Arms Race


Name: IF4 - Arms Race
How to begin: talk to Hollin Aubrey at Hall of Flames
Areas: Ul'dah, Drybone, Limsa Lominsa

Last quest: Burning a Hole in One's Pocket
Next quest: Burning Man, Imperial Devices, Into the Dark

Requirements to sign up: Burning a Hole in One's Pocket complete
Required items: Gigas Forge contract, Straight Edge Traders contract, Woolvale Arms contract
Reward: ?


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Imperial Funditor

Level: 19
Drops: ?
Location: northern Drybone instance

Imperial Bestiarius

Level: 19
Drops: ?
Location: northern Drybone instance

Imperial Speculator

Level: 19
Drops: ?
Location: northern Drybone instance

Imperial Triarius

Level: 19
Drops: ?
Location: northern Drybone instance

Imperial Veles

Level: 22
Drops: ?
Location: northern Drybone instance

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Coming soon


Unit under Attack

Aubrey: You have come to aid the cause? That is good. I have an urgent task for which I require a man of your proven loyalty.
A unit carrying arms and munitions from near Ala Mhigo has come under attack. It would appear that the Garleans have blockaded the trade route.
That route is Ul'dah's lifeline to the East, and carries the bulk of our trade. If we lose it, it will cost the nation billions, and effectively neuter our military.
Should it come to that, we would lack the strength to withstand a direct attack. We must break the Garlean blockade. We must!
We have learned what we can of the imperials holding the road. They are known as the Hellhounds. According to our intelligence, they have taken up a position close to the Golden Bazaar. You must depart as soon as you are able.
(quest accept)
Aubrey: Then return to us only after you have seen the thing done. The Immortal Flames will not accept failure.

(fight a unit of Imperials in Drybone, close to Golden Bazaar)

Aubrey: I have received word of your deeds from our scouts in the field. You have done exceptionally well.
These Hellhounds may march under the Empire's banner, but they are in truth no more than honorless sellswords, hired to harry our borders.
The lawless fiends ran rampant under the protection of the imperial banner, pillaging and plundering. It was only when Lord Lolorito bribed the scoundrels that the safety of the road was restored.
Unfortunately, that provided the Empire with an excuse to march on east Thanalan, ostensibly to put down their rogue Hellhounds.
Naught but lies and posturing, of course, but we will likely be forced to abandon the route all the same.
If that happens, we will be forced to rely almost exclusively on sea routes through Limsa Lominsa. Yet the Empire is making its presence felt there as well, and the situation grows more unstable by the day.
It won't be long before the Garleans impose a sea blockade - assuming the threat of war doesn't force the Lominsans to close their ports first. It makes little differnec, of course - either one would mean an end to shipping.
Yet ours is a mercantile nation. Without trade, we are nothing. We must reclaim the eastern trade route, before all hope is lost. And to that end, we must equip ourselves.
There is no more time to explain. Head west to the ferry docks and seek passage to Limsa Lominsa. There you are to secure us a contract with no fewer than three famous arms dealers from outside Eorzea.

Mercantile Worries

(Ferry Docks, Limsa lominsa)
C'ndanya: We are always honored to welcome an emissarrry from the East Aldenard Trading Company. All know that dealings with Lord Lolorito have never yet failed to yield a profit!
He will have the contract he seeks. The Gigas Forge is at your serrrvice.
(obtain Gigas Forge contract)

Raaka Maaka: The East Aldenard Trading Company seeks to deal in arms with us? Teeheehee!
But of course it does. Lord Lolorito is the proprietor of the Eshtaime and Sunsilk names, and still others besides. Purveyors of such opulent goods are always first to feel the pinch in times of war.
Still, Lord Lolorito's successes speak for themselves, as does his influence. The man genuinely has a gift for the merchant's trade. Speaking of which, is it true what the smallfolk say? Does Lord Lolorito really
…shit gil? Teeheehee! I jest, of course! Gods, please don't tell him I said that! Of course we will enter into a contract with the good lord! Straight Edge Traders would be honored to do business with the East Aldenard Trading Company.
(obtain Straight Edge Traders contract)
Raaka Maaka: If it is arms Lord Lolorito seeks, Straight Edge Traders will be happy to deliver. You have our word! Teeheehee!

Bamponcet: So, come to Woolvale Arms lookin' for a contract, have ye?
Who ye representin'? The East Aldenard Tradin' Comp'ny? Hah! That Lolorito don't wait around, does he!? S'pose that's to be expected, though, seein' as how he's got more gil than the gods.
The Garleans've cast their net o'er all Eorzea, and every day sees it drawn tighter about us. Most folk here reckon they mean to raze the whole bloody realm to the grounds. Hells, merchants from across the seas have already put an end to their dealin's here.
But there ain't no business like war, and no business partner like Lord Lolorito. If it be arms ye're after, Woolvale'll be happy to oblige ye.
(obtain Woolvale Arms contract)

Fortune Shines

(Hall of Flames)
Aubrey: You were able to secure all of the contracts? Well done, <Player>! I see your bravery is matched by your powers of persuasion!
I have some good news, as well. We were able to agree to terms with the Garleans. The trade route to the East has been named a demilitarized zone. Shipping will continue safely, for now.
It should come as no surprise to hear it, but Lord Lolorito was not sitting idly by while the road was being lost. I shudder to think what sums exchanged hands to secure this superficial peace…
But there is no need to worry. Whatever money was lost will soon be made back tenfold. While the other nations have already begun to limit their trade, Ul'dah has seized near complete control of the flow of arms - and this upon the eve of war!
The Garlond Ironworks is producing the finest weaponry in the realm, and we mean to make them the most sought-after goods on the market! Being a member of the Immortal Flames, these weapons will of course be at your own disposal as well, should you rise high enough in our ranks.
And so you see what it is that makes Ul'dah great - the ability to find fortune in every misfortune.

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