Beryl Overboard


Name: Beryl Overboard
How to begin: talk to Nanapiri / Astalicia
Areas: Limsa Lominsa, Bloodshore

Last quest: -
Next quest: ?

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: Beryl Crab Shell x8
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Beryl Crab

Level: 20
Drops: ?, Beryl Crab Shell
Location: north of Camp Bloodshore

Coming soon


Sent to Bloodshore

Nanapiri: 'Bung the barrels brinewise', he says… 'Official orders', he says…
How was I to know he meant the solera on the starboard and not the lading on the larboard!?
And it helps little that my head is in a harrowing haze with malign musings on that hellcat H'lahono.
Eh? Another heartless harpy come hither to hound hapless Nanapiri? Sod off, or I'll stow you in the sea with those scurvy shells I slung so stupidly!
No, wait. Allow me to apologize. It was never my intention to imply that you interest in my ineptitude was in any way inappropriate. Actually, your arrival may afford an answer to may Ave Menphina. To be blunt, I beseech you bring me eight beryl crab shells.
You need not wonder why, only where - the crags close-by Camp Bloodshore are crawling with the crabs I crave you to cull. Can I count on you to come to the aid of a crestfallen Kraken?
(quest accept)
Nanapiri: Excellent! Any assistance is always appreciated.
And rest assured, you shall receive a reasonable reward…
…but only upon returning with the requested rarities.

Nanapiri: In case you cannot recall, I charged you with collecting eight beryl crab shells from the crabs crawling about the coasts of Bloodshore.
Return with the requested rarities and you shall reap your reward. Sell the shells to someone else, and I shall see you stuffed with stones and sunk into the sea. Savvy?

Threats and Rewards

Nanapiri: The shells! Your kindness has kept this cloddish Kraken clear of the choler of his cold-blooded captain.
Now…all I ask is that you keep quiet about this quaint little quest so I can continue my service under Carvallain.
But let my secret slip…and I shall seek you out myself, savvy?

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