Breaking the Seals


Name: OTA1 - Breaking the Seals
How to begin: talk to Syro Fulke
Areas: Gridania, Quarrymill, Tranquil Paths

Last quest: -
Next quest: Why Did it Have to Be Snakes

Requirements to sign up: level 20 on any class
Required items: Ailith's sealed oath
Reward: ?


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Drake Familiar

Level: 19
Drops: ?
Location: Tranquil Paths instance

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First Duty

Fulke: Greetings, friend. We are the Order of the Twin adder - Grand Company of Gridania - and we are honored by your visit.
Perhaps you already know something of our organization - from our free literature, perhaps!? …No? Well, pelase allow me to provide you with the necessary information.
The Order of the Twin Adder is an entity designed to unify and command the nation's forces. It was established by the eldest of our three Seedseers, Kan-E-Senna. Of course, this was done with both the consent and the blessing of the elementals.
Kan-E-Senna herself has left the wood and returned to the city to guide us. Under her leadership, we will overcome these outside evils that threaten the safety of Gridania and the realm at large.
As a Seedseer, she is one with the Twelveswood, and serves it just as she serves us. But she has set aside her duty to the wood for now, that she might better focus on the threat posed by the Garlean Empire. We are now working to consolidate our nation's resources, and rally all who will answer the call.
We are not prepared for open war. Should it come, we will want for nearly every kind of resource. We Gridanians are not a greedy people. It is not our way to covet that which we do not have. Thus have we long refused trade with the other nations on all but the rarest of occasions.
But now, that which we want for most is manpower. Warriors, mages, crafters, gatherers - it makes no matter. All will be needed in the coming struggle. Yet starved of recruits though we are, the Order of the Twin Adder welcomes no soul who does not pay the proper respects to the Twelveswood.
Now more than ever, there are those who defile the forest. Why, not long ago, we received word of an Ul'dahn - a thaumaturge named Ailith - roaming the wood and laying curses upon our sacred trees.
Come to think…. Yes…. Yes, this will serve nicely as your initial duty. Seize upon this opportunity to prove your worth. Go and find this sinner, this Ailith. Find her, and expel her from the Twelveswood. If you mean to join the Order of the Twin Adder, you will see this thing done.
I am told this Ailith can be found near Quarrymill. You must act quickly, before the greenwrath grows too great to appease.
(quest accept)
Fulke: I expected nothing less.

Fulke: You must make for Quarrymill. Find the thaumaturge Ailith, and drive her from the Twelveswood for her crimes. You must act quickly, before the greenwrath grows too great to appease.

Tree Defilers

Ailith: Leave the forest? Ah, on orders, are you? From the Order of the Twin Adder? Hah! There's only one Order worthy of the name in Eorzea, friend, and it is found in Arrzaneth Ossuary. These Gridanians - godsdamned mummers to a man.
You, you're an adventurer, are you not? You bear no allegiances, nor have you sworn any oaths. Tell me, then, why is it you greet me with the same hospitality as these fool forestborn?
Thse cravens live in constant fear of the elementals and their greenwrath. Do you wish to hear the truth of things? Fell a tree, and sunlight reaches the ground. The decay of the fallen trunk nourishes the soil, and there new life will sprout.
There is always good to be found in seeming evils. And so it is with me. There is purpose in what I do here. My concern is for the future of Eorzea - and it is for that future that I toil now.
I can see in your eyes that you do not believe me. But then, I doubt you were even listening. If it is proof beyond my words you require, then why not capture one of tese Archons and find out for yourself?
Surely you've heard the name Urianger on your travels? He is one of the so-called Archons come to Eorzea, and travels from aetheryte to aetheryte, spouting gibberish of the Seventh Umbral Era.
He has been in these parts, burning fell glyphs into the trees. I and others like me have come to investigate the matter, and lift the curse of these glyphs. Admirable, no?
But Urianger has eluded us at every turn. We have no more information than when we came, and are no closer to knowing what significance these glyphs carry.
This Archon must be taken! For the sake of all Eorzea! Once I have this Urianger, only then will I leave the forest. And happily, at that.
We have noticed a pattern in his wanderings. My companions think he will appear to the southwest of Quarrymill. But he is a crafty one, and dangerous…so I think I shall entrust his capture to you.

