Attack on Highbridge: Prelude

Qiqirn bandits have launched a surprise assault on Highbridge. Join forces with the remaining Brass Blades and defend the landmark with your lives!


Name: Attack on Highbridge: Prelude
Type: Battle
Level: 26
Location: Eastern Thanalan / Highbridge (21,22)
Spawn: 15 min duration

Next FATE: success: Attack on Highbridge: Act I, failure: Attack on Highbridge: Denouement

Reward: ? exp, 52 gil, 149 seals
Additional Reward: -


Qiqirn Roerunner


You will be aided in the FATE by Hunberct Longhaft, E'lahmui Ruby-eyes, E'tajha Sapphire-eyes and several Brass Blades. The objective of the FATE is to kill qiqirns while protecting the various NPC citizens hiding about Highbridge and the shipping crates lying about on the ground. If all crates are destroyed and all citizens abducted, the FATE ends in failure. This can be a hard FATE to complete while solo.

Category: Quests


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