Another Round

One of Buscarron's Druthers's more unruly patrons - Spenser of the Bottomless Cup - has (once again) had one too many mugs of mead, and begun fighting with another customer. Come and silence the sot.


Name: Another Round
Type: Defend
Level: 22
Location: South Shroud / Buscarron's Druthers (17,20)
Spawn: 15 min duration

Reward: 6,510 exp, 44 gil, 126 seals
Additional Reward: -


Spenser of the Bottomless Cup


If the FATE has spawned but isn't active yet, it can be activated by talking to the Abused Adventurer. The objective is to take down Spenser while protecting the Abused Adventurer.


Abused Adventurer: You! You must do something about that besotted brute! He's out of control!
There's a good reason they call him Spenser of the Bottomless Cup. I don't believe the sot's been sober a day in his life.
And now he's taken a fancy to pounding in the faces of any poor sod who happens to even breathe in his direction… myself included. I beg you, put the pissed tosspot in his place!

Category: Quests


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