Best Flower Ever


Name: Best Flower Ever
How to begin: talk to Sasapano
Areas: Golden Bazaar and surroundings

Last quest: -
Next quest: ?

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: -
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Rabid Dodo

Level: 10
Drops: ?
Location: near Golden Bazaar, lower level

You must kill six of these for the quest.


Dodo Victim

Sasapano: (text missing) as yourself must be too busy saving damsels in distress to lend an ear to a nobody like me, but I*'m going to speak my piece anyway.
My companions and I were…taken unawares, on our return journey from Gridania. The assailants were…many. They… They…uhhh… gods, a flock of dodos attacked us, alright!? Go on, have your laughs. I'll wait.

Are you quite finished? Shall I continue? We were set upon by a flock of dodos and sought refuge in a cave.
And it was in that cave that we found them. A band of Garlean agents! And this close to Ul'dah!
We merchants lack the steely resolve of you brave adventurers, so naturally we attempted to flee with all haste. but the, errr… The dodos, you see… The dodos had given chase and, well…there was a kerfuffle of sorts. I fell into some sort of pit, tumbled through some shafts of tunnels, and somehow ended up right back at the entrance to the cave.
I suffered wounds, but lived to tell the tale - though speaking racks my body with pain. And my cargo has all been lost, besides. Still, I count myself lucky to have escaped with my life. Form the Garleans, you twit, not the dodos. Would it kill you to be serious for one moment!?
Anyway, I was fortunate enough to acquire an Azeyma rose in Gridania, and I simply must have it back! I tell you, you've never seen a blossom so lovely. It's just so…so… It's just a really pretty flower, alright?
With any luck, it will still be somewhere int eh vicinity of the cave. I went myself to search for it, but… I was unable to… There were complicating factors, you see… Th blasted dodos were back, alright? I'm terrified of dodos! There, are you happy!? I've said it, gods damn you!
Now look, you're an able-bodied adventurer, and I'm just a lowly nonaggressive character with a dilemma. Every rule in the universe dictates that you must travel to the southeast and kill those dodos. Just as I must reward you for doing so.
(quest accept)
Sasapano: Of course you'll do it. It's not as if you ever really had a choice. And if you do end up fleeing from the dodos, do be sure not to seek refuge in any caves.

(talk again)
Sasapano: Travel to the valley southeast of here, and begin killing every damned dodo you find. When things look safe, I'll sneak in there, quiet as a church mouse, and look for my Azeyma rose.


Sasapano: And here comes my savior now - <Player> Dodosbane! Well done, friend, well done.
And look what I have here - my Azeyma rose! It was lying right near the entrance to the cave. I count my blessings it wasn't trampled underfoot by those disease-ridden dodos - or the Garleans, for that matter.
What do you suppose they were doing in that cave, anyway? I can't think of anything down there that would warrant making the trip from Garlemald.
<gasp> Gods be good! Do you think they're preparing to attack Ul'dah!?
Hold your tongue, Dodosbane! You should not say such things, even in jest!
Here, take your reward, before your blasphemies compel me to withhold it form you!

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