Ailith: The Gridanians truly are a blind folk, and dumb as mummers. If the Archon Urianger is left to do as he pleases, the greenwrath of the elementals will be the least of the realm's ocncerns. Do they not see that?
This man is no typical foe. You will need to prepare yourself for this encounter. Be ready for anything.
Our scouts tell us that Urianger is somewhere to the southwest of Quarrymill. Find this Archon and bring him to me.

Meeting the Archon

(near Quarrymill)
Urianger: Ne'er till land consumes sun can sea bear moons, Heavens spew crimson flame, hells seep black dooms.
Hearken unto me, ye seeker of truth, and through my words be saved! The senary sun yields the septenary moon - expelling the Astral, beckoning the Umbral. So saith the eternal wisdom of Mezaya Thousand Eyes.
A shadow hangeth o'er the realm, growing blacker with each passing day! Rise from thy waking slumber! See the nightmare for reality, and ready thyself for the coming chaos! Darkness descendeth, but surrender not to despair! For the future is forged in the flames of the present! Child of everlasting dawn, has thou the courage to face the night?
(Heed Urianger's words and join his cause? Yes)
Urianger: The foul taint of deceit corrupteth thine heart and wills thee to deeds most sinister. I have sensed the hand that guideth thee, and know of its intent.
Full oft, truth lieth not in that which is spoken, but in that which is left unspoken.
Or mayhap the dark shadow cast upon thy soul hath rendered it unable to accept the dawn.
But first thou must cast off the shadow which defiles it…
(he summons Drake Familiar)

(Papalymo approaches)
Papalymo: Remarkable! I'd not thought you capable of defeating an Archon's familiar. You don't lack for strength, do you?
I must admit, I thought myself bound for the realm of Thal when that Archon appeared. He's a cold-blooded killer, if rumors are to be believed. Thank the Twelve you arrived when you did.
Better still, while you were occupying Urianger, I was able to attend to the business which brought me here. I suppose it's the least I can do to tell you what I've learned.
Of these prophetic verses he is spreading, recounting the death and rebirth of the world, six are known. But Urianger claims to read from a seventh! Until now, the seventh verse was thought to be incomplete, or lost, or perhaps never to have existed at all.
The six known verses have been stsudied by countless scholars for countless years. Many of those most knowledgeable in these matters believe the cycle they depict to be unyielding, and that the Seventh Umbral era is therefore fated to come. Perhaps Urianger is among their number.
Frustratingly, Urianger's words leave rather a lot to interpretation. One could take them to mean that there is hope - that the future can yet be changed… Of course, that is but one of many possible interpretations. Still, I, for one, would like to believe it.
Surely it is better to strive toward a goal than to despair and invite the end. And you? You now know of all these things. When the time comes, will you be willing to pledge yourself to the cause? To do what must be done?
I suppose that's that, then. I'll be off now, if you don't mind. I've other matters to attend to.
You must observe things with unclouded vision. See reality for what it is, and let your heart guide you.


Ailith: I see you have returned. but I do not see the Archon. Where is Urianger?
So the damned snake summoned a familiar this time, did he? Gods damn it all! It is impossible for us to form any kind of strategy for deailng with this elusive bastard! Still…
This other thaumaturge you speak of… It sounds as though he is well versed in the Umbral histories. And yet he is not among my own companions. I wonder…
Am I going to leave the wood? Well of course not, you bloody halfwit! You didn't do as I asked, so I won't do as you ask. That said, you did bring me some information…and in return, I will stop angering the forest.
We cannot continue on as we have all these years. A great struggle is coming, and I have a feeling the information you have brought us today may prove to be of great value.
See this letter safely to the Order of the Twin Adder. No matter what oaths I might swear, the spoken word of an outsider such as myself means nothing to them. Perhaps written and sealed, however, they will not be so quick to dismiss it.
(receive Ailith's sealed oath)

Ailith: I will not leave the forest, but I give my word that I will no longer act to anger it. That should be enough for both you and the Order of the Twin adder, no? Go now, and take word back to your masters.

(Adders' Nest)
Fulke: It is good to see you safely returned, <Player>. What news of the thaumaturge? Hm? What you brought? A sealed letter?
Indeed, everything seems in order. This document carries the proper seals, in accordance with Gridanian law. Should Ailith break her oath and sin against he wood again, we will be within our rights to deal with her as we see fit.
I thank the gods for sending you to us, <Player>. I see now you are pure of heart. Please, come and see me agan should you have any further interest in the Order of the Twin Adder.

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