls at passing opo-opos - and so on and so forth. All falsehoods spread by the Garleans.
Desperation, that. All part of their effort to seize the man, if only they could. They imagine others will aid in his capture if they can first convince them he is a threat, evil and devious.
You are no doubt curious as to precisely what our little circle of friends is doing here in Eorzea, hm? Well, why not ask Urianger yoruself? He loves to talk, that one.
Ah, yes, the ordeal before, wit Urianger and the beast… Sorry for that. He had drawn too much attention to himself, and could linger there no more. Poor timing on your part, is all.
But even that day's events happened for a reason, it seems. They served to show us you are a man of some ability. Tell me, <Player>, do all adventurers share your mettle?
I certainly hope so. There is much that we will ask of you and your brethren, and soon. Aye, some thread lies between you and the Divine Chronicles. That much is clear now.

Urianger: Yet to what end? Who were these souls? What hath warped their hearts that they shohuld despise thee so? And what of thee? What hath made thee take up arms against them?
We of the Circle are not possessed of the power to quell such quarrels. We can but stir men to wakening with words born of ancient truths.
From far to the north and west have we traveled, from a place where knowledge floweth as water from a riverhead. Higher have we come to save this realm from a great sorrow that lieth all too near. Yet the key to this realm's salvation standeth here, and hath since long before our coming. I speak of thee, young <Player>, and others like thee.
I spake thus to thee once before, of words and verses, letters and runes… But such things as these - though wisely wrought at the first, and faithfully repeated at the last - are not in and of themselves truths.
Nay. Truth was ever found, not given. Alas, the truth lieth obscured by a veil of mistrust and greed, through which only the strong of will and pure of purpose might peer. It is they who shall lead the way, and deliver man from this darkness.
That thou might take thy rightful place amongst them, I bid thee return now to the city, and discover there all that thine eyes, thine ears and they heart would tell thee. These are the truths thou seekest. Do but this, and thou, too, shalt soon awaken.


(Hall of Flames)
Aubrey: Welcome back, <Player>. Word of your deeds has already reached us.
But I have not yet been informed of the identity of our enemies. Tell me, who were they, and what was their aim?
The Maelstrom?
Only Lominsans would have the gall to lay claim to all the ports of Eorzea. Bloody plundering pirates, the lot of them!
It is only natural they envy our golden city. Our coffers run deeper than their seas! And do not even speak of culture. Hah! We Ul'dahns are a sophisticated people, known for our taste and civility, while Lominsans are no more than shite-stained savages who lie with fish!
Even so, I had not imagined them capable of such an outrage. That baseborn bitch who fancies herself an admiral can't even keep her own pups in check! Well, we may have turned a blind eye to the insults they have visited on us in the past, but no more!
A message will be sent. Should they bring their crimes across the strait again, Limsa will be set ablaze by our Flames!
But enough. You have done your duty, <Player>, and demonstrated once more why General Raubhan was right to welcome adventurers into our ranks.
Ah, but you have yet to see him in the flesh, I think? Well, if you truly wish to do so, you may have a chance, and sooner than you'd imagine.
General Raubahn is to give an address before the palace, on the Royal Promenade, to commemorate the reformation of our Immortal Flames. If you hurry, you may still be in time.

(talk again)
Aubrey: Well, what in the hells are you waiting for? Hurry to the Royal Promenade before General Raubahn's speech begins!
History in the making, it is, and not to be missed! Would that I could go, but this damned station demands I stay.

