Besmitten and Besmirched


Name: Besmitten and Besmirched
How to begin: talk to Mohtfryd
Areas: Ul'dah, Camp Black Brush area

Last quest: -
Next quest: ?

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: Milkworm x8
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Moiling Mole

Level: 15
Drops: ?, Milkworm
Location: north-east of Camp Black Brush

Coming soon


Sullied Shirt

Mohtfryd: Gods no, not now - not today! Of all the times! After all I went through to set up this meeting…and I go and sully my only good shirt!
You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Never! She'll think me a filthy louse! I'll be lucky if she even bothers to say goodbye before she leaves me where I stand.
I cannot let this happen. I will not let this happen! Surely there must be something that can get this stain out. Something…
If only I had some sort of miracle cleanser… Something that could eat its way through the toughest of stains in mere minutes. Of course!
You there, adventurer. You've been listening to me talking to myself for the last few minutes, haven't you? Will you help me? There is one thing I would ask of you.
I require a very special ingredient to create my miracle cleanser - milkworms. I'd saaay…eight of them should do the trick.
Would you be willing to get them for me? Your best chance of finding some is by slaying a few of those moiling moles that burrow north of Camp Black Brush.
(quest accept)
Mohtfryd: Twelve bless you! Please hurry. My future happiness is at stake!

Mohtfryd: Your best chance of finding milkworms is by slaying a few of the moiling moles that burrow north of Camp Black Brush. The milkworms will, er… <gulp> …crawl froth…from their…uh…remains. <dry heave>
If I had eight of them, I'd surely be able to remove this stain! But there isn't much time left before I am to meet my love! You must hurry!

No Stain Left

Mohtfryd: Time… There is no time… Please, you must hurry!
You've returned! And are those milkworms in your hand, or are you just…carrying some other kind of nasty worms in your hand? <gasp> They are milkworms!
Come, come! Time is of the essence. Let us mix the cleanser!
With this pinch of Thanalan natron and the milkworms you brought, no stain shall oppose us!
Now I will leave a first impression for the ages! Everything is sure to go splendidly. My love and I will walk together 'cross broad, sunlit uplands. And it is all thanks to you! Thank you, friend!
I could never hope to repay you. But here, consider yourself repaid.

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