Burning a Hole in One's Pocket


Name: IF3 - Burning a Hole in One's Pocket
How to begin: talk to U'sanzi Rahz at Hall of Flames
Areas: Ul'dah

Last quest: Kindling a Flame
Next quest: Arms Race

Requirements to sign up: Kindling a Flame complete
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


U'sanzi: I am Flame Sergeant First Class U'sanzi Rahz. Allow me to congratulate you on your provisional enlistment in the Immortal Flames.
I am responsible for the issue of gear and items, but only to those in possession of Flame Seals - the currency of our company. You are new to us. Tell me, do your equire any further explanation?

(Inquire further? Yes, this is all a complete mystery/No, I think I've got a grasp on things)
U'sanzi: The Immortal Flames have established this store so that its members might use their Grand Company seals to purchase various gear and items. We have taken special care to amass those articles we feel will be most appreciated by you adventurers. The items available to you as a provisional recruit are limited, however.
When the time comes for you to pledge yourself fully to the Immortal Flames, and win great victories under her banners, you will find ever more impressive gear available to you.
But that is not all. Your Flame Seals can also be used to raise you through the ranks of our organization. There are other privileges beyond this, as well.
But entry into our ranks does not come easily - it must be earned. If you have undertaken any tasks at the behest of First Flame Lieutenant Aubrey, then you know of what I speak.
We wish to bring only the most dedicated and loyal of adventurers into the Immortal Flames. Our Grand Company is a symbol of Eorzean freedom. We put these duties to recruits to weed out the weak and the unworthy.
Only after you succeed in carrying out the tasks put to you, and are deemed worthy of the honor, will you be welcomed as one of our own - as one of the Immortal Flames.
I should also mention that officially enlisting in the Immortal Flames will cost a certain amount of company seals. But worry about crossing that bridge when you come to it. For now, I urge you to exchange what seals you have here for a vial of onyx tears.
They will prove most useful while fulfilling the tasks put to you by First Flame Lieutenant Aubrey.

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