The Speech

(Royal Promenade)
(you arrive, there is already a crowd in place. People from all guilds are present. The Syndicate members are in the background)
Raubahn: To all with sandstorms in your hearts and fire in your bellies - hear me!
I am Raubahn Aldynn, proud son of Ala Mhigo, and proud man of Ul'dah. You all know my deeds, and by them, you know me.
And so you know that no man is more aware of the opportunities this great city can afford, nor of the dreams of those who live here.
We do not yearn for an end to the Garleans' attacks - to merely survive, poor and hungry…
We seek fortune, and the freedom to enjoy it!
(the roegadyn of the Syndicate cheers, and the lalafell next to him tries to calm him down)
Raubahn: I'll not play you false - the Empire threatens our way of life, even here in the south.
But with this great danger comes the chance for great glory, and great profit.
Never have we known a time of such rich opportunity, and I for one mean to make the most of it.
I swear, here and now, in the name of Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo…
Our Immortal Flames will consume the Garleans! We will sear their flesh and char their bones! And when they burn, they will beg our mercy…AND WE WILL NAME ITS PRICE!!!
So I say to any among you who lust for both battle and coin…
Craftsmen! Merhcants! Warriors! Adventurers!
Grasp not for the quick profit in plain view. Cast your lot with the Immortal Flames, and know glory and wealth untold!
Forge arms and armor!
Stockade meat and mead!
Temper yourselves, in both mind and body!
And should you lack the back for combat or the knack fo crafting - make us a wepaon of your wealth!
Long live the Sultana! Long live Ul'dah!!!
(Thancred is in the crowd. He and Raubhan nod to each other. The crowd starts to disperse)

The Aftermath

Aleyn: I needn't hear another word. Raubahn's made a Flame of me this day.
The Adders are spineless tree-fumblers, and the Maelstrom little more than a rabble of pirates. No, it's here I belong, and here I'll stay.
U'fhiroh: It is good to see politics have not changed our champion of the bloodsands. And who better to lead? The man knwos naught but victorrry.
Blanhylt: Words are wind. It's deeds what count, and Raubahn's done as much as any, and more than most. There's a fire in that man, mark my words.
Sophiane: Gods, my heart's all aflutter, though I couldn't say whether it was the speech or the speaker that did it!
Sedodo: Just happened to be passing by, but gods, I'm glad I did. 'Tis not every day you get to hear the Bull of Ala Mhigo orate, nor see the Syndicate out amongst the smallfolk.
War or no, I mean to do as I've always done - earn bloody coin! If that's what Raubahn asks of me, so much the better.

Thancred: The great Raubahn Aldynn - Bull of Ala Mhigo, undefeated champion of the Coliseum, returned her to the people. This is Ul'dah's guiding light.
A pity he was surrounded by shadows, eh? Surely you saww them, <Player>? The other Syndicate members, I mean. I find it highly unlikely they and Raubahn are of one mind in all this.
But that's a subject for another conversation. Tell me, what did you make of Raubahn's speech? A little like Ul'dah, was it not? Loud, bold and obsessed with victory. Exactly what the people need, in other words.
They say he is ready to die for his beliefs - but then one would expect no less from a former gladiator. I only hope it does not come to that. He is just the sort of man to cut through the web of politics and intrigue holding this city back.
I would say that, of course. It was I who urged him to take up the mantle of general.
Aye, my companions and I sought out those fit to lead in each of the three nations, and did all we could to convince them to reform the Grand Companies. The realm will have need of them if it hopes to oppose the coming threat.
Even so, the outcome is anything but certain. I hope you will remain here to see Ul'dah safe to its fate, whatever that may be.
The realm has need of the Immortal Flames, and the Immortal Flames have need of you…but you are not yet ready to choose this path.
You must first learn more of the other nations. Fealty is not pledged lightly. Flame General, Chief Admiral, Elder Seedseer - discover what they would make of this Eorzea, then consider what you would have her be.
Go, then. Keep your eyes and ears open to all, and your heart as well. They will not misguide you. Like as not, you'll come across some of my companions, as well. You would do well to make their knowledge and strength your own.
And with that, I fear I must leave you! It seems my Circle's master has quit our remote and learned little isle, and hastens even now to Eorzea. Clearly, one can never have enough scholars of the prophesies in times such as these.
It's just a shame that I haven't the faintest idea where in Eorzea the fickle bastard is headed! I suppose I've a bit of a journey of my own to make.
Oh, I've some parting words for you. Consider them thanks for…well, for listening. And for coming this far.
Ne'er till land consumes sun can sea bear moons
Heavens spew crimson flame, hells seep black dooms.

The curtain has been drawn on the first act of our little drama. So let us proceed now to the next…
Stray seeds quicken in ash's grey embrace,
valiant blades forged under the Twelve's good grace.

I bid you a safe journey, <Player>…

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