Bloody Baptism


Name: MRD1 - Bloody Baptism
How to begin: talk to Waekbyrt aboard Astalicia in Limsa Lominsa
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Skull Valley

Last quest: -
Next quest: Two-man Crew

Requirements to sign up: Marauder level 20
Required items: Trident map
Reward: ?


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Tower Lemming
Lord of Swiftperch

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Waekbyrt: I dunno what tales yer mammy told ye, but bein' a pirate ain't somethin' ye can jus' sign up fer. It be a way o' life. Reavin' and pillagin'; drinkin' and whorin'; puttin' the wind up all them posh bastards in their shiny towers and townhouses - these be the noble pastimes what'll earn ye the title, and sooner 'n ye can say "Arrr!" like as not.
And if ye be cravin' a little o' this an' that, then I might jus' be able to help ye. Ye'd be startin' from the bottom o' the bottom, mind.
(Ye cravin', or jus' craven? I must return to my townhouse/'Tis a pirate's life for me!)
Waekbyrt: Well then, we've got ourselves a new recruit! An' might I say an ugly one at that - wi' a face like a poxy whore!
Eh? Ye've a name, ye say? Well so did th' poxy whore, but her regulars ne'er troubled 'emselves to remember it!
If ye wants me, or any other scrag in this godsforsaken piss-'ole t' remember who ye are, ye'll have t' make yerself worth rememberin'.
An' how might ye do that!? Keeper fend, lad, ye got more queries than a bitch-hound has fleas!
Yer only way t' th' top is through the cap'n.
If he takes the Admiral's chair, that makes me an official Knight o' the Barracuda…which makes ye the official scrag of an official 'Cuda…which has got t' be better than the next-t'-naught ye be now.
Did I say scrag? I meant scrag of a scrag. Ye be worth nary more'n th' swill on the floor of an alehouse - th' stains on a chronic tosspot's pisspot - an' ye won't get nowhere sittin' on yer soft 'n' scented arse 'round here. Now let's get ye t' work ensurin' the boss be rewarded his just deserts.
(quest accept)
Waekbyrt: I ain't got the time, nor less th' patience, t' be wet-nursin' the likes o' ye, scrag. Get yer arse over t' them other bottom-feeders an' see what they has fer ye.
(obtain Astalicia pearl)

How to Race

Nunuba: Only way our cap'n'll make Admiral is if the guild takes the flag in the next Trident - a three-pronged race t' rule the seas.
Unlike the other townships whose leaders are chosen by bloodlines, Limsa leaves its rule in the hands of its people. Every man bleeds red the same, so we don't see how one man's blood can be deemed better than another's. Anyone can join the Trident, and the victor and his crew are granted full reign over the realm…that is, until the next race.
The Trident is where us pirates can cock our leg t' the city, and piss on what we please. There ain't no rules - least none worth followin' - and the winner takes all.
And, like the bards sing, if ye ain't got the stones, then ye ain't gonna make a splash. Heh heh heh! So, there a fire under yer arse what needs lightin'?
(You in? Nay/Arrr!)
Nunuba: Take this here map. It shows the course for the first leg of the Trident.
What? Ye thought ye'd be runnin' an actual race? Ha! There be more t' the Trident than just traipsin' from hither t' thither. A crew has t' prove they've got what it takes t' run a realm. Handlin' pest problems be one o' them duties.
Head o'er t' the X marked on that map an' collect me the heads o' the vermin infestin' the palce. If ye can do that, then ye may be of some use come the Trident.
(obtain a Trident map)

Clearing the Tower

(Swiftperch Tower, near Skull Valley. You walk around, and see a rat. Then more and more appear)
(after killing the others you chase a lone rat, and see it join some others. A fight ensues)
(you look around and make sure none are left. Rostnsthal watches from the distance)

(on Astalicia)
Nunuba: Well, I'll be a goby in the gutter. Word has it, ye proper cleaned the tower out.
And blood runs hot in ye now, does it? Good. We've been keepin' our eyes peeled fer one the likes of ye. Maybe now them 'Cudas'll clear off our backs.

Waekbyrt: Don't go rushin' t' no foregone conclusions now, ye half-witted halfling. This scrag's still got much t' prove afore the cap'n'll entrust him wi' anythin' more'n fetchin' ale an' rum.
Here, use this t' buy yerself somethin' a little more sightly. Can't have ye an' yer rags givin' th' Executioners a bad name durin' the 'true' Trident.

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