Assessing the Damage


Name: Assessing the Damage
How to begin: talk to Haldberk
Areas: Limsa Lominsa

Last quest: ?
Next quest: ?

Requirements to sign up: level ?
Required items: Nacre Ring x8
Reward: ?


Coming soon


Jetsam Jelly

Level: 20
Drops: ?, Nacre Ring
Location: north-east of Camp Bloodshore

Coming soon


Forbidden Import

Haldberk: (missing text) of our field assessors discovered several crates of poisonous herbs, prohibited for import by thalassocratic decree. The captain of the ship was ordered to dispose of the offending crates immediately, or be denied entry into the city-state.
However, the good fellow's grasp of our local tongue proved to be lacking, and he began to throw all his cargo overboard, rather than the few items in question. By the time our field assessor had stopped the captain, several crates willed with legitimate cargo bound for the Brugaire Consortium had been lost, and now the import company is seeking compensation for what they deem to be an error on our part.
Which brings me to that favor I mentioned. You see, our only hope of retrieving even a portion of the lost cargo lies in the assumption that the majority of the jetsam will ultimately find its way to the La Noscean shoreline.
If, during your travels, you happen upon any coast-dwelling creatures that appear to be be carrying items of interest - such as, say, nacre rings - Mealvaan's Gate would be very grateful for their safe return. You may rest assured that I would see you well recompensed for your efforts.
(quest accept)
Haldberk: You have my thanks. I have marked upon your map the location where the swift currents of the Rhotano Sea are most likely to have carried the cargo. Once you have collected eight of the rings - no more, no less - return to me for your reward.
Good luck and may the Navigator steer you true.

Haldberk: Miscommunications stemming from linguistic barriers are a daily occurrence here at the custom-house…though in my experience, rarely have they led to the discarding of proper cargo…
If you happen to locate any of the wrongly jettisoned items, such as nacre rings, while felling beasts along the La Noscean coastline to the east of Camp Bloodshore, bring them to me and you shall be appropriately rewarded.

In Need of Polyglots

Haldberk: Why yes! These nacre rings appear to be the ones lost overboard.
Well…sufficiently similar to them at any rate. You have my thanks, adventurer.
Now, if only there were some way to prevent similar…accidents from happening in the future. While we employ many assessors from every corner of the known world, it is nigh on impossible to find staff versed in every tongue we encounter.
There have been rumors of a Twelve-sent few with the ability to comprehend all languages, be they of man or beast - but only a fool would believe such nonsense.

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